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Rifles and Carbines

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A Mauser G88/05 Amberg 1893 Stamped Commision Rifle With Regimental Markings & Original Cleaning Rod & Sling Swivels. Sn 9727 - 9727
An original Mauser G88/05 Amberg 1893 stamped Commision Rifle with original cleaning rod and sling swivels. Produced in Konigliche Bayerische Gewehrfabrik in Amberg, Bavaria. The rifle was issued in WW1 to reserve troops and then to Turks for Gallipoli and Mesopotania. The rifle has numerous modifications making it a 88/05, a small cut was made on the front of the receiver face to provide clearance for the pointed bullet of the Patrone S when loaded from a charger, a thumb clearance cut in the left side of the receiver wall made it easier to strip rounds down into the magazine, a slightly longer magazine follower insured the feeding of rounds without the clip and other minor modifications. (see page 105 of German Gew 88 Commission Rifle book by Paul Scarlata). The rifle is in excellent condition, with good original undamaged woodwork. The stock has a steel butt plate. The rifle is fitted with sling swivels to the stock and second ring. It has an adjustable rear sight. The receiver is stamped with "Gew 88" and "Amberg 1893 2462" and proof marks with the Turkish half moon and "S." The muzzle ring is nicely stamped with regimental marks of "10 R 8 10" and the second ring with regimental marks " 124 R F 12". The rifle strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. This is a very nice example of the Mauser G88. The price includes Deactivation certificate and Uk delivery.

Inter War 1920 Australian Lithgow No.1 MK III* .303 Calibre SMLE Rifle & Sling. D 1311 - D 1311
An excellent inter World War 1920 dated Short Magazine Lithgow (Australia) SMLE No.1 Mk III* .303 calibre rifle. The rifle has all original wood stock. It has clear date and manufacturer's stamps, 'A' within star, Lithgow SMLE III *' within shield and '1920' Date (illustrated) at the grip strap. The rifle has it's original high wing front sight and rear sight arrangement with wing protectors. It has a brass butt plate with trap, bayonet lug & bridge for clip loading. The rifle strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. It is complete with original webbing sling. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 1311

MK I* 1901 Dated, Long Lee Enfield ( RSAF Spark Brook) Rifle South African Marks And MGC Unit Mark. Sn 8741. - 8741
This is a nice 1901 Dated, Long Lee MK 1* Enfield Rifle made at the Royal Small Arms Factory Sparkbrook. The rifle is crisply stamped on the right side of the strap 'Crown VR', 'Sparkbrook LE 1*' and '1901' date. The breech is stamped with South African 'U' marks and BSA stacked rifles Trade Mark. It's brass butt plate with trap is stamped ' M.G.C.' most probably to a Machine Gun Corps together with number '134'. The wood work is all original and has just the scuffs and bruises to be expected with service wear. The metal work retains it's original finish and the weapon has magazine cut off, sling swivels, bayonet bar, ladder rear sight and long range volley sights. It strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 8741.

WW1 French Berthier Model 1916 5 Shot Cavalry/Artillery Matching Numbers Carbine & Sling Sn 8706 - 8706
A WW1 French Berthier Model 1916, 5 Shot Cavalry/Artillery Carbine & Sling with matching numbers. This shortened version of the rifle was made for the Cavalry and Artillery, it has a 5 shot magazine and original leather sling. The total length of the carbine is 37 1/2". It has a folded over bolt lever to prevent it being caught when used by the Cavalry. The carbine has excellent woodwork as can be seen in the photographs. The woodwork, trigger guard and breech are all stamped with "124" This is a very nice original complete carbine. It cocks and dry fires and the price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery.

WW1 1915 Berlin Mauser G 98 Rifle. Sn 8636. - 8636
An original, WW1 1915 dated Mauser G 98 Rifle. It has original excellent condition, woodwork and metalwork with steel butt plate. The breech housing is crisply stamped '1915' and '1920' indicating that the rifle was refurbished and rebarrelled to 7.92mm after WW1 use and re issued in 1920. It is also stamped with manufacturer's detail & 'Berlin' (illustrated). The side of the housing is crisply stamped with model detail 'G.E.W 98' (Gewehr 1898) and with inspection marks. The Rifle is without cleaning rod and rear sling swivel. It strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 8636.

C1921 German Mauser G98 Rifle made by BRNO Czechslovakia ( Sn 7884. ) - 7884
At the end of WW1 The Treaty of Versailles ordered Germany to disarm and Firearms production in Germany ceased. However German Rifles and munitions continued to be produced in other countries including the Mauser G 98 Rifle. This is a lovely Czech made G 98 Rifle. The breech is crisply stamped by the Czech manufacturer 'BRNO' together with ' CS. ST. Zerojovka'. It is stamped with matching numbers '7442' on the breech & barrel. All wood work is original and in excellent condition. It has a steel butt plate and is fitted with bayonet lug & sling swivels. The weapon cocks & dry fires perfectly. This is an excellent example of the German WW1 rifle made soon after WW1. They are rarely seen. Price for this unusual, collectable weapon includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 7844.

1953, Spanish Mauser, 7.52 mm, Bolt Action Rifle. D 1083. - D 1083
The Spanish made Mauser Bolt Action Rifle was developed from the Mauser Gewehr 98 line of weapons. This example is in nice condition. It's metal work has nice patina throughout and it's wood work is undamaged. It is nicely stamped on top of the breech housing ' Fabrique De Arms, La Caruna 1953 with coat of arms motif' and is complete with sling swivels. The weapon cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1083.

Austro- Hungarian Mannlicher M95 8mm Carbine. Sn 6548. - 6548
This is an excellent example of an M95 Steyr straight pull bolt carbine. The M95 was first manufactured at the Steyr plant and then in Budapest at an Island Arsenal set up by Steyr. This is one of those and the breech is stamped 'Budapest M95 (illustrated). These weapons were used throughout WW1 and in 1930 the Austrian Government updated this carbine for the 8 x 56R cartridge and the sights altered. The receivers were stamped 'S' for Stutzenkarabiner. When the Nazi's came to power these rifles and carbines were given to Bulgarian Units. They were also standard issue for the Russian Navy. The wood furniture of this weapon is in great condition as is the metal work which has a nice patina throughout. It cocks and dry fires perfectly and the price for this original, nicely stamped weapon includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 6548.

Sporterised Winchester P.14 Military 7.62mm Rifle - D 928 / 5141
An excellent example of a sporterised Winchester P.14 .303" service rifle converted to 7.62mm. Superb woodwork and fitted with a scarce, original parker Hale PH 5B peep sight. It has a steel butt plate and price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate.

German Mauser Model 1896 rifle. D 865 - D 865 / 4895
A great example of a German Mauser Model 1896 rifle, known as the "Swedish Mauser" asd they were produced for their 6.5x55mm cartridge. Made in Germany by DWM this rifle has lovely woodwork and cocks and dry fires. Steel butt plate and butt disc. Contemporary repair to stock under the bolt. A great looking rifle. Price includes UK delivery and 2003 deactivation certificate. D 865
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