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A Bundle of 6 x Books on Artillery & Fireworks By Various Authors. BO 1052 - BO 1052
A bundle of 6 x books covering Artillery and fireworks. The first, "A History Of Artillery" by Ian V Hogg, published by The Hamlyn Publishing Company Group Limited In London in 1974. Covers between the discovery of gunpowder up until the modern missile. It is a hard back with the original loose leaf wrapper. Fully illustrated throughout. The second, one of the 'Modern Military Series, "Artillery The Big Guns Go To War" by Curt Johnson. First published by Octopus Books Limited, London in 1975. The book is hardback with the original loose leaf wrapper. It is illustrated throughout. It covers big guns from the Crimean War period to modern times. The third, "Fabrication Of Small Arms Ordnance Memoranda No. 22" published by Benchmark Publishing Co. Inc, New York and authorised by the Secretary of War in 1970. It covers rifles, revolvers, swords and sabres. It is illustrated with sketches. The fourth, "Missiles Of The World" 2nd Edition, by Michael J.H. Taylor & John W.R. Taylor. Published by Ian Allen Ltd. London 1976. Illustrated throughout and complete with loose leaf wrapper. The last book, "Firepower, Weapons Effectiveness on the Battlefield 1630-1850" by Major General B.P. Hughes C.B. C.B.E. Published by Purnell Book Services, London in 1974. It is illustrated throughout with black and white plates and sketches. It is complete with a loose leaf wrapper. The price for all six books includes UK delivery. BO 1052

A Selection Of Books On WW1 Battlefields & Cemetries. BO 1051 - BO 1051
A selection of six books, the first:- 1. The Silent Cities, a 1993 reprint of the 1929 Methune 1st edition. This is a comprehensive volume covering all the cemeteries and memorials in France and Flanders. 2. Courage Remembered, a H.M.S.O. Publication in 1989 by T.A.E. Gibson and G. Kingsley Ward. It covers both WW1 and WW2 war cemeteries. 3. Tyne Cot Cemetery, a 1987 paperback, in large format by Andre Deseyne. 4. At The Going Down Of The Sun, British WW1 memorials in large format paperback by Derek Boorman, published in 1988. 5. Before Endeavours Fade by Rose E.B. Coombs M.B.E. published in 1986. A guidebook to the battlefields of WW1 by the publishers of After The battle Magazine. 6. Reprint of an Official Ministry Of Pensions List (1923) for the location of hospitals and casualty clearing stations. 1914-1919. The price for all 6 books includes UK postage. BO 1051

Three Books About The Normandy Landings. BO 1050 - BO 1050
Three books about the Normandy Landings. the first book:- 1. Normandy-Breaching The Atlantic Wall-From D-Day To The Breakout & Liberation by Dominique Francois, a large heavy book, fully illustrated, and a fascinating record with many never before published photographs. 2. 101st Airborne-The Screaming Eagles At Normandy by Mark Bando. Published in 2001, a superb record with excellent photographs. 3. Normandy1944-Allied Landings & Breakout by Stephen Badsey. Published in 1990 by Osprey. This book is packed with many photographs, illustrations and diagrams. The price for all three books includes Uk delivery. BO 1050

Collection of Five Books On German Uniform & Hitler youth. BO - BO 1049
A collection of five books on German Military Uniform and Hitler Youth. The books:- 1. S.S. Headgear A Collectors Guide by Kit Wilson, published in 1990. 2. Stahlhelm, Evolution Of The German Steel Helmet, Revised and Expanded Edition, by Floyd R. Tubbs with Robert W. Clawson (revised edition 2000). 3. German Military Waistbelts, A Collectors Handbook Of Buckles & Belts by Terence Baldwin, published in 1981. 4. Reproduction Nazi Insignia by E. Stockton and M. Charlton, published in 1971. 5. Youth Led By Youth (Some Aspects Of The Hitlerjugend) by Philip Baker, published in 1989. The price for all five books includes UK delivery. BO 1049

Five Books Of WW1 Interest, Tanks, Trench Weapons, Allied Artillery & Battles. BO 1048 - BO 1048
The five books are:- 1. The British Army Of August 1914, an illustrated directory by Ray Westlake published in 2005 and complete with the dust wrapper. 2. Allied Artillery Of WW1 by Ian V Hogg, published in 1998 and complete with the original dust wrapper. 3. Weapons Of The Trench War 1914-1918 by Anthony Saunders, published in 1999 and complete with the original dust wrapper. 4. Tanks and Trenches, First Hand Accounts of Tank Warfare In The First World war, by David Fletcher, published in 1994 and complete with the original dust wrapper. 5. A Record Of The Battles and Engagements Of The British Armies In France and Flanders 1914-1918. This is a 1990 reprint of the 1924 edition by Captain E.A. James, complete with the original dust wrapper. The price for all 5 books includes UK delivery. BO 1048

A Collection of Four 'Gunsmithing' Books. BO 1047 - BO 1047 - BO 1047
This is a collection of four hardback books on 'Gunsmithing. The first book is 'The Amateur Gunscaftsman by James Virgil Howe published by Fumk and Wagnalls Company, New York. This book is a practical handbook for those who like guns and is a manual on gunsmithing . The second, 'Gunsmithing, a manual of firearms design, construction, alteration and remodelling. For amateur and professional gunsmiths and users of modern firearms by Roy F. Dunlap’ and published by Stackpole Books. The book covers 'every gun owners work bench guide to taking care of, fixing and improving his handgun, rifles and shotguns. It is illustrated throughout and is complete with the original dust wrapper. The third, 'Pistolsmithing by George C, Nonte, Jr published by Sackpole Books. It is illustrated throughout and is complete with the original dust wrapper. The last book, 'The complete guide to gunsmithing, gun care and repair by Charles Edward Chapel, published by A.S.Barnes and Company, Inc. It is illustrated throughout and is complete with the original dust wrapper. The price includes Uk delivery. BO 1047

Elements Of Ordnance By Major General Thomas J. Hayes. Sn.BO 1040 - BO 1040
This book, long out of print (1938), Elements of Ordnance ‘A textbook for Use of Cadets of the United States Military Academy’ by Major General Thomas J. Hayes is a textbook that covers virtually all of the areas of ordnance, including guns, artillery, bombs, grenades and small arms. It also covers the theories of recoil, ballistics, explosives, etc. This is a well-illustrated book with detailed text and cutaway diagram. A monumental work of all students of ordnance. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. BO 1040

WW1 American Expeditionary Force 'History Of The 89th Division 1917.1918.1919' By George H. English. BO 1031 - BO 1031
The book is a large hardback edition printed in 1920 and published by The War Society of the 89th Division. It consists of a full history from it's organisation in 1917 , it's operations in the World War, the occupation of Germany and until demobilisation in 1919. It is packed with maps, pull out maps, photographs, Official reports, Honour and Casualty Lists and much more. It measures 11" x 8". This book is a definitive work very scarce and in good condition. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1031

WW2 Official Japanese Naval Officer’s Acadamy Photograph Album With Original Photographs & Japanese Ink Script. Sn 4253 - 4253
This is an original WW2 Official Bound Japanese Naval Acadamy Photograph Album. The Album measures 10 ¾”x 7 ¼”x ¾” when closed. It has a dark green leather effect cover and retains its original green knotted cord. The cover of the album has impressed Banner & Japanese Script together with number ‘2062’ all highlighted in gold. The cover is also impressed with The representation of a Japanese Battleship at Sea with Blazing Guns. The album contains 64 Pages of cardboard and tissue pages. The cardboard pages are printed with contemporary images of Naval Officer’s and other ranks undergoing training at a Naval Acadamy, parades, drill, weapons and equipment training. There are also many individual and group portraits of individual Officers and Cadets. There are also original colourful hand drawn ink representations of Japanese battle flags and anchors. The tissue pages have original printed Japanese text and also serve to protect the images on the cardboard pages. All pages of the album and images are clean and undamaged. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 4253

4 x Books on the 3rd Reich Uniforms, Badges and Guns. BO 1016 - BO 1016
Four books on the 3rd Reich uniforms, badges and guns. The first book; 'Uniforms of the S.S. Volume 1, Allgemeine SS 1923-45', by Andrew Mollo. This is an early work and desirable for anyone interested in the subject. The second; 'German Army Uniforms & Insignia 1933-45' by Brian L. Davis, produced by Arms & Armour Press. This is complete with original dust cover. The third; 'Badges & Insignia Of The Third Reich 1933-1945' by Brian Davies. This is a reprint of the 1983 edition. This is complete with the original dust cover. The fourth; 'Guns Of The Reich Firearms Of The German Forces 1939-1945' by George Markham. Published in 1989 by Arms & Armour Press. Complete with the original dust cover. This is a detailed study of original German weapons and includes captured weapons. It also covers ammunition and a valuable section on makers codes. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1016
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