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German Daggers & Knives

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Victorian Era German Solingen Made Hunting Dagger Spanish Export ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ With Ebony & Polished Horn Hilt Inlaid With Antique Ivory Studs, Blade Period Inscribed To ‘S. Lawton’, German Silver Mounts & Leather Scabbard. Sn 14623 - 14623
This is an attractive hunting dagger made in the late Victorian era with German made blade, exported for sale by a Spanish retailer. The Bowie has an ebony handle with raised edges inlaid with antique ivory studs. The hilt also has a polished horn ferrule and pommel. The cross guard with additional ferrule are German Silver. It has a sharp, 9 ¼” long single edged blade with fullers. The blade is clean and marked on one side ‘Solingen’ (Germany) above ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ (translates to: The Superior Quality Mail). The reverse is period inscribed ‘S.Lawton’ most likely the name of the Victorian English Gentleman who owned this piece. The dagger measures 14” overall length. Its original brown leather open top scabbard has a stitched seam, German silver throat mount and German silver chape with ball end. All leather & stitching of the sheath are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14623

WW1 Imperial German Officer’s Trench Dagger / Knife Design Based On WW1 Dress Bayonet & Scabbard. (Sn 14579 Daggers & Swords) - 14579
This is a an original WW1 German Officer’s trench dagger / knife. This form of trench dagger were based on dress bayonets issued during WW1 (see page 50 of German Combat Knives 1914-1945 By Mery). This is dagger is 10 ½” overall with a 6” steel blade. The blade has no visible manufacturer marks. It has the correct Eagle's head pommel with correct non-functioning false bayonet button which forms the Eagles eye. The black grips are chequered and secured with two rivets. It has an up-swept quillon cross guard. The dagger has its original metal scabbard with original black paint and has an integral riveted leather belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14579

SOLD SOLD (07/04) Original, WW2 German Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Pilot’s & Paratrooper Fallschirmjager Boot Knife & Scabbard. (Sn 14582 Daggers & Swords) - 14582
An original WW2 German Luftwaffe Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Boot Knife & Scabbard. These knives were carried in the boots of Luftwaffe pilots and Air crew and were favoured by Nazi Fallschirmjager Paratroopers (see page 78 of German Combat knives 1914-1945 By Mery). The knife has a clean 6 ½” blade which is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The overall length is 11". The grips are smooth contoured wood and secured to the tang by three rivets. The ricasso is stamped with the correct stylised Eagle 'Luftwaffe' mark. Its original scabbard is metal with original black paint. It has the correct 2 prong metal belt/boot clip riveted to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14582

Original, Nazi German Hitler Youth 'HJ' Dagger RZM M7/13 (Arthur Schuttelhofor & Co Solingen-Wald) & Scabbard With Integral Frog. (Sn 14417 Daggers & Swords) - 14417
A very good, original, Hitler-Jugend (HJ) Hitler Youth dagger with nickel plated pommel and cross guard. It has original black chequered grips, the front inset with the red and white enamel HJ diamond & black swastika on a field of gold. It has a 5 ½” long, 1” broad single edged blade. On one side the blade is crisply marked with RZM roundel above 'M7/13' which is the Nazi manufacturer code for Arthur Schuttelhofor & Co Solingen-Wald. The blade has some staining consistent with age but no rust and has its original leather hilt washer. The cutting edge of the blade has one small nick which can be seen in the images. It is complete with original black metal scabbard with leather integral frog and retention strap with press stud fastener. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14417

MINT, Cased, Un-used, Matching, Hand Made German Puma Model 11 3588 Waidbesteck Double Bowie Knife Set Consisting Of Large Waidblatt Bowie With Stainless Steel Blade & Model 11 3587 Jagdnicker Both With Stag Scales, Scabbards & Original Pamphlet. - 14505
Since 1769, Puma has been hand crafting the finest sporting knives in the World. Each knife is built to live up to Germany’s high quality knife making tradition. Puma’s handmade knives are very versatile and include knives for hunting, outdoor use, sporting use, fishing use, hiking, biking, trekking, survival, self defence and other uses. The Waidblatt & Jagdnicker knives were designs of Senior German Forester Walter Frevert. Being involved with the nations forests, Frevert’s influence extended to the management of the country’s wildlife populations, particularly, deer herds. He was as an avid hunter and sports figure on a national scale in Germany. He was also a published author on deer management and hunting techniques for deer and wild boar. Due, in part to his popularity and his recognized skills as a hunter, PUMA enlisted his help to design the first serious introduction of PUMA into the hunting knife industry. His efforts produced the Waidblatt and the Jagdnicker among others. These two knives together make up the combination knife set known as the Waidbesteck. This Waidbesteck Bowie set is in as new condition. Both knives have beautiful well matched Stag Antler scales secured by brass rivets and have brass finger guards and pommel caps. The scales and tang are of the Waidblatt are holed for leather wrist cord which is present. The waidblatt has a heavy, broad drop point stainless steel blade which is 8 ¾” length. The blade is crisply etched with the 'Puma’s head legend' and '11 3588 HANDARBEIT PUMA ORIGINAL WAIDBLATT NACH OBERFORSTMEISTER FREVERT GERMANY STAINLESS’. The finger guard is numbered ‘31791’. The Knife measures 13” overall. The Jagdnicker has a 4” blade and measures 8” overall. The blade is crisply etched with the 'Puma’s head legend' and '113587’ HANDARBEIT VOM WAIDBESTECK GERMANY INOX’. The finger guard has matching numbers 31791’. The set has its sturdy, mint condition, green leather combination scabbard which fits both knives perfectly. The scabbard has velcro fastening retaining straps and integral belt loop with hanging ring. The set also has its original separate green leather scabbard for the Jagdnicker. The small green leather scabbard also in mint condition has Velcro fastening retaining straps and integral belt loop. The rear of the scabbard is impressed with number ‘3587’. The knife and scabbard are contained in their original wooden case with hinged lid and 2 clasp fasteners. One edge of the case has its original green and black ‘Puma 30 2222’ label and retailer label ‘Meihs Neumunster’. The lid has its original Puma’s head legend label. The inside of the case is foam lined and factory cut to snugly fit the knives and scabbards. The box contains the knives original Puma instruction leaflet in German text. The price for this impressive, cased, Puma Bowie set includes UK delivery. Sn 14505

WW2 1943 Theatre Made Fighting Knife Conversion From A Mauser Bayonet. ED 2206 - ED 2206
This is a WW2 German Mauser bayonet which has been field converted into an effective fighting knife. The blade has been shortened and sharpened into a stiletto shape. The crossguard has been filed down, as has the pommel. The wooden grips have what appears to be the name "Slim" carved into one side and 3 notches carved into the other. The blade is marked with the original manufacturers code of "COF 43" (1943) and "2862 Z". The leather scabbard is a standard sheath knife type with the addition of leg ties, retaining straps and reinforcing at the mouth. A very nice wartime field conversion knife. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2206

RARE, RHOM NAME ONLY ERASED, Nazi German 1933 Pattern SA Dagger By J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk Solingen With Motto Etched Blade, Friendship Inscription & Scabbard. Sn 14489 - 14489
The name of the Nazi SA leader & friend of Hitler, Ernst Rohm together with 'Friendship' motto was inscribed on the blades of some SA daggers. In 1934 Rohm was accused of Treason against Hitler and he was executed. After Rohm's death Hitler ordered Rohm's name to be removed from all blades. This is an original 1933 pattern SA dagger and scabbard in excellent condition. The wooden grips are undamaged. The German National Emblem and 'SA' roundel are perfectly fitted. It has a Nickel plated cross guard stamped 'Wf', & pommel. One side of its clean blade has the correct "Alles Fur Deutschland" inscription. The other side has the correct friendship inscription with just the Ernst Rhom name contemporarily removed as per Hitler’s order and shows areas of rubbing where this process has taken place. Many of these daggers had both the friendship inscription and name removed. The removal has not affected the manufacturers roundel stamp near to the hilt which is crisply marked J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk Solingen together with trademark. The dagger is complete with its original brown metal scabbard with nickel plated chape and locket with hanging ring. The price for this rare Rhom name only erased SA dagger includes UK delivery. Sn 14489

SUPERB, WW2 Era, German Folding Bowie Knife With Rostfrei (Early Stainless Steel) Blade By Anton Wingen Jr, Solingen With Stag Antler Grips, German Silver fittings & Leather Scabbard. Sn 14415 - 14415
This is an excellent folding Bowie Knife 10 ¼” overall folded in its original leather sheath. The knife's 7 ½” Bowie blade is clean and undamaged. The blade is crisply marked on one side with the manufacturer’s name ‘Anton Wingen Jr, Solingen Germany’ together ‘Rostfrei’, denoting that the blade is made from an early form of stainless steel (illustrated). It has attractive Antler grips which are in great condition. It has a swivelling German Silver cross guard and German Silver hinged release catch at the hilt. When fully extended the knife measures 12” overall. The knife is complete with original open top brown leather scabbard which has an integral single leather belt loop stitched to the rear of the throat and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The scabbard has a German silver chape. Price for this quality made folding Bowie with scabbard includes UK Delivery. Sn 14415

MINT, Boxed, Hand Made German Puma 'Original Bowie' Knife With Stainless Steel Blade, Scabbard With Thigh Cord & Puma Certificate. Sn 14267 - 14267
A superb condition, hand made, boxed German, Puma 'Original Bowie' Knife complete with Puma brown leather scabbard. This knife is in, as new, condition. It has beautiful Stag horn rugged grips with lanyard hole and stainless steel hilt. It has a 6 ½” pristine stainless steel Bowie blade which is crisply etched with the 'Puma legend' and '116396 HANDMADE PUMA ORIGINAL BOWIE, GERMANY, STAINLESS’ & serial number ‘202/RC'. The Knife measures 11” overall and is complete with its mint brown leather scabbard with large belt loop and retaing strap with press stud fastener. Both the hanging loop and the bottom edge of the sheath are fitted with leather cords for securing to the belt and the leg of the wearer. The front of the scabbard has the Puma trademark impressed. The rear is impressed with product code ‘99 68 75’. The knife and scabbard are contained in their original classic black cardboard box adorned with the iconic Puma trade marks and logos. The box contains the knife’s original Puma certificate with matching number ‘0202’. The price for this quality complete piece includes UK delivery. Sn 14267

WW2 Era Nazi German Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Officer's Dagger With Cord & Portepee And Scabbard. Sn 14175 - 14175
An excellent, original, 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger set. The dagger has a clean blade and is without any visible manufacturer's marks. It has the correct distinctive 'Eagle with Swastika' design cross guard and deep orange hue 'phenol resin' grip with ornate Oak leaf decorated, hilt mount and pommel. The Swastikas on the pommel and Eagle cross guard retain some of their original gilt finish and the wire binding on the grip is tight and intact. The Dagger has its original silver/ aluminium bullion cord and portepee. Its original scabbard is decorated with a 'hammered' design and has 2 hanging ring mounts with Oak leaf decoration. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings. The Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14175
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