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Daggers and Knives

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** STOLEN AT THE LEEDS - PUDSEY MILITARIA FAIR 11.07.10 ***Boer War British Horsemans Knife - 4719
THIS KNIFE WAS STOLEN FROM OUR DISPLAY AT THE LEEDS MILITARIA FAIR ON SUNDAY 11TH JULY 2010. WE ARE OFFERING A 500 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE ARREST AND CONVICTION OF THE PERSON / PERSONS RESPONSIBLE. West Yorkshire Police Crime Reference 13100286521 ****A perfect condition, Boer War period, British made Horsemans Knife. It has its large blade, small blade, file, can opnener, button hook, corkscrew, gouge and horseshoe stone remover. It also has its two rein repairing bolts fitted to the side. Blade bases stamped with makers details of "J.O. Vickery, 179, 181 and 183 Regent Street" and alsdo "Sheffield made". White metal scales and screwdriver end. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4719 )

French Foreign Legion Fighting Knife - ED 726
A rare example of the French Foreign Legion fighting knife officially made after WW2 by converting a February 1917 dated U.S. P13 Remington bayonet. It was a stop gap issue to their Paratroopers before they were issued the M3 fighting knife. The scabbard was suitably altered by the addition of a leather belt frog. Used as late as 1978 in Zaire these are very scarce knives. Fully documented and photographed in Ron Flooks booklet, 'A Photographic Primer of Military Knifes'. Price includes UK delivery.

Malayan Kris Knife & Scabbard - 3080
A superb quality Malayan Kris knife with a carved and polished wooden grip in the form of a styalised Garuda. A typical 34.5cm watered wavy Kris blade and a quality matching wood scabbard. In excellent condition and price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 3080 )

Victorian Sheffield Bowie Knife - ED 404
A rosewood handle, 11.5" bowie knife hand forged by Bell and Co. of Sheffield. Dates to c. 1870. Nicely stamped blade, brass crossguard and scalloped back edge. In great condition. No sheath.

WW1 German Trench dagger and scabbard - 1526
A nice condition WW1 Imperial German Trench Dagger and scabbard. It has its original 9 diagonal grooved grips and a steel crossguard. It has a 5.75" single edged blade tapering to a dagger point. The ricasso is stamped on one side, "ERN, W. Ald Rheini! and on the other "Rasier Messer Fabrik". It has its original black painted steel scabbard with leather integral frog. Price includes UK delivery. ( 1526 )

Rare WW1 Robbins of Dudley Fighting Knife - ED 85
A rare style of WW1 Robbins of Dudley fighting knife with an alloy handle and steel Kris type blade with a total length of just over 11". The handle is stamped Robbins Dudley although hard to read. This knife was originally intended to have a knuckle bow which at some time has been carefully removed and has NOT been snapped off or damaged etc. No scabbard. In good condition and extremely rare. (See page 26 of British & Commonwealth Military Knifes by Ron Flook for this type of Knife) Price includes UK delivery.

Victorian Sheffield Bowie Knife - ED 23
A nice, sturdy Victorian Bowie Knife made by Bell & Co, Sheffield c. 1860 - 1870 with a hand forged blade with a serated top. The rosewood handle has a brass crossguard. No scabbard.
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