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Daggers and Knives

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Fred James Sheffield Hand Made 'The Americans Pride' Bowie Knife With Etched Blade, Ivorine Grips With Mother Of Pearl Inlays & Sheath. Sn 11959 - 11959
Before his death in 1986 Fred James was one of Sheffield's best known Bowie Knife makers. He began his career in 1935 at Johnson's Portobello Works & continued work at Wostenholm's Washington Works in 1956. In 1971 when the companies of Wostenholm and Rodgers merged, James began his own knife making business (see pages 214-215 of The Sheffield Knife Book By Tweedale). This handmade Fred James 'The Americans Pride' Bowie Knife is in excellent condition. The knife has Ivorine scales with Mother of Pearl roundel inlays and brass cross guard. The deep swept 5 ¾” Bowie blade has a scalloped back edge and is etched on one side with American Eagle & scroll work together with "The Americans Pride U*S Equal Rights Equal Laws And Justice". The ricasso is stamped "F.W James Sheffield". The Bowie is 10 ¼” overall length. The Bowie is complete with a black leather sheath which has tooled decoration to the front. The sheath has an integral belt hanging loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The price for this impressive Fred James Bowie with sheath includes UK delivery. Sn 11959

MATCHING NUMBERS, Argentina Model 1909 Sidearm By Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen Germany, Scabbard & Leather Frog. Sn 11853 - 11853
This is an M1909 Sidearm/ knife with a 14 ¾” blade. It was made by the German manufacturer Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen for Argentina. The blade is marked with the german manufacturer’s name on one side and with the crest of Argentina ion the reverse together with M1909 model designation. The cross guard carries the number ‘BO5O4O’ and the pommel is marked ‘RA’ within a circle denoting ‘Republica Argentino’. The grips are wood held by 2 rivets. The scabbard is steel and has matching number ‘BO5O4O’. It is contained in its correct brown leather frog which is stamped to the rear with the manufacturer’s mark which appears to be ‘Portal’ over ‘Alida’ & ‘Ind Arg’. There is also the crest of Argentina . This is an impressive quality made sidearm in excellent condition with matching numbers and correct frog. Apparently some of these weapons were seen being worn by Argentine soldiers during the Falklands conflict. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11853

Boer War Era British Cavalry Horseman's Folding Knife By Harrods Ltd Brompton Road (The famous Knightsbridge London Store founded In 1834) With Removable Rein Studs & German Silver Scales. Sn 11647 - 11647
This is an original British made Cavalry Horseman's Folding Knife. It has a large blade (3 ½”), 2 smaller blades one with thumb spur, the other has had the tip snapped off at some in its life , hoof pick, button hook, corkscrew, fluted section blade & file. It also has its two rein repairing bolts fitted to the side. Some of the blades are stamped ‘Harrods Ltd Brompton Road’ (The famous Knightsbridge London Store founded in 1834). It has German Silver scales, screwdriver end and lanyard ring. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11647

MINT Boxed & Cased Limited Edition No.75 of 2,500 Commemorative 2nd Pattern FS Fighting Knife 'The Battle Of The Rhineland' By Wilkinson Sword From The Sterling Silver WW2 Victory Collection By The American Historical Foundation. ED 251 - ED 251
This superb Sterling Silver 2nd pattern FS Commando dagger was issued by The American Historical Foundation to as part of their 'WW2 Victory Collection' to commemorate the WW2 Battle Of The Rhineland. Only 2,500 daggers were produced for the Edition. The full size dagger is 11 3/4" overall length and is in pristine condition. It has a beautiful blade etched on one side with the Wilkinson Sword London name & crossed swords legend together with a depiction of the Remagen Bridge over the River Rhine. The ricasso is stamped with the weapons Edition number '75'. The reverse is etched 'In Honor Of The Battle Of The Rhineland’ with battle honour roll within scrolling panels. The knurled handle and plain cross guard retain all of their original finish. The dagger is contained in its original wooden case covered with grey velour material. The case has a hinged lid and 2 brass clasp fasteners. The inside of the case is lined with grey velour & white silk. It is contoured to snugly fit the dagger and the silk interior has the wording 'The World War II Victory Collection, The Battle Of The Rhineland Limited Edition Issued By The American Historical Foundation, Richmond Virginia' all in Gold. Also included is the daggers' certificate of Authenticity issued by the Foundation certifying the dagger as number 75 of 2,500 Worldwide & stating that the knife is ‘Solid Sterling Silver’ together with care instructions. All are contained in their original cardboard shipping box with American Historical Foundation label. Price for this excellent commemorative piece includes UK delivery. ED 251

WW2 USN PAL RH-36 Fighting Knife and Sheath. ED 249 - ED 249
This is the standard style of Fighting/Utility knife made by Pal and is contained in its standard pattern leather sheath. These knives were issued and carried during WWII by GI's. Marked on the left side of the ricasso RH and -36 flanking the PAL logo. It has the more scarce bright blade which measures 6 1/4". It has a leather washer handle. It carries the number "678" stamped into the pommel and also stamped into the leather grip. It appears to have been field sharpened and has obviously been used. However it is in excellent condition as is the leather sheath. The price includes UK delivery. ED 249

WW2 Australian Wood Gripped Fighting Knife & Leather Sheath By East Bros. Sydney. Sn 11617 - 11617
A WW2 Australian wood gripped fighting knife and leather sheath by East Brothers, Sydney. This version of the Australian fighting knife was used by the Australians and also made under contact for the US Forces based in Australia during WW2. The knife has contemporary personalised dark wood grips secured with three steel rivets. The slab gips have a hand carved initial on one side "H W". It has a thin steel straight cross guard. The blade is a single edged spear-point blade which is in good condition. The ricasso is stamped on one side with "East Bros. Sydney". The blade measures6" long, 11 1/4" overall. The dark leather sheath is stitched and riveted. It has seven rivets on the blade sheath and three further rivets on the belt loop and securing strap. It is in good condition and also has a wire belt clip. See page 174 in 'The British and Commonwealth Military Knives' book by Ron Flook. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 11617

Ancient Blade (C1644-1684) Japanese Tanto By Kaboku With U-No-Kubi Zukuri Clipped Back Or ‘Cormorant’s Neck’ Blade With Signed Tang & Scabbard. Sn 11595 - 1500
This is a quality Japanese Tanto with an ancient C1644-1684 clean blade made from a Wakizashi short sword with clean clipped back Kaboku With U-No-Kubi Zukuri or ‘Cormorant’s Neck’ with good polish. The blade is 10 ½” long and it measures 16 ½” overall. The Tang has been shortened and only one Kanji of the sword smith’s signature remains (visible in image 2) indicating the maker to be Kaboku a maker of quality blades in the Musashi Province (Hawley’s ref KA2 page number 108). Its handle has Ray Skin and black cord binding and attractive brass dragonfly menuki. It has a heavy iron tsuba & copper and brass fittings. The weapon is complete with lacquered wood scabbard. The scabbard is undamaged. Price for this quality Japanese piece with ancient blade includes UK delivery. Sn 11595

EXTREMELY RARE, ORIGINAL, Sterile WW2 U.S. Office Of Strategic Command (O.S.S. Special Forces) Smatchet By Case Cutlery USA & Original Leather Covered Wood Scabbard. ED 245 - ED 245
During WW2 the American Company W.R.Case & Sons Cutlery co made smatchets for the American O.S.S. Special Forces who engaged in Espionage and Covert Operations behind enemy lines during the War. The U.S. Government requested that these knives were made without manufacturer or War Dept markings i.e sterile so that the origins of the weapon could not be determined if captured. These weapons are extremely rare. Examples of the O.S.S. Smatchet and scabbard are illustrated on page 156 of the book U.S. Military Knives III by Cole. Page 157 of the same book illustrates a letter from the president of Case Cutlery dated 1960 addressed to the author of the book confirming that Case Cutlery made sterile smatchets during WW2 (illustrated in image 3) . This original example of the O.S.S Smatchet is excellent and undamaged. It has the correct large leaf shaped blade 11” in length (16 1/2" overall) which is riveted to its slab wood grips which are undamaged. It has a large oval steel cross guard and alloy pommel holed for wrist strap. Its scabbard is the correct wood covered leather with heavy duty stitching and rivets. It has a short retaining strap with press stud fastener and the rear has the correct diagonal belt loop (the surface of the belt loop is split but still intact and could easily be repaired). Both the Smatchet and Scabbard are sterile having no manufacturer, Unit or WD marks as described in the previously mentioned letter from Case Cutlery. Price for this WW2 O.S.S. weapon and scabbard rarely seen on the collector's market includes UK delivery. ED 245

WW1 German Good Quality Trench Dagger/Knife With Antler Grips & Scabbard. Sn 11513 - 11513
A WW1 German, good quality trench dagger/fighting knife with antler grips and scabbard. The trench dagger has a steel pommel with false bayonet release stud. It has antler grips secured with two rivets. It has a steel upturn quillon. The blade is single edge with a sharpened false edge. It is polished steel and measures 6", 10" overall. The knife comes with the correct WW1 steel scabbard in black, it is missing the leather frog. The price includes UK deliver. Sn 11513

Silver Bladed Hallmarked 1908-1910 Sheffield Pocket Knife With Mother Of Pearl Slabs Manufactured By Allen & Darwin. Sn 11478:8 - 11478:8
A silver bladed hallmarked 1908-1910 Sheffield pocket knife with mother of pearl slabs manufactured by Allen & Darwin of Sheffield. The knife has very nice mother of pearl slabs which are secured with three pins. On one there is a silver inlaid name plate with "Percy" engraved on it. See the photographs. The blade is hallmarked silver and has the makers mark "A & D" (Allen & Darwin). The blade is in excellent condition and locks out firmly and with no play. It closes and is firm when closed. The blade measures 60mm. The knife measures 75mm when closed and 135 overall with the blade open. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11478:8
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