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Daggers and Knives

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QUALITY, Japanese 1800-1860 Mino School Shin Shinto Tanto With Ornate Ho-Ho Birds Brass Mounts & Lacquered Scabbard. Sn 15479 - 15479
This Japanese Tanto has an undamaged, clean 11 ¾” long single edged curved blade. The blade appears to be Mino School work dating to C1800-1860. It is razor sharp. The fish skin grip is undamaged. It has a polished Buffalo horn pommel, floral tooled ferrule, brass finger guard and habaki. The grip is mounted with brass Ho-Ho birds on both sides. It measures 16 ½” overall length. Its scabbard is lacquered wood with ornate floral tooled brass mount & single small hanging ring. The scabbard is inlaid with brass foliate shapes and Ho-Ho birds. The tang is unsigned. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15479

Cased C1950’s George Wostenholm & Son Sheffield I*XL* Bowie Knife. Sn 15372:8 - 15372:8
This is an excellent George Wostenholm & Son Bowie made C1950’s. The knife is in excellent condition. Its polished 6” single edged Bowie blade is crisply marked I*XL* and inscribed with the makers name within banner. The reverse is inscribed ‘Sheffield England’ the back of the blade is decoratively scalloped near to the hilt. The wood grips are secured by brass rivets and one scale is scalloped for grip. The dagger is contained in its original wood case. The case has a hinged lid and single clasp fastener. The inside of the case is lined with felt & white material. The white material has the makers name and I*XL* highlighted in gold. It is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. The price for this excellent piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15372:8

WW2 Era Japanese Leather Field Combat Covered Military Tanto. Sn 15453 - 15453
This is an original Japanese military tanto with leather field combat covered wood handle & scabbard. The Tanto has a clean, sharp 7 ½” curved single edged blade with 2 piece brass habaki and plain brass oblong tsuba. The tanto measures 12 ¼” overall. The hilt, at the tsuba has the remnants of a small leather strap. The leather & stitching of the hilt and scabbard covering are undamaged and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15453

MINT, VERY RARE,Original WW1 French Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne Factory Made Aluminium Hilt Trench Fighting Knife With M1871 Gras Bayonet Blade & Original Steel Scabbard. Sn 15470 - 15470
This a very rare, near mint, Original WW1 era trench fighting knife factory made to a high quality by the French arms manufacturer Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne (see page 27 plates 93 & 94 of Fighting Knives by Fred Stephens where an example without scabbard is illustrated). The 8 ½” long ‘T’ section blade is correctly made from the end of a Model 1871 Gras bayonet and the cast aluminium hilt with integral cross guard and pommel end is finely chequered. The cross guard is marked on one side ‘Manufacture Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne’ and the reverse ‘Brevete’. The knife measures 13” overall length. The original steel scabbard, factory made from a section of Gras bayonet scabbard has no dents and retains its original black paint and factory applied steel belt clip. The price for this very rare Original WW1 piece in near mint condition includes UK delivery. Sn 15470

1957 – 1959 MALYAN EMERGENCY Chinese Insurgent’s Native Fighting Knife & Scabbard With Integral Frog Captured By Private Irvin Commbs Cheshire Regiment. Sn 15412 - 15412
The Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought in pre- and post-independence Federation of Malaya, from 1948 until 1960. The belligerents were the Commonwealth armed forces against the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party . Support for the MNLA was mainly based on around 500,000 of the 3.12 million ethnic Chinese then living in Malaya. Despite the drawdown in violence in 1960, communist leader Chin Peng renewed the insurgency against the Malaysian Government in 1967; this second phase of the insurgency lasted until 1989. He fled to exile in Thailand, where he lived until his death on 16 September 2013. The Cheshire Regiment was deployed to Malaya in 1957. Private Irvin Commbs a Section Radio Operator with the Cheshire Regiment served in Malaya during the crisis between 1957 & 1959. While in Malaya he reputedly captured this native made fighting knife from a Chinese insurgent (we acquired the knife directly from Pte Commbs family). The knife has an 8 ¾” single edge blade which is 1 ½” wide at its broadest. The blade has staining consistent with age and a contemporary 4mm cut into the back edge near to the hilt. The cutting edge is razor sharp and undamaged. The hilt has a copper ferrule and short, curved tropical hard wood handle. The handle and ferrule are tight and secure. The knife measures 11 ¾” overall length and has its original native made wood scabbard with integral olive cloth frog with belt loop and woven cloth cord. The belt loop has wear consistent with age and use. The scabbard has a contemporary section of wire binding which together with the integral frog secures the wood of the scabbard which is made of 2 sections. The knife fits the scabbard securely. The price for this Malayan Emergency captured fighting knife includes UK delivery. Sn 15412

WW2 1945 U.S. Collins & Co Legitimus Pattern No.1250 Combat / Survival Machete & Scabbard. Sn 15368 - 15368
An original WW2 United States Combat and Survival Machete by Collins & Co (see page 114 item 571 of Stephen’s book ‘Fighting Knives’). The No 1250 pattern of Collins Legitimus Machetes were supplied to the U.S. Government to support the war effort. Our example is in excellent condition. It is 19 ½” overall with black synthetic slab sided scales secured by 4 rivets and holed for lanyard ring. The blade is 14 ½” length with drop point. The blade is 3” broad at its widest. The blade is crisply marked with manufacturer’s detail pattern number and date ‘Collins & Co, Crown & hammer trademark, Legitimus Made In USA No.1250’ & dated ‘1945’ . It is accompanied by its original brown leather scabbard with rear riveted belt loop and retaining strap with brass stud fastener. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15368

**SOLD**SOLD**13/12**RARE LIMITED PRODUCTION, 1962 - C1965, British Royal Navy Diver's Knife By Siebe Heinke England With Spear Point Blade, Brass Fittings & Brass Scabbard. Sn 15350 - 15350
This is a hard to find, original, British Royal Navy Diver's Knife and Scabbard. The knife has a 1 ½” broad, 7 ¾” long double edged spear point blade with medial ridge (13 ¼” overall). The double edged blade is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Siebe Heinke Of England’ this dates the knife to 1962 - C1965. Heinke was taken over by Siebe Gorman in 1962. The dual names were only used for 2 to 3 years before the Heinke name was dispensed with. The knife has a brass cross guard, ferrule & tang nut together with dense black plastic contoured grooved handle. The knife is complete with its original solid brass scabbard with belt slot. The price for this rare diver’s knife only made by Siebe Heinke for 2 to 3 years includes UK delivery. Sn 15350

C1995 Full Size Limited Edition 175th Anniversary Commemorative Siebe Gorman Diver’s Knife With Spear Point Blade, Brass Fittings Blade Number 021 Of 500 & Brass Scabbard. Sn 15349 - 15349
C1995 the Siebe Gorman Company released a limited edition diver’s knife to commemorate the 175 anniversary of the formation of the company, in the early 19th Century. Approx. 500 were made. This example is in excellent condition. The knife has a 1 ½” broad 7 ½” long double edged steel blade with medial ridge (13 ¼” overall). The blade is undamaged with just light staining. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Siebe Gorman Serial Number 021’ together with the Siebe Gorman 175th Anniversary logo. It has a brass cross guard, ferrule & tang nut together with turned Rosewood handle . The knife is complete with original solid brass scabbard with belt slot. The price for this fully functional commemorative diver’s knife includes UK delivery. Sn 15349

MINT, 1997 Pair Of Limited Edition Number 2901 Of 3000 Commemorative Applegate Fairbairn Fighting Knives (One fixed Blade, The Other Folding) With Signed Blades Made by Gerber & Boker Mounted On Original Wood Display Board. ED 2244 - ED 2244
A development of the WW2 FS knife was the Applegate Fairbairn fighting knives, designed by Col. Rex Applegate (United States OSS) and Capt. WE Fairbairn (British Royal Marines). This mint commemorative pair of knives were produced in 1997 in a limited edition run of 3000 by Gerber & Boker in recognition the contribution of Applegate & Fairbairn to the development of combat knives. Each knife has black Lexan plastic handles, oval in section. The brass double guard is angled away from the handle. The fixed blade variant has a 6” double edged steel blade with makers mark "Boker,Solingen” together with trademark. The folding blade variant has a 4 ½” double edged folding blade with thumb spur marked ‘Gerber USA’. Both blades have etched representations of Applegate and Fairbairn’s signatures and are numbered ‘ 2901/3000’. Both knives are secured to their original wooden presentation / display board slotted at the rear for wall or desk mounting. The board has a descriptive presentation plaque marked with manufacturer detail and ‘1997’ date (illustrated). The knives are secured to the board by allen key bolts through the lanyard ring holes at the pommel end of their hilts but can easily be removed with an allen key for inspection and use. The display board measures 12” x9“x ¾”. The price for this mint limited edition commemorative piece includes UK delivery. ED 2244

Victorian English Edward Gem / Alfred Field & Co Sheffield Arkansas Toothpick Bowie Knife With ‘Hunter’s’ Etched Blade, German Silver Fittings, Polished Horn Scales, Original Scabbard & Mint Bespoke Saddler Hand Made Leather Scabbard. Sn 14642 - 14642
Alfred Field began a hardware business in Birmingham in 1836, shortly after he opened a branch Office in New York City USA. He returned in to Birmingham 1854 and by 1876 has opened a Sheffield office in Westfield Terrace. The business was recorded as a manufacturer of cutlery, knives & scissors, he was also the agent in the USA for the famous Sheffield knife manufacturers Joseph Rodgers and Joseph Elliot. He died on 28th May 1884 aged 70 and the business continued under his son Harry Field between 1899 and 1913 operating as Alfred Field & Co. The business address at this time was Continental Works Westfield Terrace and in 1890 it bought the Eyre Street Sheffield address and trademarks of Edward Gem. The company traded under the names ‘Continental Cutlery Co, Alex Fraser & Co, Progress & Citerion. This is an original Victorian Arkansas Toothpick form Bowie knife made by Edward Gem or Alfred Field & Co of Sheffield. The steel, double edged ‘Arkansas Toothpick’ form blade with medial ridge is 9 ½” length. The blade has staining and rubbed areas consistent with age. The knife measures 14 ½” overall length. The blade is inscribed on one side with faint scrollwork banners and partially readable motto ‘Hunter’s ????’. The ricasso has the arrow through diamond trademark used by Edward Gem & Alfred Field & Co together with address ‘No.6 Eyre Street, Sheffield’. The knife has a German silver cross guard and undamaged polished horn scales secured by 3 brass pins. One scale has an inlaid void German silver shield escutcheon. The Bowie comes with its original open top leather scabbard with German silver chape. The leather is tired and worn but intact and the chape is dented but secure. The knife also comes with a mint, quality, bespoke, Saddler hand made, thick brown leather scabbard with integral belt loop which we have had made for this knife. The knife fits the scabbard snugly. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14642
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