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Semi-Automatic Pistols

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Italian, Bernardelli, Model 60, 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol. D 1109. - D 1109
In 1959 Vincenzo Bernardelli of Gardone V.T., Italy began production of the Model 60 semi automatic pistol. It had a modern blowback design and was available in a range of Calibres. This is a nice example of the Model 60 in 9mm calibre. It has a 3.5" barrel (6 1/2 " overall). It has a lightweight alloy frame and blued steel slide. The top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare. Safeties included a left side mounted thumb safety, half cock hammer and a magazine safety. The metal work is complete and undamaged with original finish. It has great undamaged black plastic checkered grips which are contoured and chequered. The left grip bears a deeply impressed roundel containing the Vincenzo Bernardelli ' VB' initials. The right grip contains a deeply impressed roundel containing the Company's 'crossed arms' legend. The left side of the slide is crisply stamped with the manufacturer's name, factory and calibre detail ( illustrated). The left side of the frame and slide are stamped with numerous inspection marks and it's serial number ' 14803'. The Pistol cocks, strips and dry fires. It is complete with original magazine that has the correct finger rest extension. Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1109.

Czech Model VZ45 6.35mm Double Action Pistol ( Sn D 1037) - D 1037
Please note; This Firearm is deactivated to one of the pre- 2nd May 2017, UK specifications. As such it can only be sold and exported in its present state to customers in NON- EU countries including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Customers based in the UK & other EU countries can purchase on our lay-away scheme. The weapon will then be brought up to the EU specification and the relevant certificate obtained prior to the transfer of ownership and delivery. This is quite a scarce 6.35mm / .25auto pistol the Czech [CZ] vz 45. It is a double action pistol with a single piece wrap round grip. This pistol is number Z516340. Manufacture vz. 45 pistols began in the year 1945 and in the following year the MNO [Ministry of National Defense] ordered 11,000 of these modernised pistols not only for its own units, but also as personal sidearms, which could be obtained by officers and technical sergeants. The pistol was used as a personal sidearm by officers of the SNB [Sbor Narodni Bezpecnosti, or National Security Corps], members of CSD [Ceskoslovenske Statni Drahy, or Czechoslovakian State Railways] security, and was also used for many years by members of the Transportation Service Police [a division of Czechoslovakia Public Security (VB), the uniformed branch of police], who had the option of using a personal sidearm on duty, and who frequently preferred the CZ vz. 45. The serial number of vz. 45 pistols is generally stamped upon the right side of the receiver over the triggerguard. Initially pistols were made at Strakonice then production was transferred to the primary branch of Ceske Zbrojovka at Uhersky Brod. Pistols made here are stamped on the left side as follows:ESK ZBROJOVKA - PRAHA. Forward of this was marked the traditional company emblem. On the opposite side of the legend was stamped a circle along with the caliber designation: 6.35. This is one of those pistols. A scarce item. This pistol cocks, strips and dry fires. The price includes the deactivation certificate and UK delivery. ( Sn D 1037)

German Walther Model 8, 6.35mm Pistol - D 958 / 5567
This is a very nice condition German Walther model 8 vest pocket semi automatic pistol in 6.35mm / .25 auto. The Walther Model 9 was first manufactured in 1920 until 1939. It cocks, strips and dry fires. It is nicely stamped and is in great condition. Original Walther grips with blue inserts and original Walther magazine. The price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate.

Walther PP semi-automatic Pistol - 4409
A German Walther PP semi-auto pistol in 7.65mm. Original blued finish and black Walther banner grips. Original Walther magazine. It cocks and dry fires. Price includes deactivation certificate and free UK delivery. (sn. 4409 )
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