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German Daggers & Knives

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Inter World War German Trench Dagger/Knife By Eickhorn, Solingen & Scabbard With Integral Frog/ Belt Loop. Sn 11046 - 11046
This is a German trench dagger/fighting knife. These daggers were made during the Inter War years by Eickhorn Solingen in the form of WW1 Imperial German Trench Daggers which were modelled on period German Army dress bayonets. (see page 37 Item 151 of Fred Stephens book Fighting Knives). This example is 10 ¼” overall with a 5 ¼”steel blade. It has an Eagle's head pommel (WW1 versions had functioning false bayonet button which forms the Eagles eye. Inter War versions as with this example have plain pommels without button). The grips are chequered hard rubber secured with two rivets. It has a short up-swept quillon cross guard. The blade has no manufacturer marks but this dagger is typical of those made by Eickhorn. This is a very well made and substantial trench dagger. It comes with its original metal scabbard which retains most of its original black paint. The scabbard has a riveted integral leather belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11046

MINT, Boxed 1997 Hand Made German Puma ‘Skinner’ Hunting Knife With Stainless Steel Blade, Wild Stag Horn Scales & Sheath. ED 2373 - ED 2373
Since 1769, Puma has been hand crafting the finest sporting knives in the World. Each knife is built to live up to Germany’s high quality knife making tradition. Puma’s handmade knives are very versatile and include knives for hunting, outdoor use, sporting use, fishing use, hiking, biking, trekking, survival, self defence and other uses. This Puma ‘Skinner’ Hunting Knife was hand made in Germany. The blade is German-grade stainless steel for sharpness retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. This is a near mint example of the Puma ‘Skinner’. The knife has a curved pristine 5 ¼” single edged stainless steel blade with serrated notch in the back edge near to the hilt. The blade is crisply marked ’11 6393 Hand Made Puma Skinner Germany Stainless’ and with Puma’s Head logo. Its beautiful Wild Stag Horn Scales are as new with correct brass rivets and lanyard hole. The knife has a curved steel finger guard stamped with number 31791 which dates the knife to June 1997. The knife measures 9 ½” overall. The knife is complete with its mint brown leather sheath with single belt loop riveted & stitched seam. The rear of the sheath is impressed with the Puma’s head Trade Mark and number ’6393’. The sheath is fitted with leather thigh and belt cords. The knife and sheath are contained in their original black cardboard box with removable lid. The lid has gold lettering with Puma Trade Mark together with detail in both English and German. A previous owner has hand written the date ‘6/97’ (June 1997) in small black ink lettering on the inside of the box lid. Price for this superb, mint ‘Skinner’ Hunting Knife with sheath and original box includes UK delivery. ED 2373

Unusual WW1 German Steel Hilted Trench Knife with Hilt Stamped 'GES Gesh', Complete With Steel Scabbard. Sn 11051 - 11051
An unusual WW1 German steel hilted trench knife with hilt stamped 'GES GESH', complete with steel scabbard. The hilt is all steel and in two halves, held with three flush rivets. The hilt is stamped on one side with "GES GESCH" which refers to the manufacturer, (see page 44, item 197 of Frederick Stephens 'Fighting Knife' book and page 27 in 'German Combat Knives 1914-1945' by Christian Mery). It has a straight steel cross guard and 5 5/8" polished steel blade. The blade has a singe edge with false back edge. The steel scabbard has lost all of it's paint. The leather belt loop is broken and needs re-stitching. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11051

Very Rare WW1 German Presentation Trench Knife with 9" Sawback Blade & Flame Shaped Point. Sn 11037 - 11037
A very rare WW1 German presentation trench fighting knife with 9" sawback blade, 13 1/2" overall and flame shaped point. The knife has stag horn slab grips secured with three rivets. It has a steel pommel. It has an small oval crossguard. The 9" blade has a single edge and has a sawback edge. The point is 'flame shaped' kris type. The blade is etched on one side with "Kriegsheld" inside a rectangular box (War Hero) and on the other side with the makers name (illegible) and "Solingen Foche". (see page 6 in German Combat Knives 1914-1945 by Christian Mery and item 168 in'A Primer Of Military Knives European & American Combat Trench & Utility Knives Part Two by Gordon Hughes & Barry Jenkins). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11037

WW1 Era German Trench Dagger / Fighting Knife, Blade Marked Garantiert Stahl With Stag Horn Handle With German Silver Pommel Cap Unit Marked 'A3'. Sn 10679 - 10679
This is an original WW1 Era German Trench Dagger. It has a Stag Horn handle with German Silver pommel cap which is hand etched with unit mark 'A3'. It also has a German Silver ferrule. The knife has a 4" single edged blade nicely marked 'Garantiert Stahl'. The point of the blade has a small nick. It measures 8 1/2" overall. The dagger is complete with original brown leather sheath with German Silver throat mount. The leather tip of the scabbard is frayed. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10679

WW1/WW2 Imperial German Army Taschenmesser Trench Dagger/ Utility Clasp Lock knife By Mercator, DRGM Marked. Sn 9770 - 9770
Taschenmesser Clasp Lock knives were popular amongst Imperial German troops during WW1 due to their locking blade and which allowed them to used as a fighting knife and the folding utility tools. Many saw service throughout both World Wars. (see page 33 item 123 of Stephen's book 'Fighting Knives'. This example is in excellent original condition. The knife is blackened throughout and it's 4" single edged blade locks in place securely. The thumb operated locking bar works perfectly. The ricasso of the blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'MERCATOR' and the reverse crisply marked 'Solingen'. The 2 additional folding tools (illustrated) fold securely into the steel handle. The back of the handle is crisply marked 'MERCATOR DRGM'. The butt of the handle is fitted with steel lanyard ring. Price for this rare Taschenmesser Clasp Lock Knife includes UK delivery. Sn 9770

WW1 Era German Trench Dagger / Fighting Knife With Stag Horn Handle By Muller Stuttgart & Sheath. ED 2310 - ED 2310
This is an original WW1 Era German Trench Dagger. It has a Stag Horn handle with German Silver pommel cap and ferrule. It has a 4" single edged blade nicely marked by the manufacturer 'Gebr. Muller Stuttgart'. It measures 81/2" overall. The dagger is complete with original black leather sheath with German Silver mounts. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2310

Imperial German Boar Hunting Dagger/ Sidearm With Stag Horn Grip By Schmidt Marburg With Engraved German Silver Pommel Cap H.Schenck, Schweinsburg s/m Leibb & Scabbard. Sn 10063 - 10063
This is an excellent C 1900 Imperial German Hunting Dagger/ Sidearm. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Boar for self defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. It has a lovely curved Stag Horn handle with stepped German Silver end cap which is beautifully engraved 'H.Schenck, Schweinsburg s/m Leibb' (Schweinsburg is a mountain located in Baden-Wurttenberg Germany). It's 11" single edged blade with Bowie type swept top edge is excellent. It measures 16" overall. It has a swept cross guard with German Silver ferrule. The blade is crisply marked with manufacturer detail 'Schmidt In Marburg'. The weapon is complete with brown leather scabbard with brass mounts. The upper mount has an acorn shaped locket stud. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact and has just light scuffing to be expected with age and use. Price for this nicely marked antique Imperial German hunting sidearm & scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 10063

'The Daggers And Edged Weapons Of Hitler's Germany' Book by Lt. Col. James P. Atwood. BO 961 - BO 961
This is an excellent condition copy of 'The Daggers And Edged Weapons Of Hitler's Germany' book by Lt. Col. James P. Atwood. The book is complete with it's original dust cover. The book was first published in 1965 privately by the author in Belin, Germany. It is a complete reference work on the edged weapons of Nazi Germany. Research was done by the author, speaking first hand to witnesses. The book has numerous photographs of edged weapons 'in-wear'. It is also an excellent reference book for all edged weapons produced by the Nazi's. It consists of 240 pages and is fully illustrated throughout with interesting photographs. The book measures 11" x 8" and the price includes UK delivery.

***RESERVED*** Post WW2 German Commercial Survival knife With Wire Cutter & Scabbard. Sn 8881:20 - 8881:20
This is an excellent Post WW2 German Commercial Survival knife With Wire Cutter & Scabbard. There are no makers marks on this knife but many were made by Eickhorn, Solingen. It has a broad black ribbed grip and short steel crossguard. It has a 7" Bowie type blade with sawback (overall 12"). The blade is slotted for wire cutter attachment which is present on it's original blacked steel scabbard with integral webbing frog (The wire cutting action works perfectly). The frog has a belt loop with retaining strap & stud fastener. The base of the scabbard is fitted with green thigh cord. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 8881:20
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