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British Knives and Bowies

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WW2 Royal Navy Deck Knife & Scabbard - 5246 : 6
A scarce example of a British Royal Navy Deck Knife in its original scabbard. The knife has a chequered black plastic hilt with a brass crossguard. The 4.8" bowie blade has a serrated back edge and is stamped with the details, "J. Clarke & Son, Sheffield". Superb blade. In its fitted brown leather sheath with retaining strap and press stud on the integral frog. (see p. 83, British & Commonwealth Military Knives by Ron Flook) Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 5246 : 6 )

The London Knife Book 1820 - 1945 by Ron Flook ( now 1only x available.) - ED 810
An original, un-used 11.5x8" harback book, "The London Knife Book, An A-Z guide to London Cutlers, 1820 - 1945" by Ron Flook. It has 230 quality pages packed with colour photos, of every type of knife made in London during the period. Lista all the Cutlers with their details. With dust cover and in mint condition. price includes UK delivery.

Victorian Sheffield Bowie Knife - ED 404
A rosewood handle, 11.5" bowie knife hand forged by Bell and Co. of Sheffield. Dates to c. 1870. Nicely stamped blade, brass crossguard and scalloped back edge. In great condition. No sheath.

Rare WW1 Robbins of Dudley Fighting Knife - ED 85
A rare style of WW1 Robbins of Dudley fighting knife with an alloy handle and steel Kris type blade with a total length of just over 11". The handle is stamped Robbins Dudley although hard to read. This knife was originally intended to have a knuckle bow which at some time has been carefully removed and has NOT been snapped off or damaged etc. No scabbard. In good condition and extremely rare. (See page 26 of British & Commonwealth Military Knifes by Ron Flook for this type of Knife) Price includes UK delivery.

Victorian Sheffield Bowie Knife - ED 23
A nice, sturdy Victorian Bowie Knife made by Bell & Co, Sheffield c. 1860 - 1870 with a hand forged blade with a serated top. The rosewood handle has a brass crossguard. No scabbard.
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