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German Daggers & Knives

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SOLD SOLD (09/02) AS FOUND & UN-CLEANED WW2 Era Nazi German 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Officer’s Dagger By Luneschlos Solingen & Scabbard. ED 2242 - ED 2242
This is an original Nazi German 2nd pattern Luftwaffe Officer’s dagger with scabbard in as found and un-cleaned condition. The blade is marked by the manufacturer P.D. Luneschlos Solingen together with trade mark. It's cross guard is formed from an Eagle with spread wings carrying a Swastika and it has a round pommel with Swastika surrounded by Oak leaf wreath. Its correct grooved grip is constructed of orange hue celluloid with twist wire bands. The handle has 2 chips near to the pommel but the grips and wire binding are totally secure. The dagger is complete with stipple finished scabbard which features a panel of Oak leaves in the lower section close to the tip. The overall finish to the metal dagger fittings and scabbard was intended to be a matt, steel grey to compliment the colour of the Luftwaffe Uniform. The scabbard is fitted with 2 hanging rings. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2242

AS FOUND & UN-CLEANED, 1935 Pattern Nazi German Army Officer's Dagger By Holler Solingen & Scabbard. ED 2240 - ED 2240
An original, Nazi German Army Officer's Dagger & Scabbard in as found and un-cleaned condition. The dagger's blade has just small areas of light staining consistent with age. The ricasso is marked with the E.W. Holler Solingen name & trademark and has its original hilt washer. It has the correct distinctive 'Eagle with Swastika' design cross guard and ornate Oak leaf decorated pommel and ferrule. It has its original, undamaged, grooved, white / ivory hue 'phenol resin' grip. Its original scabbard is decorated with a 'hammered' design and has 2 hanging ring mounts with Oak leaf decoration. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings. The Price includes UK delivery. ED 2240

AS FOUND, UN-MESSED WITH, WW2 Era Nazi German Kriegsmarine Dagger With Etched & Blued Blade By Eickhorn Solingen With Part Of Its Original Officer’s Cord & Scabbard With Original Hanger Strap. Sn 15295 - 15295
An original, German Kriegsmarine Dagger & Scabbard in as found un-messed with condition. The Dagger has a clean 10” long dagger blade, etched & blued on both sides with marine fouled Anchors together with scroll work panels. The ricasso is crisply marked with the makers name and squirrel Logo 'Original Eickhorn Solingen'. It has the distinctive Kriegsmarine 'Eagle Pommel, ornate cross guard with scabbard retaining button that works as it should and correct Ivory hue resin grip with wire binding which is tight and secure. The hilt is bound with part of an original Officer’s cord which has surface wear. It is complete with original scabbard which is decorated with a 'hammered' and etched design. The scabbard has 2 hanging ring mounts with Oak leaf decoration. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings. Accompanying this piece is its original hanger strap with which it was found. The velvet backed strap has its original Lion’s head bosses buckle and 2 hanging hooks. One hook is absent its sprung prong, the other has the prong present but the spring mechanism does not function. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15295

Early 20th Century Imperial German Clamshell Deer Hunting Dagger / Sidearm, Ornate Brass Fittings & Original Leather Scabbard. Sn 15136 - 15136
This is an excellent original early 20th Century Imperial German Clamshell Hunting Dagger / Sidearm. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Deer or Boar for self defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. This example has a ribbed antique Ivory hilt with heavy ornate brass fittings including swept cross guard with acorn finials and cast oak leaf & acorn centre panel on one side, large clamshell cast with Deer in the field scene, ribbed ferrule and butt cap with cast hunter in period costume & dogs pursuing Deer scene. The hilt has its original green felt washer. Its 16” single edged steel blade has fullers and medial ridge towards the tip. The blade is undamaged with just light areas of staining consistent with age. It measures 21 ¾” overall. The blade has no visible manufacturer marks. The weapon is complete with its original black leather scabbard with rear seam, brass throat mount and chape. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15136

RARE, WW1 Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine Naval Officer's Dagger By WKC (Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen) & Scabbard. Sn 15192 - 15192
The Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine (German Navy) was created at the time of the formation of the German Empire. It existed between 1871 and 1919, growing out of the small Prussian Navy and Norddeutsche Bundesmarine, which primarily had the mission of coastal defense. Kaiser Wilhelm II greatly expanded the Navy, and enlarged its mission. This is an excellent WW1 era Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine Officer's dagger. It has the correct ivory hue resin grip with thick silver wire binding and cross guard with cast Marine rope fouled anchor design. The pommel is the correct cast Imperial Crown with shield panels featuring Imperial Eagles and Tutonic Crosses. The 12 ¾” long double edged dagger blade with double fullers is clean. One side of the blade has a crisp Medieval helmet trade mark of WKC (Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen). The cross guard has the correct friction fit clasp which secures it neatly in its original brass scabbard which is decorated with etched foliate and lightning bolts. It also has twin rings and relief knotted rope suspensions. The price for this rare WW1 dagger includes UK delivery. Sn 15192

Inter War, German Puma Solingen No. 3591 Hunt Master Trench Fighting Knife Style Dagger With Fold Out Tools In Stag Horn Scales Hilt & Leather Scabbard With Removable Frog. Sn 15074 - 15074
An original inter war dagger with in the form popular as trench fighting knives with fold out tools. The dagger is in excellent condition. It has a 4 ¼” single edged steel blade (9” overall length). The cutting edge has a 1” serrated saw edge near to the small finger guard of the hilt. The stag horn grips are undamaged. The fold out tools consist of a 2 ½” curved blade, a 3” saw edge blade with screw driver tip and cork screw. The blade has German script on both sides including the Puma Solingen name and number 3591 (all illustrated). The scabbard is black leather with retaining strap and brass stud. Its removable leather frog with small belt loop is secured to the scabbard by 2 retaining straps. The leather of the frog is impressed 'DBGM 1895046'. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15074

MATCHING MANUFACTURER MARKS, WW1 German Rich Abr Herder Trench/Fighting Knife (Hunting Style Variant) With Stag-Horn Hilt, German Silver Fittings & Scabbard. Sn 15043 - 15043
This is an excellent original WW1 German trench/fighting knife and leather scabbard. The knife is a hunting style variant and features a stag-horn hilt (see pages 40 and 41 of Stephen's book 'Fighting Knives' where similar variants are illustrated). The dagger has a German Silver pommel cap, ribbed German Silver ferrule and German Silver 'wave' cross guard. The hilt is curved stag-horn. The blade is 6 ¼” in length with medial ridge. The blade has some areas of light staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer Rich Abr Herder together with trademark. It is 11" overall length. The knife is complete with its original leather scabbard with integral belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The front of the scabbard is impressed with matching manufacturer marks (all illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15043

SOLD SOLD (03/02) German WW1 Fighting/Trench Knife By Ern Wald Rheinl & Scabbard With Integral Belt Loop. Sn 8424:40a - 8424:40a
An original German WW1 Fighting/Trench Knife, scabbard and frog. The knife has a single edge 5 ¾” blade, with an overall length of 11". The grips are wooden with correct nine diagonally carved linear grooves. The grips are secured with three rivets evenly spaced. There is a crisp stamp on the ricasso "ERN Wald, Rheinl." on one side and "Rasiermesser Fabrik" on the reverse. It is complete with its metal scabbard painted black which has a leather belt loop riveted to it. The belt loop has a retaining strap and press stud fastener. (see page 35 of German Combat Knives by Christian Mery). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 8424:40a

SOLD SOLD (03/03) Nazi Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") Officer’s / Leader’s Dagger By Wusthof, Solingen With Etched Blade ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles), Silver Plated Fittings & Silver Plated Scabbard With Hangers By Assman. Sn 14766 - 14766
The Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") was a major organisation established by Nazi Germany as an agency to help militarize the civilian workforce and indoctrinate it with Nazi ideology. It was the official state labour service, divided into separate sections for men and women. From June 1935 onwards, men aged between 18 and 25 had to serve six months before their military service. During World War II compulsory service also included young women and the RAD developed to an auxiliary formation which provided support for the Wehrmacht armed forces. Hundreds of RAD units also received training as anti-aircraft units and were deployed as RAD Flak Batteries. Several RAD units also performed combat on the eastern front as infantry. As the German defences were devastated, more and more RAD Units were committed to combat. During the final months of the war RAD men formed 6 major frontline units, which were involved with serious fighting. On the western front RAD troops were used as reinforcements to the 9th SS Engineer Abt (SS-Captain Moeller) in the fighting to retake the northern end of the Arnhem bridge from British Paratroopers under Col. Frost. Like most Nazi organisations the RAD was authorised a separate dagger for its enlisted men as well as Officer / Leader ranks. The enlisted man’s dagger adopted in 1934 was initially also worn by Sgts and Officers. These daggers had heavy stag horn grips and polished steel fittings. In 1937 an Officer’s or Leaders dagger was adopted to be worn solely by Officer’s / Leader’s. Similar in form to the enlisted man’s dagger the Officer’s / leader’s version has an white / ivory hue celluloid handle and silver fittings. These dagger’s were designed for dress wear rather than field use. This is an excellent, genuine example of the RAD Officer’s / Leader’s dagger. It has a 10 ¼” long blade with fullers and measures 15 ¼”overall. The blade is marked by the un-common manufacturer 'E.D. Wusthoff, Solingen' & trident trademark. The blade also has the correct RAD motto etching ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles). Its fixed langet on the cross guard has the RAD ‘Shovel With Swastika’ emblem. It has an Eagle’s head pommel and grooved ferrule together with correct white / ivory hue scales. The metal fittings of the dagger are silver plated. The dagger is complete with original silver plated steel scabbard which features stipple finish and geometric / stylised foliate decoration. One edge of the scabbard has 2 fixed hanging bars. The bars are fitted with original correct leather hangers which have their correct sprung clips and buckles. The buckles are marked by the manufacturer ‘A’ (Assman). The price for this rare, Nazi RAD Officer's / Leader’s Dagger, Scabbard & Hangers combination includes UK delivery. Sn 14766.

WW1 German Officer’s Anton Wingen ‘Othello’ Trade Mark Trench Dagger With 2 Rivet Hilt & Scabbard. Sn 14668 - 14668
This is an original WW1 German Officer’s trench dagger / knife. This is dagger is 10 ½” overall with a 6” steel blade with medial ridge. The blade is marked by the manufacturer ‘Anton Wingen Solingen’ together with ‘Othello’ trade mark. It has the correct Eagle's head pommel. The smooth walnut scales are secured with two rivets (see page 54 of German Combat Knives 1914-1945 by Mery where a 3 rivet example is illustrated). It has an up-swept quillon cross guard and original leather hilt washer. The dagger has its original black painted metal scabbard and integral riveted leather tab belt loop the end of which is perished with age and service use. The scabbard has no dents. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14668
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