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Machine and Sub Machine Guns

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WW2 Era 1937-1941 Czech ZB-37 7.92 Calibre Heavy Machine Gun With Tripod. D 1218. - D 1218
The Czech ZB- 37 HMG (Zbrojovka Brno Czechoslovakia Model 1937) was manufactured between 1937 & 1941. The weapons were widely used by and popular with the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units due to their reliability and flexibility of use. These weapons were the forerunner of the ZB-53 & the BESA Tank mounted 7.92mm HMG. This is an excellent clean fully functional deactivated WW2 era ZB-37 HMG with tripod. The machine gun has the serial number '1803' stamped on top of the frame. It is fitted with flip up long range sight & folding carry handle with wood grip. The machine gun retains near 100% of its original finish & cocks strips and dry fires as it should. The tripod which has graduated angle of fire indicator markings is in excellent original condition and retains all of it's original green paint. The price includes deactivation certificate. Price of delivery will be by arrangement and at cost. D 1218

OUT OF STOCK Post 1950, Korean Vietnam War Era, 7.62 x 39mm, Kalashnikov AK47/ AKMS Assault Rifle With Folding Stock & Sling. D 1314 - D 1314
This is an excellent condition 7.62 x 39mm, Kalashnikov AK47/ AKMS Assault Rifle. AK47 Models and variants are common but the structure remains the same. The AKMS with Folding Stock was introduced as an improved variant of the AK-47 in the 1950's & saw service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This AK47/ AKMS has some small Chinese /Korean marks stamped into the frame. The wood work and metal work of this weapon are in great condition retaining all of it's original finish. It has a folding skeleton stock & although a new spec deact it has a moving trigger. It comes complete with it's adjustable webbing sling. Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1314
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