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British Knives and Bowies

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A Very Early Scouting Bowie Knife & Leather Scabbard by Gillwell, made by Maleham & Yeomans, Sheffield ED 2197 - ED 2197
A very early Scouting Knife by Gillwell and dark brown leather scabbard made by Maleham & Yeomans, Sheffield. Maleham & Yeomans first made it's appearance in the Sheffield directories in 1876, with its advertisement for its steel, tool and 'Superior Table Cutlery', which it manufactured at the works in Burgess Street, Sheffield. By the end of the 1870's Maleham & Yeomans had moved to 49 Bowdon Street, Sheffield. It was by this time concentrating on fine quality pocket cutlery, razors, smokers knives and sports knives. This knife is a very fine quality bowie knife with dark wooden smooth grips nicely secured with a brass rivet. The alloy pommel is shaped and weighted to give a very nice balance to the knife. The blade is polished steel and measures 4", it has a ribbed back edge, a false edge and is stamped on the tang with "Maleham & Yeoman Sheffield England. On the opposite side it is stamped with the manufacturers mark, a Maltese Cross and other symbols. On one side of the blade is etched "Gillwell". The scabbard is dark brown leather, and is moulded to fit the knife perfectly and snugly, the scabbard has a frog riveted to it and has a slotted belt loop. The scabbard is in very nice condition and retains all of it's stitching. The price includes UK delivery.

'Theatre' Made WW2 Far East Combat/Fighting Knife With Webbing Scabbard & Leather Chape Sn 8976 - 8976
A 'Theatre' made WW2 Far East Chindit Combat/Fighting knife with a green webbing/leather scabbard with leather chape. The knife has a single edged steel painted blade which has a 'spear point'. The blade has a faint stamp "G C F" as can be seen in one of the photographs. The grips are smooth wood and secured with two steel rivets. The scabbard is made of green webbing and has a light brown leather chape. The scabbard also forms a belt loop. All the stitching on the scabbard is secure and neat. The price includes Uk delivery.

Victorian Spear Point Belt Dagger By Johnson Western Works Sheffield & Scabbard. ED 2176 - ED 2176
A nice 10" long, Victorian era English Spear Point Belt dagger & Scabbard. It has wood scales. One scale has a void German silver shield mount and oval crossguard. It has a 6" double edged, spear point steel blade with medial ridge, marked crisply at the ricasso, "Johnson Western Works Sheffield" with trademark. The brown leather scabbard has an integral belt loop to the rear. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2176

1907 Pattern, 1915 Dated Bayonet Cut Down & Modified In WW1 as A Trench Knife Complete with Brown Leather Scabbard 8424:79 - 8424:79
A 1907 pattern, 1915 dated, bayonet cut down and modified in WW1 as a trench knife, complete with a brown leather scabbard. The knife has a single edged polished steel blade which measures 9" long. The knife has dark wood smooth grips secured with two screws. The pommel is stamped with "I.O. DVN 368" The blade ricasso is stamped on one side with "G.R. 1907" and "7 15" and below this "Sanderson" On the other side it has various maker and regimental stamps. The scabbard is a made from brown leather and is made to fit the blade and is in good condition. The scabbard has no markings. The price includes Uk delivery.

Victorian Khyber Pass/ North West Frontier Afghan Armour Piercing Knife With Gilt Etched Blade, Bone Grip & Scabbard. Sn 8520. - 8520
This is an excellent original Knife used by Afghan tribesmen in the Victorian North West Frontier campaign era. It has a heavy 9" single edged T section blade (14 3/4" overall). The blade narrows from a broad 1 1/2" to a narrow heavy tip ideal for armour piercing. One side of the blade is decorated in an etched gilt foliate design. It has a facetted waist haft & heavy broad bone grip with brass mounts. The knife is complete with Brass mounted leather hide scabbard. The mounts are decorated with ornate panels. The upper mount has a small round belt / lanyard bar. Price for this great historic piece from the British North West Frontier campaigns includes UK delivery. Sn 8520.

SOLD SOLD (12/02) British Navy Issue Divers Knife with Taylor's Eye-Witness Ltd Blade and rubber scabbard Sn 8424:32 - 8424:32
A British Navy Issue Divers Knife with Taylor's Eye-Witness Ltd Blade and rubber scabbard manufactured by Typhoon International Limited. The knife has a 4 1/2" polished saw-back blade which has etched on one side "Taylor's Eye-Witness Ltd Sheffield England" and an illegible serial number. On the rubber handle there is an embossed number "A.P. 0433/1545" The handle has a hole through it to receive a button fastening which is on the scabbard. The knife has a piece of nylon rope spliced to it as a wrist strap. The rubber scabbard has "4" painted on it in yellow. It has a serial number on the front which is illegible. The scabbard has a belt loop. (please page 90 of British and Commonwealth Military Knives by Flook) The price includes Uk delivery.

The Sheffield Knife Book, A History & Collector's Guide By Geoffrey Tweedle. Sn 9485:1 - 13014
This hard back book published in 1996 by Sheffield's Hallamshire Press is in excellent clean undamaged condition. It covers the history of Sheffield knife making throughout the ages including all patterns and styles of knives made in Sheffield and associated manufacturer's and their marks, Sheffield manufacturer's connections with America and the industry throughout both World Wars and to date. It also contains notes on interesting places to visit connected to the knife making industry in the Sheffield area. The book measures 19.5x 26.5x 2.5 cms. It contains 320 pages which are fully illustrated with colour plates and black and white drawings. This Book is a must for any serious knife collector/ enthusiast. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9485:1

Fighting Knives Book by Frederick J Stephens 2 x copies available ( Sn 7120) - 7120
Fighting Knives, An Illustrated Guide to Fighting Knives and Military Survival Weapons of the World book by Frederick J Stephens. This hardbacked book covers WW1 Conversion daggers, Allied knives of WW1, German Trench Daggers, Robbins of Dudley, Knuckle knives, The British Gravity Knife, American knives, WW2 knives, Commandos knives, Machetes and post war knives. It truly is a an invaluable guide to the fighting knife. It has over 600 illustrations. The book is in very good condition and measures 25cm x 19cm and consists of 127 pages. The second copy is not as good, the loose leaf wrapper is faded and has a slight tear on it and so is 125.00. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 7120

WW2 Royal Navy Deck Knife & Scabbard - 5246 : 6
A scarce example of a British Royal Navy Deck Knife in its original scabbard. The knife has a chequered black plastic hilt with a brass crossguard. The 4.8" bowie blade has a serrated back edge and is stamped with the details, "J. Clarke & Son, Sheffield". Superb blade. In its fitted brown leather sheath with retaining strap and press stud on the integral frog. (see p. 83, British & Commonwealth Military Knives by Ron Flook) Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 5246 : 6 )

The London Knife Book 1820 - 1945 by Ron Flook ( now 1only x available.) - ED 810
Mint, original, hardback book, "The London Knife Book, An A-Z guide to London Cutlers, 1820 - 1945" by Ron Flook. The book has 230 quality pages packed with colour photos, of every type of knife made in London during the period listing all the Cutlers with their details. The book is in mint condition and is complete with its dust cover. price includes UK delivery..ED 810
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