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Flare/Signal Pistols

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WW2 Nazi Marked, German 27mm, 'ayf' made, 1942 dated, Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol. Sn 6177 - 6177
This is a great example of a WW2 Nazi German 27mm Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol made by "ayf" which is H Geipal GmbH Waffenfabrik, Erfurt (ERMA) Zeitenstrasse 54 plant produced in 1942. The pistol has no signs of damage or repair and retains 90%+ of it's original matt black finish. It has great condition un damaged original black chequered plastic grips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. It is complete with it's original military lanyard ring. The pistol has matching serial numbers on the frame and barrel. On the Right hand side of the frame and chamber, the pistol is profusely Waffenampt marked (illustrated) and on the left side of the frame nicely stamped with the maker's mark and date 'ayf 42'. (illustrated). Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 6177

WW2 Type 90 Japanese Naval DOUBLE Barrelled Flare / Signal pistol. ( Sn. 5636) - 5636
This is a very rare example of an Imperial Japanese Navy double barrelled 28mm Flare/ Signal pistol. Introduced in the Japanese year '2590'- 1930, it was given the designation 90 using the last 2 digits of their year. Only 10,300 were ever made and many of those were lost at sea, as a result they are very scarce. This example is in it's original, as found, condition. The black grips are original and complete. The pistol retains it's lanyard ring, selector switch, safety switch and barrel opening lever. The rear cocking lever ring is absent. The pistol measures 7 inches overall with 2x 4 1/2 inch barrels. It is well marked and along the breech has the markings for 'Kayaba Seisakusho' ( Kayaba Manufacturing Co.), the Naval anchor and Japanese military inspection mark. The serial number is 3320. The pistol is complete apart from the cocking lever and has been sympathetically deactivated. This is a very rare item. Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. ( Sn. 5636)

WW1 German Hebel Flare Pistol - 2070
A 6" Barrelled World War 1 German Flare Pistol, with wooden grips. It opens, cocks & dry fires. Serial number 44611. Price includes 1989 deactivation certificate and UK delivery. ( sn. 2070 )
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