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British Knives and Bowies

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Post 1900, Large Folding Pen Knife With German Silver & Mother Of Pearl Scales Engraved With Cyrillic/ Hebrew Script By Walker & Hall Sheffield. Sn 10789 - 10789
The Sheffield based Cutler George Walker is recorded as operating as a 'knife forger' in 1845. In 1853 the firm was joined by Henry Hall of Worcester and became 'Walker & Hall' based at the Elecro Works in Howard Street, Sheffield. Walker & Hall are believed to have been the biggest employer in the cutlery trade prior to WW1 (see page 284 of The Sheffield Knife Book by Tweedale). This is an excellent folding pen knife by Walker and Hall made post 1900. It has a clean 4 1/2" single edged folding blade and measures 9 3/4" when open. The blade is marked by the manufacturer 'Walker & Hall Sheffield'. It has German Silver scales inset with attractive undamaged Mother Of Pearl sections which are engraved on one side with Cyrillic/ Hebrew Script which is worthy of further research. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10789

ROYAL CONNECTION, Quality, Post 1900, British Horseman's / Sportsman's Folding Lock Knife By Butler & Co Sheffield With Removeable Rein Studs Engraved To Sir Dudley Forwood Bt (SOLE EQUERRY TO THE DUKE OF WINDSOR 1937 AFTER HIS ABDICATION). Sn 10786 - 10786
Sir Dudley Forwood, 3rd Bt (Baronet), was sole equerry to the Duke of Windsor, the former King Edward VIII, after his abdication in December 1936 to facilitate his marriage to the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. The King's abdication caused a National scandal. Sir Dudley served as sole equerry to the Duke from 1937 until the outbreak of WW2 in 1939. Sir Dudley first met the Duke, then Prince of Wales, in 1934 in Austria at the Grand Hotel, Kitzbuhel, where the Prince and Wallis Simpson were taking a skiing holiday. At the time Forwood was an honorary attache at the British Legation in Vienna, under Sir Walford Selby. This is an excellent original, British made Horseman's / Sportsmans Folding Knife engraved to Sir Dudley Forwood. It has a large blade (3 1/4") which locks in place with release catch at the spine, 2 small blades (2" each, one marked 'tin opener' with thumb spur), hook, corkscrew, swivel tool and gouge/ stone remover. It also has its two rein repairing bolts fitted to the side. The blades are stamped by the Sheffield manufacturer 'G. Butler & Co' with 'key' trademark and the hook is marked 'Sheffield Arts'. It has German Silver scales, screwdriver end and lanyard ring. One scale is nicely engraved 'Sir Dudley Forwood BT, 24 Hans Crescent S.W. (London)'. Price for this quality knife with Royal connections worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 10786

QUALITY, C1920's Bowie knife By John Nowill, Sheffield With Polished Bone Handle & Sheath. Sn 9965 - 9965
The Nowill familly are recorded as Sheffield cutler's since the 16th Century. The family traded under various names and Trademarks until John Nowill acquired the 'crossed keys' trademark in 1842. This is a superb Large Bowie Knife by John Nowill's Company C 1920's. It has a 6 1/4" deep swept single edged polished Bowie blade with clipped back edge. It is crisply marked at the ricasso ' John Nowill' Sheffield EST AD 1700' together with 'Crossed Keys' Trademark. It has a brass crossguard. The beautiful polished bone scales are secured by brass rivets. It is complete with later black leather sheath with single large belt loop and retaining strap with stud fastener. All leather and stitching of the sheath are intact. Price for this excellent Bowie by a renowned Sheffield Cutler includes UK delivery. Sn 9965

Near Mint Condition British Official Issue Wilkinson Type 'D' Survival Knife & Scabbard. ED 2265 - ED 2265
A near mint condition British Official Issue Wilkinson Sword Type 'D' Survival Knife & Scabbard dated 1992. The knife was first introduced in the 1950's, it is still in service today and is an issue item to all three services. Originally manufactured by Wilkinson Sword and laterly by Hopkinson's it was used to Aircrew and Special Forces. (see page 101 of 'British and Commonwealth Military Knives' by Flook.)The knife has an overall length of 12 1/4" and the blade is in perfect condition and is parkerised. The blade retains it's original sharpened single edge. The grips are dark wood and secured with three copper rivets. One of the grips is stamped with "127 8214 A 1992" and the War Department 'crows foot'. The knife retains the original green cord lanyard. The scabbard is brown leather and incorporates a belt loop and securing strap which has a press stud. This is a near mint example of the issue knife. The price includes Uk delivery.

Victorian Cutlery Handled Spear Pointed Bowie Knife "Battle Axe" Trade Mark & Scabbard ED 2248 - ED 2248
A Victorian cutlery handled, spear pointed Bowie knife "Battle Axe" trade marked and complete with original brown leather scabbard. The knife has a typical victorian era polished steel cutlery handle decorated with ornate scrolls. It has a thin steel, oval shaped crossguard. The blade is polished steel with a single edge and 'spear pointed'. The blade measures 6 1/2" and the knife measures 11 1/2" overall. The blade is 1 1/4" wide. The blade has the trade mark "Battle Axe" stamped into one side of the blade as can be seen in one of the photographs. The knife is in excellent condition. The dark brown leather scabbard is fitted to the blade perfectly. It is in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery.

WW2 Royal Navy Issue U.S. Kinfolk's Fighting / Utility Knife With Leather Scabbard Contemporarily Marked By It's WW2 Owner With The Names Of Ships Served On. Sn 9306. - 9306
An original U.S. Kinfolk's made Royal Navy issue Fighting utility Knife (see pages 166-167 of Knives Of The United States Military WW2). It has a clean 6" single edged clip point blade with fuller & measures 10 1/2" overall. It's compressed leather washerhandle is excellent & undamaged. The ricasso is crisply marked 'Kinfolk's USA'. The knife is complete with original leather scabbard withlarge belt loop and single retaining strap with press stud fastener. The front of the scabbard is marked 'Kinfolks'. The scabbard has been contemporarily ink marked, most likely by it's WW2 owner with a list of ships served on ' HMS SWIFSHORE, INTDMITABLE, STRIKER, GLORY,VINDEX'. The front of the scabbard is also ink marked ' Ransome, C/JX5407'. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9306

Original Hand Forged & Etched Push Dagger By Fred James Sheffield. ED 2245. - ED 2245 / 9263
Before his death in 1986 Fred james was Sheffield's best known Bowie Knife maker. His knives are collected in his own right. He began his career in 1935 at Johnson's Portobello Works & continued work at Wostenholm's Washington Works in 1956. In 1971 when the companies of Wostenholm and Rodgers merged, James began his own Knife making business. (see pages 214-215 of The Sheffield Knife Book By Tweedale). This is an original hand made and engraved pPush Dagger by James. The steel double edged spearpoint blade with medial ridge is 4" in length and measures 7 1/2" overall. The ricasso is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'FW James Sheffield'. One side of the blade is beautifully etched with the image of a Steamboat under sail. It has it's original rosewood palm grip which allows the dagger to be securely held. The dagger is complete with it's black leather sheath with retaining strap & single stud fastener. The bottom edge of the sheath has a reinforced lanyard hole. EXPORT ONLY. ED 2245

WW2 Chindit, Special Forces, Far East/ Burma Kukri Type Fighting Knife Marked 'Burma 12 (M) EB' & Scabbard. Sn 9175 - 9175
The Chindits officially in 1943 designated the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade and in 1944, the 3rd Indian Infantry Division were a British "Special Force" that served in Burma and India in 1943 and 1944 during the Burma Campaign in WW2. This is an original fighting/ survival knife with Kukri type blade carried by Chindit troops in Burma. It is similar to those illustrated on page 12 of British & Commonwealth Military knives by Flook. It has a broad 9 3/4" long curved kukri type blade which tapers to a sharp point. It measures 14" overall and has a brass cross guard and slab bone grips secured by 3 brass rivets. The cross guard is contemporarily punch marked '12 (M) EB' on one side and the reverse 'BURMA'. The scabbard is made of heavy duty leather, stitched along the seams and it has a large single belt loop. The scabbard has a small single retaining strap fitted to the body. The brass buckle of the strap is present & secure but the buckle is missing it's pin & part of the leather tongue of the strap is absent. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9175

Victorian Naval Midshipman's Dirk With Marine Ivory Handle & Scabbard. ED 2219 - ED 2219
This is an excellent original Victorian, Continental (possibly Turkish) Naval midshipman's Dirk With Marine Ivory Handle & Sheath. It has a single edged clean 7 1/2" curved blade and measures 12" overall. It has a swept brass crossguard with acorn tips and Brass eagle's head Pommel with Chain knuckle guard and steel ferrule. It's handle is made of beautiful undamaged Marine Ivory. The dirk is complete with it's original black leather hand tooled scabbard with brass locket with hook at the throat. Price for this elegant historic dirk includes UK delivery. ED 2219

Post 1950 British RAF/ Special Forces Type D Survival Knife By Rodgers Sheffield With RAF Stores Code Marked Blade & Sheath. ED 2201 - ED 2201
The Type D Survival knife was introduced into Service in the 1950's. The knives were made by a number of manufacturers. The knives were issued to all branches of the British Military. The blades of knives were marked with designations to identify which service they were issued to. Codes begining 27C were issued to the RAF (see pages 101 & 102 of Flook's book 'British & Commonwealth Fighting Knives'). This is an excellent original British RAF/ Special Forces Type D Survival Knife By Rodgers Sheffield With RAF Stores Code Marked Blade & Sheath. This heavy duty survival knife has a 71/4" single edged oval shaped broad blade. The blade is crisply marked on one side with the RAF stores code '27C/2360' and War Dept arrow. The other side is crisply stamped with the manufacturer's name 'Rodgers Sheffield England' together with trade mark. It measures 12 1/2" overall and has the correct plain wood grips contoured for grip. The scales are secured by 2 large screws. The pommel end is holed for wrist cord (the cord is not present). The knife is complete with original sheath with single retaining strap and sprung stud fastener. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2201
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