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Original Researchable German WW2 Signed Certificate Of Training, To Rifleman K. Hohenberger, Dated 1938, Framed And Glazed. Sn 11542 - 11542
An original researchable German WW2 signed Certificate Of Training Issued to Rifleman K. Honenberger For Training from 4th July 1938 to 4th March 1938 for 15 Kompanie Btl. Jnf Rgt 19. The certificate is signed and dated 4th March 1938. This is roughly translated to "Certificate Rifleman K. Hohenberger Born On 12th March 1914 (making this certificate researchable) In Neustadt was from 4. 7. 1938 to 4.3.1938 Trained Into 15 Company Regiment 19". It is in a wooden frame and glazed. The frame is ready for wall hanging. The certificated has a very nice signed ink image of a rifleman in the prone position with rifle at arms in full battle uniform. Below this is the certificate details and at the bottom a laurel branch with the Nazi spread eagle ink stamp and ink signature. The certificate measures 12" x 8 1/4". The certificate is free of any visible damage and is in excellent condition. A very nice original researchable certificate. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11542

Original WW2, Nazi Kriegsmarine 'E' Boat Flag With Kriegsmarine & Size Markings 0.50x0.85 (Metres) By Kress St Tonis. Sn 11354 - 11354
An excellent original WW2 Nazi Kriegsmarine Flag. This size of flag were used on Nazi German 'E' Class, Torpedo Boats. The Vivid red cotton double sided flag is printed with black & white large Swastika. It also has the kriegsmarine Eagle with swastika. It has stitched edges & a 1" reinforced hem with original rope cord with looped ends along one edge for pole mounting. The hem is crisply ink stamped with size marking 'Reichsdflg 0.50 x 0.85 (metres) together with Kriegsmarine ‘Eagle 'M' mark. It is also ink stamped by the manufacturer 'Kress St Tonis' together with '0'. The Flag is clean and all material & stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11354

WW2 Era Leather Bound German Army Photograph Album With Original Photographs. Sn 6968 - 6968
This is an original WW2 Era Leather Bound Photograph Album. The Album measures 12 ½” x 9”x 1” when closed. It has a brown leather cover which has wear consistent with age. The hinge has brass studs and slots reinforced with brass rings fitted with a later brown cord. The cover of the album has an impressive Hand tooled ‘Eagle’. The album contains 21 Pages of cardboard pages. The cardboard pages are glue mounted with contemporary original photographs of Officers & Other Ranks in Uniform both in training and in the field including drill, weapons, equipment training, on leave, in the mess and with civilians. There is also a couple of images of Battlefield/ War graves and what appears to be columns of captured black prisoners in what appears to be French Uniform no doubt from Colonial French African Forces. Some of the photographs contained in the album have contemporary hand written German ink text on them no doubt describing the depicted activity or location. There are also many individual and group portraits of German Soldiers. The album itself is clean and all pages and images intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 6968

Original Captured WW2 Nazi Luftwaffe Buckle, WW2 1942 Dated Leather Tab By BAS Bruder Schneider A.G.WIEN And Luftwaffe Dark Grey Leather Belt Dated 1942 By Carl Hepting & Co STGT.Feuerbach Hand marked Sgt 7361272 Gray.C. (N 457) - N 457
This is an excellent original captured WW2 Luftwaffe buckle and leather tab With Belt. The front of the buckle is embossed with the Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika surrounded by Oak Leaves. The steel buckle is undamaged and retains it’s original finish. The leather tab is impressed by the manufacturer BAS Bruder Schneider A.G.WIEN & dated 1942'. The tab is also impressed ‘80’ (size). The Luftwaffe very dark grey coloured leather belt is 1 ¾” wide and is 32” in length The belt has reinforced stitching at both ends and is crisply impressed ‘Carl Hepting & Co STGT.Feuerbach’ and dated 1942 near to its steel clasp. All leather & stitching are intact. The inside of the belt has contemporary hand written name and service number 'Sgt 7361272 Gray.C' most likely the name of the British Soldier who captured this Luftwaffe belt with buckle during WW2. Price for this nicely marked captured Luftwaffe piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. N 457.

RARE, A Large Framed Collection Of Original Nazi Era & WW2 Dated Nazi German Documents With Original Signatures Of Nazi Officers On Letterheaded Nazi Marked Paper. N 451 - N 451
This is a rare framed collection of Original Nazi Era & WW2 Dated Nazi German documents. The collection consists of 3 x A4 size letters containing typed German text with original signatures Of Nazi Officers on letterheaded Nazi Marked Paper. 1 letter bears 'SS' Runes. Also, 5 original documents that appear to be memos with typed German text and printed Nazi party premises addresses. 4 of the memos are on paper which have embossed Nazi German National Emblem Eagles with Swastikas. The collection also contains 2 original Nazi printed cards which appear to be invitations to an event or meeting with German text, Names, Addresses and Nazi Eagles. Also a large central seating plan or command structure with names of Nazi Officers. The documents are undamaged and have just the light ageing to be expected (Light areas in the images are merely flare generated by camera flash). All are contained in a later, large glazed dark wood frame on a dark green backing. The frame measures 42" x 30" x 1 " and the rear of the frame is mounted with cord for hanging. This collection of original Nazi documents with original signatures is worthy of translation and further research. As with all of our stock these rare documents are guaranteed 100% genuine and original. Delivery is by arrangement and at cost. N 451

MASSIVE, Original Nazi Era Double Sided Banner. Sn 8494 : 14 - 8494 : 14
A massive original double sided Nazi banner. The banner in blood red cotton material measures 3 metres 91cms x 1 metre 45cms. It is made of blood red cotton material with large 1 metre diameter stitched white cloth roundels & printed black Swastikas on both sides. One of the swastikas is damaged and the bottom edge of the banner is torn. The body of the banner has some white paint splashes. The top edge of the banner has a 7cm stitched hem which is complete and undamaged for pole mounting. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 8494 : 14

Cold War Era, East German Helfer der Volkspolizei (People's Police Helper) Armband. N 441 - N 441
An excellent original Cold War Era, East German Helfer der Volkspolizei (People's Police Helper) Armband. Being a Police helper in East German could mean many things, including serving as a Stasi informer. Helpers wore a distinctive red armband, with the Police "sunburst" design in the centre. This is an excellent original Helfer der Volkspolizei Armband. The lettering and 'Sunburst' badge are embroided in silver and gold on a red cotton Armband with stitched seam. The Armband is clean & undamaged with all stitching intact. Price includes UK delivery. N 441

Original Nazi Hitler Youth Printed Armband With RZM Label. N 438 - N 438
This is an original Nazi Hitler Youth Printed Armband. It is constructed of cotton material and has a red background with white central band & square panel with black Swastika. The inside of the armband has a nice RZM label (illustrated). The armband is undamaged & all stitching is intact. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed as 100% genuine and original. The price for this Nazi armband with RZM label includes UK delivery. N 438

***SOLD*** (Layaway 10/08/17) Original, Boxed Nazi Luftwaffe Pilot's / Flyer's Commemorative Silver Badge. (Sn 8905). - 8905
This award was introduced on 26th March 1936. Unlike most flying awards it was struck in 1 piece.. This Silver badge was to reward both acive and reserve personnel who served as flyers during WW1 or those discharged after 15 years flying service (see page 206 of Combat Medals of The Third Reich by Ailsby). This is an excellent original example. It is undamaged and has the correct pin clasp to the rear. The centre rear of the award is stamped with a cartouche containing the letters 'CEJ'. The award is contained in it's blue box lined with velvet & blue silk. The box has a hinged lid & clasp fastener. The lid of the box has stylised 'LDO' lettering in silver. detail (illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. (Sn 8905 COMMISSION)

Original Nazi Hitler Youth Pennant Possibly From Bugle/ Trumpet. Sn 8809. - 8809
A nice double sided, stitched panel, Nazi Hitler Youth triangular Pennant Flag. Measuring 22"x 14" The black cloth double sided pennant has stitched seams on all edges. The centre of both sides features the white cloth Hitler Youth Insignia both nicely stitched around all edges. All stitching is intact and there are no signs of damage or mothing. The size of this item would indicate that it would more than likely have originally been hung from a Hitler Youth Bugle or Trumpet. Price for this rare original Hitler Youth Pennant includes UK delivery. Sn 8809.

Mint, unissued, WW2 1940 Pattern Luftwaffe Enlisted Buckle & WW2 1941 Dated Tab By Dransfeld & Co. N 431 - N 431
This is a near unissued condition condition original 1940 pattern enlisted man's Luftwaffe buckle and leather tab. (See Angola Belt Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich page 138). The front of the buckle is embossed with the Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika surrounded by Oak Leaves. The leather tab is impressed by the manufacturer 'Dransfeld & Co Menden/W' within roundel & dated 1941'. It retains 95% of its original finish and is in excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. N 431.

Original Nazi Party 3 Piece Arm Band 8585:16 - 8585 : 16
An original Nazi Party 3 piece arm band. This arm band has been worn and is very nicely made of three pieces. The arm band has a white cotton circle stitched onto the red arm band, with two seperate black cotton legs stitched onto this to form the Nazi symbol. It measures 15 1/2" x 3 3/4". The arm band shows signs of wear but it is in good original condition. The price includes Uk delivery.
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