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Deactivated Guns

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WW1 1916 Presentation .280 Calibre Sporting Rifle Manufactured From A Canadian Ross M-10 Straight Pull Military Rifle General Sir Bader Shum Shere Jung Bahadur Delhi. D 1228 - D 1228
This is a WW1 Era .280 Calibre Sporting Rifle Manufactured From A Canadian Ross M-10 Straight Pull Military Rifle. The Ross rifle was a straight-pull bolt action .303 inch-calibre rifle produced in Canada from 1903 until 1918. The rifles were issued to the Canadian Army. Although these rifles were proven and popular target rifles they were found unsuitable for the conditions of trench warfare and in 1916 were withdrawn from Canadian Military service making these sought after rifles now hard to find. This presentation sporting rifle made from a Ross M-10 has all original wood and metal work and it's straight pull cocking and firing actions work perfectly. The breech is crisply marked 'Ross Rifle Co Canada M-10 Patented' and '280 Ross Proved 28 Tons, Made In Canada 17223'. The barrel is engraved ' From General Sir Bader Shum Shere Jung Bahadur Rana K.I.C.I.E. Delhi 1916'. It has a block and blade foresight and flip up 'sporting' leaf rear sight which is stamped '0-500'. It is fitted with forward sling swivel lug and it's sporting stock with chequered panels and steel butt plate are undamaged. Price for this rare WW1 Canadian rifle includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 9864

Original WW2 Nazi Marked Czech CZ Model 27, 7.65mm Calibre Semi Auto Pistol. Sn 6978 - 6978
An original, rare, Nazi marked WW2 Czech CZ Model 27, 7.65 mm calibre pistol. This pistol is in great condition with original blueing, black chequered grips with 'CZ' roundels and Magazine correctly marked 'p.Mod.27'. In 1941, the occupying Germans changed the home nation 'CESKA' slide legend to the ' BOHMISCHE' legend. The top of this pistol's slide is nicely stamped with the Nazi address 'BOHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G IN PRAG' and is Serial number 161035. This early production model has vertical slide serrations (See page 59 of Axis Pistols by Jan. C. Still) . The pistol strips, cocks and dry fires. Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 6978

WW1 Era, German Officer's, Dreyse, .32 Auto/ 7.65mm Semi Automatic Pistol. Sn 9972 - 9972
This is an original WW1, German Army Officer's, Dreyse, .32 auto/7.65 mm semi automatic pistol. The pistol retains it's original blueing. It's bakelite chequered grips with bold manufacturers initials logo are in fine undamaged condition. The left side of the pistol's frame is crisply stamped with manufacturer's details 'Dreyse', 'Rheinische Metalwearen-& Maschinenfabrik' together with 'Abt Sommerda' which is a German town near Erfurt in Thuringa. The weapon has numerous proof/ inspection marks. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 9972

WW2 Era 1937-1941 Czech ZB-37 7.92 Calibre Heavy Machine Gun With Tripod. D 1218. - D 1218
The Czech ZB- 37 HMG (Zbrojovka Brno Czechoslovakia Model 1937) was manufactured between 1937 & 1941. The weapons were widely used by and popular with the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units due to their reliability and flexibility of use. These weapons were the forerunner of the ZB-53 & the BESA Tank mounted 7.92mm HMG. This is an excellent clean fully functional deactivated WW2 era ZB-37 HMG with tripod. The machine gun has the serial number '1803' stamped on top of the frame. It is fitted with flip up long range sight & folding carry handle with wood grip. The machine gun retains near 100% of its original finish & cocks strips and dry fires as it should. The tripod which has graduated angle of fire indicator markings is in excellent original condition and retains all of it's original green paint. The price includes deactivation certificate. Price of delivery will be by arrangement and at cost. D 1218

RARE, WW2 193 Nazi Marked, German 27mm, Walther 'ac', Zinc Alloy, Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol. D 1215 - D 1215
This is a great example of a WW2 Nazi German 27mm Trench/ Flare Signal Pistol made by Carl Walther. These pistols were normally made of Aluminium however this rare variant is made of Zinc Alloy. The pistol has no signs of damage or repair and retains it's original matt grey finish. It has great condition un damaged original black chequered plastic grips. It's break action works as it should & it cocks and dry fires perfectly. It is complete with it's original military lanyard ring. The left side of the frame is stamped with the Nazi War time manufacturer code 'ac 43 Zhk' (Carl Walther, Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia). The pistol is crisply Waffenamt '359' and stamped with the Nazi German National Emblem Eagle (illustrated). Price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1215

Victorian / Boer War British Army Brass Trench Flare/ Signal Pistol Retailed By James Pain & Sons Ltd London. D 1214. - D 1214
An excellent condition Liege made, Victorian / Boer War Era British Army brass Trench flare / Signal pistol. It has its original smooth wood slab grips, shrouded trigger, octagonal chamber and measures 8" overall. Similar in appearance to French 'Chouvet, St Etienne' Military Flare pistols the octagonal chamber of this pistol is crisply stamped 'James Pain & Sons Ltd London'. The left side of the chamber is stamped with Post 1893 Liege 'Crown ELG' mark. It is also stamped 'Not English Make' and with 'Crown V ' (London), English 'Crown P' Black Powder and other Inspection marks. It cocks & dry fires. The butt is stamped '2027'. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 1214

ALL MATCHING NUMBERS, Boer War & WW1 Era German Portuguese Contract, Mauser Model 1895 Straight Pull Infantry Rifle By Ludw. Loewe & Co Berlin. Sn 9800 - 9800
This is an original German Mauser Model 1895 straight Pull Rifle. These weapons were used by the Boers during the South African Wars and by Imperial German troops during WW1. It has all original woodwork and metalwork with steel butt plate. The wood stock is impressed with inspection marks. The breech housing is crisply stamped by the manufacturer 'Mod Mauser 1895 Ludw. Loewe & Co Berlin'. The top of the housing is crisply stamped with the Portuguese Crest indicating that this Mauser was made under contract for Portugal. It has all matching serial numbers, '11822/22' including breech, barrel, bolt & magazine plate. It has block & blade foresight and ladder rear sight. It is fitted with sling swivels & strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 9800

A Mauser G88/05 Amberg 1893 Stamped Commision Rifle With Regimental Markings & Original Cleaning Rod & Sling Swivels. Sn 9727 - 9727
An original Mauser G88/05 Amberg 1893 stamped Commision Rifle with original cleaning rod and sling swivels. Produced in Konigliche Bayerische Gewehrfabrik in Amberg, Bavaria. The rifle was issued in WW1 to reserve troops and then to Turks for Gallipoli and Mesopotania. The rifle has numerous modifications making it a 88/05, a small cut was made on the front of the receiver face to provide clearance for the pointed bullet of the Patrone S when loaded from a charger, a thumb clearance cut in the left side of the receiver wall made it easier to strip rounds down into the magazine, a slightly longer magazine follower insured the feeding of rounds without the clip and other minor modifications. (see page 105 of German Gew 88 Commission Rifle book by Paul Scarlata). The rifle is in excellent condition, with good original undamaged woodwork. The stock has a steel butt plate. The rifle is fitted with sling swivels to the stock and second ring. It has an adjustable rear sight. The receiver is stamped with "Gew 88" and "Amberg 1893 2462" and proof marks with the Turkish half moon and "S." The muzzle ring is nicely stamped with regimental marks of "10 R 8 10" and the second ring with regimental marks " 124 R F 12". The rifle strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. This is a very nice example of the Mauser G88. The price includes Deactivation certificate and Uk delivery.

1960's-1970's, West German, J.P. Sauer & Sohn 'Chief Marshal' (Colt Single Action Army) .357 Magnum Revolver Imported By Hawes Firearms Co. USA. Sn 9428 - 9428
The West German Arms Company J.P. Sauer & Sohn made quality Firearms throughout the 1960's and early 1970's before the company merged with the Swiss company SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) in the mid-1970's. This large frame 'Chief Marshal' .357 Magnum Revolver is an exact reproduction of the famous Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolver. It was made by J.P. Sauer & Sohn in West Germany & was Imported by Hawes Firearms Co. Los Angeles USA. This superb pistol retains it's original blue finish with just minor holster wear. It has a large block & blade foresight and adjustable rear sight. The barrel is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'J.P. Sauer & Sohn Made In Western Germany' & 'Chief Marshal .357 Mag'. The barrel is also stamped with serial number '3430/6'. The frame is stamped with matching serial number and by the importer 'Hawes Firearms Co Los Angeles California'. It is side gate loading and has it's original captive ejector slide. It's wood grips are original & undamaged. The pistol can be stripped and it's single action firing mechanism works perfectly. Price for this quality large frame revolver includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 9428

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY) Boxed, Stainless Steel Astra .357 Magnum (S&W Model 27/28 Highway Patrol) 6 Shot Revolver With 6" Barrel. Sn 9427 - 9427
*** With effect from Tuesday 2nd May 2017 JC Militaria Ltd will comply with new legislation imposed by the European Parliament and will only sell deactivated weapons which have been re-certified to the new European Specification and which have a 'new' UK / EU certificate. Weapons which are currently advertised will be modified and re-certified prior to sale. Please contact for details and prices. *** The Spanish Arms Company 'Astra' made many models of revolver based on Smith & Wesson designs. This is a boxed Stainless Steel Astra .357 Magnum 6 Shot Revolver With 6" Barrel based on Smith & Wessons Large 'N' frame Model 27/28 'Highway Patrol' Revolver. It has a 6" barrel and measures 11 1/2" overall. It has an adjustable rear sight and stepped blade foresight. It is fitted with wood grips with chequered panels and inlaid 'Astra' roundels. The barrel is crisply marked 'Astra .357' & '.357 CTG'. The left side of the frame bears the Astra, Spain, trademark . This new spec deactivated revolver has a ringed cylinder and blocked barrel. It strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly in both single and double action. The pistol is contained in it's Red cardboard 'Astra' box with Astra labeling. Price for this impressive lage frame revolver includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. Sn 9427
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