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Daggers and Knives

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WW2 U.S.M.C. Briddell Hospital/ Medical Corps Fighting Knife Machete & Scabbard By Boyt Dated 1942. Sn 7482. - 7482
A WW2 U.S.M.C. Fighting Knife Machete & Scabbard dated 1942. These Machetes were issued to U.S. Marines & Hospital/ Medical Corps as a close quater fighting knife and cutting tool / machete, The shape of the blade being similar to the earlier Bolo knives. It has a 3" broad, 11" long heavy blade. The knife has plain wood grips held on with three rivets. The blade is stamped with "USMC Briddell". The brown leather scabbard is made of heavy leather and has a brass throat and steel belt clip on the reverse. It is crisply stamped on the leather belt loop "US Boyt 42" (Boyt manufacturer 1942). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7482

Victorian Argentinian Large Gaucho Boot Dagger By La Movadina & Sheath. ED 2081. - ED 2081
This is an attractive Victorian boot dagger used by South American Gaucho's carried as a fighting weapon for self defence & for use while herding cattle. As is common with these knives it is ornately decorated. The dagger has a broad single edged dagger blade tapering to a sharp point. The blade measures 7 1/2" and is 12 1/2" overall. The blade is stamped ' La Movadina Industria Argentina' (Spanish: The Movadina Industry Argentina). It's white metal handle is ornately decorated with a foliate design and marked 'Industria Argentina' (Made in Argentina). The dagger is complete with decoratively tooled leather scabbard with large chape and upper mount with boot/ belt hook. Both the chape and upper mount are highly decorated with a matching foliate design. The boot hook is also stamped 'Industria Argentina'. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2081.

WW1 German Officer's Stag Handled Trench Dagger & Scabbard by Eickhorn. ( Sn 7484) - 7484
This is a scarce WW1 German officer's private purchase stag horn handle, trench dagger by Eickhorn. It is featured on page 51 of 'German Combat Knives 1914 - 1945' by Christian Mery. This is an excellent quality dagger, 10 1/2 inch overall with a 6 inch clip back blade. It has a bird's head pommel with non functioning false bayonet button and up-swept quillion cross guard. The blade has the characteristic back to back Squirrels and 'CE' which is the Eickhorn trade mark. This is a very well made and substantial trench dagger. It comes with its original metal scabbard with leather belt loop and retaining strap. The press stud is original and functioning. Both the dagger and scabbard retain some of the original black enamel finish and it has not been messed with at all. This is a scarce, original officer's quality trench dagger. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn 7484 )

WW1 Model 1917 Austrian Fighting knife By George Roth. ED 2035 - ED 2035
This is an excellent, original, WW1 Model 1917 Austrian Fighting knife By George Roth. It has a broad, clean 8 " single edged blade (12 1/2" overall) and undamaged slab wood grips. One grip has 2 grooves to assist grip. The knife has a straight cross guard and the ricasso of the blade is crisply stamped with the makers monogram (illustrated). It is complete with steel scabbard with original black paint finish. The scabbard is undented and at the rear has it's rivetted 2 bar fixing for strap/ belt attachment. Price for this WW1 fighting knife complete with scabbard includes UK delivery. ED 2035

The Sheffield Knife Book, A History & Collector's Guide By Geoffrey Tweedle. Sn 9485:1 - 13014
This hard back book published in 1996 by Sheffield's Hallamshire Press is in excellent clean undamaged condition. It covers the history of Sheffield knife making throughout the ages including all patterns and styles of knives made in Sheffield and associated manufacturer's and their marks, Sheffield manufacturer's connections with America and the industry throughout both World Wars and to date. It also contains notes on interesting places to visit connected to the knife making industry in the Sheffield area. The book measures 19.5x 26.5x 2.5 cms. It contains 320 pages which are fully illustrated with colour plates and black and white drawings. This Book is a must for any serious knife collector/ enthusiast. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9485:1

RH (PAL) 36 WW2 MK 2 'KA-BAR' Fighting Knife & Scabbard. Sn 7109. - 7109
This is one of the rarest of the WW II American Combat knives. The aluminium pommel variation was made by the PAL blade company. This MK 2 example has the correct marking ' RH (PAL) 36' which is Remington Hunting, 3rd Type, 6 inch blade and 'Made in USA' on the ricasso (illustrated). This is an excellent original example. It has a 6" fullered single edged blade with a smooth handle 5" handle made from compressed leathwer washers. The attractive handle is in excellent condition as is it's cross guard and rounded aluminium pommel. The knife is complete with original leather sheath with stud fastening retaining strap which functions perfectly and retaining band. Price for this excellent rare WW2 Knife includes UK delivery. Sn 7109.

WW2 U.S Cattaraugus 225Q ' Quartermasters' Fighting Knife And Sheath. Sn 7108. - 7108
During WW2 Quartermaster staff needed a heavy duty combat knife which was strong enough to open ammunition boxes and crates. Cattaraugus & Case produced the 225Q 'Q for Quartermaster', which because of their strength, soon found their way into regular service as a combat knife. ( See page 123 of US Military Knives Collectors Guide By Silvey & Boyd'. This is a nice original example. It has a sturdy, broad single edged fullered 6" blade (10.5 inches overall). The ricasso is crisply engraved with the 'Cattaraugus' signature legend and designation '225Q'. It's banded handle made from compressed leather washers is in excellent undamaged condition as is it's cross guard and large ovoid steel pommel with chequered end. The knife is complete with original leather sheath with stud fastening retaining strap which functions perfectly and retaining band. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7108.

WW2 U.S EGW Combat / Fighting Knife And Sheath. Sn 7107. - 7107
'EGW' U.S. Military Fighting Knives were produced in the U.S.A by E.G. Waterman during WW2. Many variations were made with both wood and leather handles. ( see page 165 of U.S. military Knives Collector's Guide By Silvey & Boyd'. This example with wood 7 grooved handle is in nice original condition. There is a single small 'stress' drying split in the wood which is otherwise perfect. It has a broad 5" single edged clean blade (10" overall) with the 'built in' bottle opener towards the top of the blade. Essential for enemy bottles of beer and coke. The ricasso is correctly stamped 'EGW KNIFE'. ( illustrated). The handle is in nice condition with steel pommel and lanyard ring. The knife is complete with original leather sheath with stud fastening retaining strap which functions perfectly and retaining band. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7107.

Fighting Knives Book by Frederick J Stephens 2 x copies available ( Sn 7120) - 7120
Fighting Knives, An Illustrated Guide to Fighting Knives and Military Survival Weapons of the World book by Frederick J Stephens. This hardbacked book covers WW1 Conversion daggers, Allied knives of WW1, German Trench Daggers, Robbins of Dudley, Knuckle knives, The British Gravity Knife, American knives, WW2 knives, Commandos knives, Machetes and post war knives. It truly is a an invaluable guide to the fighting knife. It has over 600 illustrations. The book is in very good condition and measures 25cm x 19cm and consists of 127 pages. The second copy is not as good, the loose leaf wrapper is faded and has a slight tear on it and so is 125.00. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 7120

UNAVAILABLE A.W.O.L. WW2 U.S. M4 Conversion Fighting Knife and M8A1 Scabbard. ED 1038. - ED 1038
This is an official factory conversion of a U.S. WW2 M4 bayonet into a close quarters combat knife. The pommel has been replaced without a bayonet slot and the cross guard re shaped and the muzzle ring removed.. in all probability converted to cater for the shortage of or prior to the introduction of the M3 fighting knife in 1943. It is a superb knife and comes with an original M8A1 scabbard ( see page 68 item 329 in Stephen's book 'Fighting knives'). Price includes UK delivery. ED 1038.
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