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Original 'Manual of Rifles' published by Bernards Ltd and is part of the Technical Books series BO 227 - BO 227
An original pamphlet 'Manual of Rifles' published by Bernards Publishers Ltd and is part of the Technical Books series. It covers the SMLE, Mauser, Ross, Garand Automatic, P14, Springfield Sniping and Carcano. It includes Loading, Firing, Stoppages, stripping, Cleaning and assembling. It measures 15cm x 8cm and is in good condition. It is illustrated throughout. The price includes UK delivery.

Original & genuine signature & photo, General Peter de la Billiere - BO 226 / 5656
An original sigature of General Peter de la Billiere dated 16th November 1993 on a colour photo, the whole measuring 10" x 8" and in superb condition. General Sir Peter Edgar de la Cour de la Billière, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC & Bar, MSC (b. 29 April 1934) is a former British soldier, who was Director of the United Kingdom Special Forces during the Iranian Embassy Siege and Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in the 1990 Gulf War. He is often known by the acronym DLB. Price includes UK delivery.

Original & genuine signature & a photo, Montgomery of Alamein - BO 225 / 5655
An original sigature of Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein dated 30th August 1952. Framed with a b&W image, the whole measuring 10" x 8" and in superb condition. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, often referred to as "Monty", was a British Army officer. He saw action in World War I, and during World War II he successfully commanded Allied forces at the Battle of El Alamein, a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign. He was later a prominent commander in Italy and North-West Europe, where he was in command of all Allied ground forces during Operation Overlord until after the Battle of Normandy, and was the principal commander for Operation Market Garden. After the War he became Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces of Occupation in Germany and then Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Price includes UK delivery.

Original First Edition 'Firearms Curiosa' Book by Lewis Winant BO 220 - BO 220
This book is an original first edition book, missing it's dust cover, by Lewis Winant. It covers combination weapons, miniture firearms, two barrel revolvers, squeezers and knuckledusters and much more. It is fully illustrated and in good condition. The price includes UK delivery.

Trade Guns of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1970, by S. James Gooding. Published as part of the Historical Arms, New Series No.2. BO 710. - BO 710 / 5351 : 2
This hard back book measuring 25 x 18 cms contains 158 pages and was published by the Museum Restoratiion Service in 2003 as part of The Historical Arms New Series No. 2. The book is fully illustrated and contains a comprehensive history of the Hudson Bay Company, H.B.C. Trade Guns and the English gun trade. The book also contains detailed information illustrations and photographs regarding the North West Gun and it's flintlock contemporaries, the percussion gun trade, breech loading guns, ammunition, munitions and related trade goods. Price includes UK delivery.

Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.2, titled 'First aid and Nursing for Gas Casualties', dated 1938. BO 708. - BO 708
This original pocket sized handbook issued by the Home Office, measures 16x10 cms and contains 47 pages of advice and First aid instruction for the treatment of gas casualties including, chemical substances contained in gas and classification of gases, war gases other than blister gas, blister gases, other poisonous substances, handling of gas casualties, table of gases, routine oxgen administration and notes on the nursing of gas casualties and combined gas and wound casualties. The handbook was published as part of the ' Air Raid Precautions handbooks ' series. Price includes UK delivery.

Original complete album of Cigarette cards titled 'South African Defence'. Part of the Soldiers and their weapons through the centuries series, designed and printed by Hortors Limited, Capetown. BO 707 - BO 707
This hard back album measuring 27x21x2 cms was issued by arrangement with The United Tobacco Co's. (South) Ltd, Westminster Tobacco Co. (C.T.&L.) Ltd and Policansky Brothers Ltd. The album's introduction is signed by a Lt-Colonel Trew and contains 100 original colourful cigarette cards on 63 pages, depicting South African Defence Forces from the Boer war to the begining of WW2, including Artillery, Air Force, Infantry, Police, Weapons, Commandos (Boer War), The Navy, Supply Services, Signals, Engineers and Medical Services. The album is not dated but is part of a series of cigarette card albums published by Hortors Ltd, circa 1940. The highly informative decriptive text which accompanies each cigarette card is in both English and Afrikaans. Price includes UK delivery.

Orginal WW2 British Royal Navy Submarine Captains Ship Log Book. ( 2 available) - BO 706
An identical pair of original & un-issued 1932 pattern British Royal Navy Captains Ship Books (Submarine) dated April 1942. Measuring 15" x 12" with hardback covers, leather bound and containing 20 chapters for the Captain to complete, including Air Tests, Actions, Ammo, Armamment, Battery, Dimensions, , Mines, magazines etc etc. In superb condition, all pages empty of any entries. Price is per log book and includes Uk delivery.

Land Service Handbook for the Ordnance, Q.F. 3.7 inch, Mark II on Mounting, 3.7 inch A.A., Mark II, dated 1940 and handwritten Anti Aircraft, Gun Fitters note book dated 22/12/43 to 02/02/44. BO 702. - BO 702
The Ordnance handbook measures 15cms x 24cms and contains 188 pages. The Handbook is nicely illustrated throughout and contains 27 pull out 'plates' detailing Gun Bodies, Breech Mechanisms, Gun Arrangements and Fuses. The handbook covers a broad range of topics regarding Anti Aircraft Ordnance, Gun Mounting, breech mechanisms, markings on ammunition and packages together with care and preservation of ordnance and fittings. The handbook is accompanied by a neatley handwritten, hard back note book previously owned by Gun fitter, R. Cunningham, 1941110 1st AA Command School, Sidcup Kent. The note book measures 16 x 20 cms and is full of hand written notes and hand drawn diagrams regarding Anti Aircraft ordnance and mountings. The note book contains 2 seperate loose diagram inserts depicting AA mounting and firing mechanisms and a seperate printed generating set, unit maintenance checklist. price includes UK delivery.

An original HMSO book, 'Handbook of the 18-PR Q.F. Gun, Land Service' dated February 1913 BO 216 - BO 216
An original HMSO book, 'Handbook of the 18-PR Q.F. Gun, Land Service' dated February 1913. The 18-pr Gun was one of the two field equipments that provided the backbone of the British artillery in World War 1. This handbook covers all aspects of the gun, carriage and ammunition and is fully illustrated including pull out illustrations. The book measures 240mm x 155mm and is in good condition. The price includes UK delivery.
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