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Daggers and Knives

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RARE, ORIGINAL, Nazi Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") Officer’s / Leader’s Dagger By Wusthof, Solingen With Etched Blade ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles), Silver Plated Fittings & Silver Plated Scabbard With Hangers By Assman. Sn 14766 - 14766
The Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD, "Reich Labour Service") was a major organisation established by Nazi Germany as an agency to help militarize the civilian workforce and indoctrinate it with Nazi ideology. It was the official state labour service, divided into separate sections for men and women. From June 1935 onwards, men aged between 18 and 25 had to serve six months before their military service. During World War II compulsory service also included young women and the RAD developed to an auxiliary formation which provided support for the Wehrmacht armed forces. Hundreds of RAD units also received training as anti-aircraft units and were deployed as RAD Flak Batteries. Several RAD units also performed combat on the eastern front as infantry. As the German defences were devastated, more and more RAD Units were committed to combat. During the final months of the war RAD men formed 6 major frontline units, which were involved with serious fighting. On the western front RAD troops were used as reinforcements to the 9th SS Engineer Abt (SS-Captain Moeller) in the fighting to retake the northern end of the Arnhem bridge from British Paratroopers under Col. Frost. Like most Nazi organisations the RAD was authorised a separate dagger for its enlisted men as well as Officer / Leader ranks. The enlisted man’s dagger adopted in 1934 was initially also worn by Sgts and Officers. These daggers had heavy stag horn grips and polished steel fittings. In 1937 an Officer’s or Leaders dagger was adopted to be worn solely by Officer’s / Leader’s. Similar in form to the enlisted man’s dagger the Officer’s / leader’s version has an white / ivory hue celluloid handle and silver fittings. These dagger’s were designed for dress wear rather than field use. This is an excellent, genuine example of the RAD Officer’s / Leader’s dagger. It has a 10 ¼” long blade with fullers and measures 15 ¼”overall. The blade is marked by the un-common manufacturer 'E.D. Wusthoff, Solingen' & trident trademark. The blade also has the correct RAD motto etching ‘Arbeit Adelt’ (Work Enobles). Its fixed langet on the cross guard has the RAD ‘Shovel With Swastika’ emblem. It has an Eagle’s head pommel and grooved ferrule together with correct white / ivory hue scales. The metal fittings of the dagger are silver plated. The dagger is complete with original silver plated steel scabbard which features stipple finish and geometric / stylised foliate decoration. One edge of the scabbard has 2 fixed hanging bars. The bars are fitted with original correct leather hangers which have their correct sprung clips and buckles. The buckles are marked by the manufacturer ‘A’ (Assman). The price for this rare, Nazi RAD Officer's / Leader’s Dagger, Scabbard & Hangers combination includes UK delivery. Sn 14766.

Spanish Civil War Era Spanish Air Force Pilot Officer’s Dress Dagger Marked ‘FN’ & Crown (Fabrica Nacional), Scabbard & Chain Hangers With Bullion Belt. (ED 2229 Daggers & Swords) - ED 2229
This is an original Spanish Air Force Officer's dress dagger set as issued to during the Spanish civil war era 1936 to 1939. The dagger obviously influenced by Nazi German Luftwaffe daggers of that era has a 37cm long double edged blade marked on one side with the combined ‘FN’ and crown mark (Fabrica Nacional). The blade has stable areas of light pitting but retains much of its original polish and is totally secure. The blade has its original hilt washer. The dagger has the correct distinctive cross guard, decorated on one side with the Spanish Air Force 'winged crown' and on the reverse with Spanish heraldic arms and Eagle. It has its original deep orange hue wire bound ivorine grip with ornate ferrule and pommel. The hilt mounts retain most of their original gilt finish and the wire binding on the grip is tight and intact. The dagger measures 49.5cm overall length. Its original gilt scabbard has 2 hanging ring mounts with ornate decoration and Oak leaf panel near to the tip of the scabbard. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings and chain hangers with hanging hook and sprung clip. Also included is its original bullion faced belt with gilt Spanish Airforce emblem & Oak leaf wreath embossed buckle. The belt is 5cm wide and 103cm long. The belt is clean and undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2229

WW2 British Soldier’s Private Purchase Southern & Richardson Sheffield F.S. Style Fighting Knife/Dagger & Scabbard. (ED 2225 Daggers & Swords) - ED 2225
This is a WW2 private purchase F.S. style fighting knife/dagger and scabbard by Southern & Richardson Sheffield. These knife were private purchase weapons during WW2. An identical example is illustrated at page 179 item 12.2 in 'The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Other Commando Knives' book by Ron Flook. The pommel and cross guard are brass. It has a compressed leather rings grip which is in excellent condition. The small brass cross guard is oval. The dagger blade measures 169mm and it is 284mm overall length. The FS style blade with medial ridge has light staining and areas of stable pitting but no rust. One side of the blade has the maker’s name ‘Southern & Richardson Sheffield England’ below their trademark . The original scabbard is in very good condition. Made of dark brown leather it has an integral belt loop with retaining strap and press stud fastener which functions as it should. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2225

WW1 German Officer’s Anton Wingen ‘Othello’ Trade Mark Trench Dagger With 2 Rivet Hilt & Scabbard. Sn 14668 - 14668
This is an original WW1 German Officer’s trench dagger / knife. This is dagger is 10 ½” overall with a 6” steel blade with medial ridge. The blade is marked by the manufacturer ‘Anton Wingen Solingen’ together with ‘Othello’ trade mark. It has the correct Eagle's head pommel. The smooth walnut scales are secured with two rivets (see page 54 of German Combat Knives 1914-1945 by Mery where a 3 rivet example is illustrated). It has an up-swept quillon cross guard and original leather hilt washer. The dagger has its original black painted metal scabbard and integral riveted leather tab belt loop the end of which is perished with age and service use. The scabbard has no dents. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14668

Victorian British Gentleman’s Wade & Butcher Sheffield Bowie Knife With Spear Point Blade, Blued Flame Effect Decoration Etched Panel Monogram, Antique Ivory Handle & Scabbard. Sn 14641 - 14641
Wade and Butcher was a tradename of the W & S Butcher Co. Brothers William & Samuel Butcher started the company in Sheffield in the 1820s. Soon after they had a partner named Robert Wade who was the New York based importer of Wade & Butcher knives for America. This was one of the main markets for the company's goods prior to the introduction of the McKinley tariffs of 1891. In 1921 the American company Durham-Duplex bought Wade & Butcher and used it for the production of their safety razors as well as other forms of cutlery. Wade & Butcher ceased production in Sheffield in 1959. This is an excellent Victorian Era spear point Bowie by Wade & Butcher. It measures 11” overall with a 6” spear point bowie blade. The shank ricasso is stamped by the manufacturer ‘Wade & Butcher’. The undamaged steel blade has just light areas of staining consistent with age. The blade has blued decoration on both sides. One side has a central etched panel with stylised monogram (illustrated). The elegantly shaped antique ivory handle is undamaged. It has an ornate German Silver ferrule and cross guard with ball finials. The dagger is complete with brown leather scabbard with German Silver mounts and round locket. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14641

RARE, NOBLEMAN’s QUALITY, Large, English, George III, 1786 Dated Clamshell Stag / Boar Hunting Dagger / Sidearm With Etched, Blued & Gilt Blade Signed ‘Johann Friedrick Roab Hertberg’ With Stag Antler Grip & Scabbard. (Sn 14659 Daggers & Swords) - 14659
This is a rare, quality made Georgian Clamshell Hunting Dagger / Sidearm. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Stag or Boar for self defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. This dagger has a heavy Stag Antler hilt with heavy brass fittings including cross guard, large clamshell, ferrule and butt cap with finial. The blade is 1 ¼” broad at its widest and is 22” length. The dagger measures 28” overall length. The blade has beautiful etched, blued and gilt panels on both sides and the back of the blade featuring , Stags in the field, horns, Antlers and foliate designs together with British heraldic arms and Crown above Royal Cypher ‘Crown GR III’ ( George II Rex). The back of the blade is signed ‘Johann Friedrick Roab Hertberg’ and dated ‘1786’. The weapon is complete with its original brown leather scabbard with brass chape and throat mount with locket. The throat mount is slotted for small skinning knife which is absent. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean, undamaged & intact. The price for this quality Nobleman’s hunting sidearm worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 14659

MINT, Cased, Presentation Wilkinson Sword 16th Century Form Dagger With Etched Blade ‘Presented To Albert Stone By Wilkinson Sword Ltd’. (Sn 14660 Daggers & Swords ) - 14460
A Wilkinson Sword cased presentation dagger in near mint condition. These quality daggers were often engraved and awarded for sporting and military prizes. It is unusual to find one actually presented by the Wilkinson Sword Company itself to an individual. The dagger measures 15 ¾” overall length and has a 10 ¾” long polished steel blade. It has a one piece Walnut handle. The ricasso is etched with the Wilkinson name Royal Appointment and a foliate panel. The blade also has a central etched panel ‘Presented To Albert Stone By Wilkinson Sword Ltd’ (possibly an employee of Wilkinson) . The pommel and cross guard are brass with gilt finish. The dagger sits inside a silk and velvet lined presentation case which is covered in a red leatherette material. The case has 2 clasp fasteners and the top of the lid has the Wilkinson Sword name and crossed swords legend highlighted in gold. This dagger is worthy of further research re the recipient of this presentation piece ‘Albert Stone’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14660

Victorian Era German Solingen Made Hunting Dagger Spanish Export ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ With Ebony & Polished Horn Hilt Inlaid With Antique Ivory Studs, Blade Period Inscribed To ‘S. Lawton’, German Silver Mounts & Leather Scabbard. Sn 14623 - 14623
This is an attractive hunting dagger made in the late Victorian era with German made blade, exported for sale by a Spanish retailer. The Bowie has an ebony handle with raised edges inlaid with antique ivory studs. The hilt also has a polished horn ferrule and pommel. The cross guard with additional ferrule are German Silver. It has a sharp, 9 ¼” long single edged blade with fullers. The blade is clean and marked on one side ‘Solingen’ (Germany) above ‘El Correo Calidad Superior’ (translates to: The Superior Quality Mail). The reverse is period inscribed ‘S.Lawton’ most likely the name of the Victorian English Gentleman who owned this piece. The dagger measures 14” overall length. Its original brown leather open top scabbard has a stitched seam, German silver throat mount and German silver chape with ball end. All leather & stitching of the sheath are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14623

MINT, Traditional Olav Skogheim Of Geilo Norway Hunting Knife With Polished Reindeer Bone Hilt & Tooled Leather Scabbard. (ED 2223 Daggers & Swords) - ED 2223
Geilo is one of the largest cutlery centres in Norway & home to many makers. This Norwegian hunting knife by Olav Skogheim , a cutler based in Geilo, is made in the traditional Norwegian form. and is in near mint condition. It is 9 ¼” overall with a razor sharp 4 ½” steel drop point blade. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer ‘Skogheim Geilo’. The knife has a polished Reindeer bone handle with black fibre spacers. The handle has a Brass stud at the butt end, used to secure the knife to the retaining strap of the scabbard and brass ferrule. The knife comes with its original mint condition hand made brown leather scabbard which has tooled decoration to the front depicting a Norwegian homestead scene and Reindeer head together with ‘Norge’ (Norway). The scabbard has a retaining strap with eyelet that fits securely to the knife’s pommel stud. The scabbard also has a riveted leather belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2223

MINT, Heller Norway Form Norwegian Utility / Skinner Knife With Norwegian ‘Tiger Stripe’ Curly Birch Hilt & Scabbard. (Sn 14584:4 Daggers & Swords) - 14584:4
Helle Fabrikker was established in the early 1930's in response to hard times and the depression. The unemployed brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle started making farming tools and other implements in the forge of their father's farm. In 1932 they started making small sheath-knives which quickly became popular locally. Thus, the foundations of an important business in a typically Western-Norwegian rural area were laid. The Company continues to make quality hunting and utility knives in the modern era. Although there are no visible manufacturer marks on this piece, the knife is in the form of knives made by Heller and is most likely by them. This utilty knife / skinner and scabbard are in near mint condition. It is 7 ¼” overall with a razor sharp 3 ½” steel drop point blade. The knife has a solid Norwegian curly birch handle with distinctive ‘Tiger stripe ‘ pattern. The skinner comes with its original near mint condition hand made, open top, brown leather scabbard which has a stitched rear seam and integral belt loop. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14584:4
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