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Daggers and Knives

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MINT, Large David North Of Killamarsh Sheffield England Hand Tooled Bowie Knife With Agate Inlaid Brass Hilt & Mint Bespoke Saddler Hand Made Leather Scabbard. (Sn 14207 Daggers & Swords) - 14207
David North of Killamarsh Sheffield is a manufacturer of quality knives. This impressive, large, hand tooled Bowie was made by David North. The polished steel Bowie blade is 10” long and 1 ¾” broad at its widest. The knife measures 15” overall length. The ricasso is crisply stamped 'David North Sheffield England'. The back of the blade has hand tooled decoration. The knife has a tooled brass cross guard and ornate flat polished brass scales inlaid with beautiful sections of polished agate. The knife comes with a mint, quality, bespoke, Saddler hand made, thick brown leather scabbard with integral belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The Bowie fits the scabbard snugly. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14207

SOLD SOLD (18/02) ‘I*XL Bowie Californian’ Bowie Knife By Geo Wolstenholm, Washington Works Sheffield With Stag Horn Grips Horse Head Pommel & Leather Scabbard With German Silver Mounts. (Sn 8517 Daggers & Swords) - 8517
Along with Joseph Rodgers, George Wostenholm is possibly the most famous name in Sheffield cutlery. Geo Wolstenholm’s first knife making works were established in 1785. The Wolstenholm business now forms part of the Egginton Group, Sheffield. This is an impressive original I*XL Bowie Knife made by Geo Wolstenholm at his Washington Works Sheffield. It has a 9 ½” long deep swept bowie blade which is 1 ¾” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 16 ¼” overall. The ricasso is stamped with the Knife's model detail 'I*XL.' and the blade is marked with the makers name and address together with American Eagle and ‘California Knife’ (all illustrated). It has an ornate brass cross guard & beautifully coloured Stag horn slab grips. The brass pommel is in the form of a Horse’s head. It is complete with its black leather scabbard with brass throat mount and chape. When acquired by us the leather of the scabbard was disintegrating. We commissioned a Sadler to re-make the leather of the scabbard true to the original form with stitched rear seam and re attach the original throat mount & chape. As can be seen in the images he has done this to a high standard. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 8517

WW2 2nd Pattern B2 WD Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife & Scabbard. (Sn 14837 Daggers & Swords) - 14837
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941 (see page 89-93 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). This is an excellent WW2 2nd pattern, B2, FS dagger and scabbard. The hilt is blackened brass with knurled grip and a blued steel oval cross guard. The top of the cross guard is stamped with partially visible War Dept 'B2' designation. It has a 166mm long double edged blued blade with medial ridge. It is complete with original scabbard with external blackened brass chape. As is common with these scabbards its 4 sewn on leather tabs have been contemporarily cut back. The original elasticated retaining strap on the belt loop is present. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14837

WW2 2nd Pattern Nickel Plated Officer’s 'Sterile' Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife & Scabbard. (Sn 14827 Daggers & Swords) - 14827
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941. This is an excellent condition WW2 Officer’s 2nd pattern, FS dagger and scabbard. Examples of Nickel plated FS daggers are illustrated in Chapter 7 of ‘The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives’ by Flook. The dagger is in excellent condition with nickel plated brass knurled handle & oval cross guard. The knife is ‘sterile’ with no manufacturer or Unit marks. The knife has a 173mm long blade with medial ridge. Its original scabbard has a nickel plated chape and integral belt loop. Its original elasticated retaining strap is present. All stitching and leather are intact. Price for this 'sterile' nickel plated Officer’s FS dagger includes UK delivery. Sn 14827

SOLD SOLD (03/02) WW2 Era British WD Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife Beaded & Ribbed (9 Rows Of Beads) With Scabbard. (Sn 14839 Daggers & Swords) - 14839
The Beaded & Ribbed variant of the Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting knife was available as a private purchase weapon but were also Military issue. Beaded & Ribbed versions have been found with 9,8,7 & 6 rows of beads (see page 127 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives by Ron Flook). This WW2 era Beaded and Ribbed Pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife has a brass beaded and ribbed grip with 9 rows of beads. The hilt is also stamped with WD arrow above number ‘1’ mark. It has a 166mm long blade with medial ridge. It is complete with original scabbard with external brass chape and belt loop. The scabbard retains its original elasticated retaining strap and 4 sewn on leather tabs. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14839

MATCHING WW2 DATES, 1943 British WD Paratrooper’s/ Far East Chindit’s Short Machete Fighting Knife By Ralph Martindale & Original WD 1943 Leather Scabbard By ‘BHG’ With Correct Leather Thigh Strap Assembly. (Sn 14830 Daggers & Swords) - 14830
An original WW2 Paratroopers/ Pilots short machete fighting knife by Ralph Martindale. These weapons were originally made for British Paratroopers / Chindits operating in the Far East during WW2 (see pages 109 and plates 250 & 250A on 110 in 'British and Commonwealth Military Knives' book by Flook). The machete has a heavy blade which is 9 ¾” long and 2 ¼” wide at its widest point. The grips are a chequered composite material and are secured by three copper rivets to prevent rusting. The handle has some surface wear consistent with age and service use but is totally intact and secure. The butt is holed for wrist cord. One side of the blade is stamped with the War Department arrow together with 1943 date and manufacturer’s registered Crocodile trademark and name ‘Martindale’ (illustrated in image 2). The blade has some staining consistent with age but no damage. The machete measures 14 ¾” overall length. These weapons are not usually found with their scabbards. This example is complete with its original leather scabbard which has a single retaining strap with press stud fastener, riveted and stitched body and leather strap assembly with buckles for belt or leg carry. The rear of the scabbard towards the lower edge is impressed with WD arrow and by the manufacturer ‘BHG’. It is also stamped with matching 1943 date. There is also a contemporary hand written ink name ‘Barratt’ most likely the name of the British Soldier who was issued with this machete (all illustrated in image 2 ). All leather stitching and rivets are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14830

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 08/12) RARE ORIGINAL, WW2 British WD Commando & Special Operations Executive (SOE) Smatchet With Brass Pommel Stamped & WD 1942 Webbing Mills Equipment Company Scabbard . (Sn 14829 Daggers & Swords) - 14829
In many respects the WW2 British Special Forces Smatchet is one of the most mysterious British issue knives of the period. It's development appears to have been around the same time as the F-S Commando dagger i.e 1940-41. The Smatchet is listed as equipment issued to Commandos for D-day. While some examples have War Dept Broad arrows no examples have been found bearing manufacturer's names. (see pages 39 & 40 of Flook's book British & Commonwealth Military Knives where both brass pommel and alloy pommel examples are illustrated). This rare, original, brass pommel example of the Smatchet is excellent and undamaged. It has the correct large leaf shaped blade 11" in length which is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age and riveted wood grips which are undamaged. It has the correct steel cross guard & brass pommel holed for wrist strap. The pommel is stamped with a small WD arrow above number ‘13’ (illustrated). Its original webbing covered wood scabbard has single retaining strap with brass stud fastener & integral belt loop. The scabbard is clean & all material stitching & rivets are intact. The rear of the scabbard is ink stamped with 'WD Broad Arrow' and 'ME Co' (Mills Equipment Co) together with 1942 date ( illustrated). The price for this rare piece of WW2 British Special Forces Equipment includes UK delivery. Sn 14829

Victorian ‘Hunter’s Companion’ Bowie Knife By Richardson Of Liverpool Established 1796 With Ebony Scales and Leather Scabbard With German Silver Mounts. (Sn 14774 Daggers & Swords) - 14774
This excellent original Victorian era Bowie has a clean 9” single edged bowie blade, German silver cross guard and rounded pommel. It has undamaged chequered ebony scales. The blade is marked at the ricasso Richardson Of Liverpool Established 1796. The blade has just light staining consistent with age and is crisply marked ‘Hunter’s Companion’. The knife measures 13 ¼” overall and is complete with its original brown leather scabbard which has a German Silver throat mount and chape. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. The rear of the scabbard has a riveted leather belt loop. The price for this attractive Victorian Bowie worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 14774

EXTREMELY RARE, ORIGINAL, BRITISH, WW1 ERA, 'Escape Tool' Folding Pocket Knife By Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield. Sn 14765 - 14765
These rare, items are very desirable and much sought after, see page 85 item 434 of Stephen’s book Fighting Knives where an example with the same scale marking as ours ‘RD 354051’ is described as the fore runner to the British Special Forces (Special Operations Executive) escape tool. This WW1 example has German silver scales and lanyard ring. One scale is stamped ‘RD 354051’. It is in very good condition. The knife features an integral wire cutter the arm of which is held to the body of the knife by a German silver hinged 'hoop bar'. It measures 5 ¾”overall when closed and has 2 single edged folding blades. One measures 3" and is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers To His Majesty Sheffield England' together with Crown GR (George Rex). The reverse has Roger’s trademark. The second blade measures 2" and has a thumb lug spur to assist one handed opening. The smaller blade is marked with Roger’s factory address ‘No.6 Norfolk Street Sheffield England’ the reverse with Roger’s trademark. Both blades have staining and service wear to the cutting edges. The price for this rare escape knife includes UK delivery. Sn 14765

RARE, Early Production, 1933-1935 Nazi German Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") Enlisted Man’s Hewer Dagger By Eickhorn Solingen With Etched Blade ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles) & Scabbard With Correct Leather ‘Bullet’ Belt Hanger By A&S - 14767
The Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") was a major organisation established by Nazi Germany as an agency to help militarize the civilian workforce and indoctrinate it with Nazi ideology. It was the official state labour service, divided into separate sections for men and women. From June 1935 onwards, men aged between 18 and 25 had to serve six months before their military service. During World War II compulsory service also included young women and the RAD developed to an auxiliary formation which provided support for the Wehrmacht armed forces. Hundreds of RAD units also received training as anti-aircraft units and were deployed as RAD Flak Batteries. Several RAD units also performed combat on the eastern front as infantry. As the German defences were devastated, more and more RAD Units were committed to combat. During the final months of the war RAD men formed 6 major frontline units, which were involved with serious fighting. On the western front RAD troops were used as reinforcements to the 9th SS Engineer Abt (SS-Captain Moeller) in the fighting to retake the northern end of the Arnhem bridge from British Paratroopers under Col. Frost. Like most Nazi organisations the RAD was authorised a separate Hewer / dagger for its enlisted men as well as Officer / Leader ranks. The enlisted man’s Hewer adopted in 1934 was initially also worn by Sgts and Officers. These daggers had heavy stag horn grips. This is an excellent, genuine example of the RAD man’s Hewer. It has a 9 ¾” long blade with fullers and measures 14 ¾” overall. The blade is marked by the manufacturer 'Eickhorn, Solingen' & the trademark in the form used by Eickhorn between 1933-1935 indicating it is most likely one of the initial production run Hewers. It also has the RAD triangle mark and ‘Ges Gesch’ quality inspection mark. The reverse has the correct RAD motto etching ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles). It has an Eagle’s beak pommel, cross guard and correct Stag horn scales. The metal fittings of the dagger are nickel plated. The dagger is complete with original black painted steel scabbard which features a geometric design throat mount and chape with the RAD ‘Shovel With Swastika’ emblem. One edge of the scabbard has a fixed hanging bar. The bar is fitted with original correct leather ‘bullet’ belt hanger with bullet shaped leather uniform protector and belt loop. The hanger has the correct nickel plated sprung clip which is marked by the manufacturer ‘A&S’ ( Assman & Son) and with RAD triangle ‘37’ (1937) date mark. The price for this rare, Nazi RAD Man’s Dagger, Scabbard & Hanger combination includes UK delivery. Sn 14767.
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