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Daggers and Knives

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Victorian Era North West Frontier Pesh-Kabz Choora / Khyber Afghan Armour Piercing Knife With Polished Bone / Antique Ivory Sectioned Grips, Etched Blade & Scabbard. Sn 12500:1 - 12500:1
The Pesh-Kabz or Choora is a type of Perso-Afghan knife designed to penetrate chain mail armour (see page 494 of Stone's book 'A Glossary Of Arms & Armour'). The knives were typically used as a thrusting weapon, however, the wide ‘T’ section blade also possesses considerable slicing performance, and as such may also be used effectively with slashing or cutting strokes. During the British Colonial rule in India, the British frequently referred to all Afghan blades of this pattern collectively as "Afghan knives" or "Khyber knives", after the Khyber Pass that marked the transition from British India to the nation of Afghanistan. In India, manufacture of the pesh-kabz was centered in the northern city of Bhera, now part of Pakistan. During the First and Second Anglo-Afghan wars, the pesh-kabz was frequently the weapon of choice for finishing off wounded British and colonial troops, as the Afghan tribesmen did not take prisoners except for use as hostages. This is a very good original example of the pesh-kabz / choora made in the Victorian era. It has a heavy 9" single edged T section blade (13 ¼” overall). The 1 ½” wide blade with single edge narrows to a pin sharp point. The blade has staining consistent with age but no rust and is etched on both sides with foliate designs. It has the correct curved pronged pommel and finger guard. The pommel has a small fixed lanyard ring. The grip frame is decorated with hand tooled geometric designs. The scales are formed from sections of wood and pieces of riveted polished bone or antique ivory. The pommel sections have pierced foliate decoration. The scales have a few minor, stable chips consistent with age and use. The knife is complete with its original wood lined, leather hide covered scabbard. The leather is pierced near to the throat to reveal a naïve green and red enamel effect decoration. The leather of the scabbard has some areas of surface wear. The scabbard has a small external metal chape. Price for this great historic piece includes UK delivery. Sn 12500:1

MINT Cased Commemorative 3rd Pattern FS Fighting Knife 'WW2 The Battle Of The Rhineland' By Wilkinson Sword With Etched Blade. Sn 12518:2 - 12518:2
This superb Sterling Silver 3rd pattern FS Commando dagger was issued to commemorate the WW2 ‘Battle Of The Rhineland’. The full size dagger is in pristine condition. It has a beautiful blade etched on one side with the Wilkinson Sword London name & crossed swords legend together with a depiction of the Remagen Bridge over the River Rhine. The reverse is etched 'In Honor Of The Battle Of The Rhineland’ with battle honour roll within scrolling panels. The ribbed handle and plain cross guard retain all of their original nickel plated finish. The dagger is contained in its wooden case. The case has a hinged lid and clasp fastener. The inside of the case is lined with green felt and white material. It is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. Price for this excellent commemorative piece includes UK delivery. Sn 12518:2

WW1 U.S. Fighting/ Trench Combat Knife By Case Cutlery Co & Leather Scabbard. Sn 12456 - 12456
The Case Cutlery Company USA made stiletto type fighting knives during WW1. They were often privately purchased by American soldiers (see page 63 plate 296 of Fighting Knives by Stephens). This is an original Case Cutlery fighting knife and scabbard. The knife has a single edge 6 ¼” blade, with an overall length of 10 ¼”. The original grips are wood secured by 3 rivets. The ricasso is stamped by the manufacturer ‘Case’. It is complete with its original riveted and stitched brown leather scabbard with integral belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12456

WW1 French 1916 Issue Fighting Knife And Leather Sheath With Belt Loop. Sn 12460 - 12460
A WW1 French Army 1916 issue fighting knife with leather sheath and belt loop. The knife has a smooth hook top shaped one piece handle which is in very good condition. It has a metal, oval shaped cross guard which is stamped with "GP" within a rectangle. The blade is a modified Lebel bayonet blade and measures 5 3/4" long, 10 1/2" overall. The blade tang goes through the hilt and is 'peened' over on the top of the pommel. The sheath is dark brown leather and the stitching is all present and secure. The leather belt loop is riveted to the sheath. (see page 29 in Fighting Knives' book by Frederick J Stephens). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12460

WW2 British Special Operations Executive Folding Knife With Moulded Bolster By William Rodgers, Sheffield. Sn 12458 - 12458
A scarce WW2 British S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive) folding knife with moulded bolster. This knife was manufactured in England primarily for use by the S.O.E. Some of the knives produced don't have a manufacturers name or origin but this one has "William Rodgers, Sheffield" stamped on the blades ricasso (see the second photograph). There were two versions of this knife, one with a black moulded bolster and one with a white metal bolster. This knife has the black moulded bolster. The grips are chequered Bakelite or Bexoid. The bade measures 3 1/2" long, 8 1/4" overall with the blade locked out. The blade folds out and locks in place. It is released with a metal sprung thumb release which works perfectly. The blade is polished steel and is in good condition as can be seen from the photographs. (see page 46-47 in 'British and Commonwealth Military Knives' book by Ron Flook). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12458

LIMITED EDITION NUMBER 16 OF 161 Cased Dagger Made With An Unused & Unissued Original Uzi SMG Bayonet Blade With Wood Handle & Brass Cross Guard With Muzzle Ring In The Original Uzi Bayonet Form By The Israeli Society Of Edged Weapon Collectors. Sn 12329 - 12329
This dagger is one of only 161 commissioned by the The Israeli Society Of Edged Weapon Collectors. Each of the daggers in the production run were made using original unused, unmounted and unissued Uzi sub machine gun knife bayonet blades. The hilt and cross guard were designed after the original bayonet hilt and cross guard of the Uzi bayonet. A certificate of authenticity in English & Hebrew text, which accompanies the weapon states that ‘No more original bayonet blades are available, neither more such daggers will be produced’. The knife is in excellent condition. The single edged bayonet blade with medial ridge is clean and measures 6 ¾” length (11” overall). The blade is decorated with the crossed swords logo of The Israeli Society Of Edged Weapon Collectors together with Hebrew script and blade number ‘016’. The polished wood slab grips are secured by 2 brass screw bolts and the small brass cross guard has a small muzzle ring. The dagger is contained in its later felt covered wooden case. The case has a hinged lid and clasp fastener. The inside of the case is lined with padded red velour. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12329

EXTREMELY RARE, ORIGINAL, Sterile WW2 U.S. Office Of Strategic Command (O.S.S. Special Forces) Fighting Machete & Original Leather Scabbard With Integral Frog. Sn 12390 - 12390
This is an original WW2 American OSS fighting machete with its original correct scabbard (see page 116, plates 585, 586 & 587 of Fighting Knives by Stephens). This example is excellent and undamaged. It has the correct Burmese Dahl form, 16 ¾” long, single edged blade with heavy double edged tip constructed so that the weight is at the tip- effective in strengthening the slashing stroke of the weapon. The blade is clean and retains its original parkerised type finish. The hilt is cast from a black synthetic material and has the correct chequered panels and hole for wrist strap. The machete measures 22 ½” overall length. Its original scabbard is the correct thick tan leather with heavy duty stitching and integral belt loop. As is usual with special forces equipment, both the machete and scabbard are sterile having no manufacturer, Unit or War Dept marks. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price for this WW2 O.S.S. weapon and scabbard rarely seen on the collector's market includes UK delivery. Sn 12390

Dutch Fighting Knife and Scabbard. ED 299 - ED 299
This is a WW1 Dutch fighting knife first introduced in 1915 and re-issued in WW2. It has a distinctive grip made of wood with pronounced rings cut into the grip and with a bulbous top. It is held to the tang by 2 rivets. The blade is blued with a double edged stiletto profile. This carries the 'Hembrug Arsenal' mark which is also stamped on the steel collar below the crossguard and is also stamped into the wooden grip at the top. The steel crossguard also carries the number "8494D". The scabbard is brown leather with an integral frog and belt loop which is riveted to the scabbard. This carries the number "7346A" stamped to the rear. Many of these fighting knives were captured and used by the German Forces in WW2. (see 'Fighting Knives' by Fred Stephen's Page 28, No 99). The price includes Uk delivery. ED 299

RESERVED RESERVED VERY RARE, Nazi German Era, Brass Handled Diver's Knife By J.A. Henckels Solingen With Early Stainless ‘Nicht Rostend’ (Rustless/ Non Corrosive) Drop Point Steel Blade & Brass Scabbard. Sn 12289 - 12289
This is a very rare, original, Nazi era Diver's knife and scabbard. Made by J.A. Henckels the famous Solingen cutler, the knife has a broad 8" long single edged blade with drop point & measures 12 ¾” overall. The blade is clean, undamaged and marked with the German manufacturer’s trademark which belongs to J.A. Henckels. Beneath the trademark is German script ‘Nicht Rostend’ which translates to rustless or non corrosive (an early form of stainless steel). It has a heavy brass handle ribbed for grip and integral brass ferrule which securely screws into the throat of its scabbard. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. The knife is complete with original solid brass scabbard with integral cast belt bar. The tube shaped brass scabbard is in superb undamaged condition with no dents. Price for this very rare Nazi era diver's knife, a must for any serious collector, includes UK delivery. Sn 12289

Victorian English Bushman’s Friend ‘Warranted Superior’ Skinning / Hunting Knife Most Likely By Maleham & Yeomans Sheffield With Leather Sheath. ED 273 - ED 273
Many Sheffield cutlers made small fixed blade hunting knives generically named ‘Bushman’s friend’ all with similar characteristics. This is an original example in the form we have seen produced by Maleham & Yeomans who were quality Victorian and Edwardian era cutler’s and silver smiths with premises at Bowden Street Sheffield. The knife has varnished rose wood scales with brass rivets. One scale has 2 inlaid roundels embossed ‘Warranted Superior’ and void brass shield. The other has a brass roundel inlaid at the lower rivet. Another roundel which should be at the upper rivet is absent. The drop point single edge blade is 5 1/4" in length and the knife measures 9 1/4" overall. The blade has some staining consistent with age. The blade is marked with banner containing the wording ‘Bushman’s Friend’ and is marked 'Cast Steel Sheffield' together with Crown VR (Victoria Regina). The knife is complete with leather scabbard which has an integral belt loop. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. ED 273
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