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Bayonets - American

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U.S. Ontario Knife Company Model OKC M10 Knife Bayonet (U.S. ARMY M9 Pattern) For Use On M16, M4 & AR15 Type Rifles With Wire Cutter Function Scabbard & Webbing Belt Assembly. BAYO 31 - BAYO 31
The OKC M10 knife bayonet was designed and manufactured by the American Ontario Knife Co. of Franklinville, New York. The bayonets M16, M4 & AR15 Type Rifles. The M10 carbon steel phosphate finish 7" blade has the same profile as the current U.S Army issue M9 Bayonets. The back of the blade has a serrated section for cutting rope and heavy materials. The ricasso is marked ‘OKC M10 Ontario Knife Co. USA’. The bayonet measures 12 ¼” overall and has steel cross guard with muzzle ring. Its rubberised composite grooved grip is impressed on one side with ‘American Eagle’ Arms’, the reverse ‘US Army’. The bayonet is complete with correct original composite scabbard which has a wire cutting feature which interlocks with a slot in the blade of the bayonet and webbing belt carrier assembly with stud fastening retaining straps, and plastic buckle arrangement. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 31

U.S. Model 1917 Service Isuue Bayonet & Scabbard For Shotguns. Bayo 29 - Bayo 29
The M1917 bayonet was used first during World War I by American soldiers on the Western Front. A sword bayonet design, the M1917 bayonet design was based on the British P1907 bayonet, which incorporated a long 17-inch blade. While designed primarily for the M1917 rifle the bayonet was fitted for use on all the "trench" shotguns at the time. According to M.H. Cole this bayonet was manufactured in the 1960's (Vietnam Era) for shotguns to be used for guard and riot duty. They were produced in Canada by General Cutlery & Canada Arsenal. (see Bayonets From Janzens Notebook, Page 224 No 1 & Keisling Page 588 no 892). The bayonet is stamped under the crossguard with "US M1917 CA" denoting Canadian Arsenal Manufacture and the 'Eagle' with 3 x Stars for 'US Acceptance'. The grips are black composite secured with two screw bolts and it has a parkerised 16 3/4" long blade which is fullered. The scabbard is in excellent condition and has "US M1917 B.A. Inc" stamped into it. It has a wire belt hanging clip. This is a rare bayonet. The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 29

Scarce Transitional US M4 Imperial Knife Bayonet utilising M3 Camillus Blade & M8A1 Scabbard By B.M. Co. ED 2384 - ED 2384
This is an excellent transitional / changeover US M4 Knife Bayonet by 'Imperial' with an M3 blade by Camillus, complete with it's M8A1 scabbard by B.M. Co. The bayonet has had the grips updated to black plastic diamond grips which replaced early production leather handles to prevent leather rot & mildew in the humid conditions of Vietnam. It's Parkerised M3 Camillus steel blade measures 6 1/2"" and is in very good condition, (see Janzens Notebook page 227, item no.3). The crossguard is stamped 'US M4 Imperial'. It has a steel pommel with bayonet release catch. It's Olive plastic scabbard has an integral webbing frog with belt loop and single retaining strap with brass stud fastener. The steel top mount is correctly stamped 'U.S. M8A1' and with 'B.M.Co' manufacturer's detail. The chape of the scabbard is holed for a cord. Price for this scarce transitional knife bayonet includes UK delivery. ED 2384

U.S. M7 Bayonet For M16/AR 15 Assault Rifles In It's Correct U.S. M8A1 Scabbard. BAYO 7 - BAYO 7
An original Modern Variant U.S. M7 bayonet in it's correct U.S. M8A1 scabbard. The bayonet has a mint chequered black plastic grip. The blade measures 6 3/4". The straight crossguard incorporates a muzzle ring. The bottom of the crossguard is stamped with "U.S. M7". The pommel has a 'squeeze grip' release mechanism which works perfectly. The scabbard is green composite and has a metal throat mount which is stamped "U.S. M8A1". It has an integral green webbing frog which is riveted to the scabbard and this forms a belt loop. It also has two webbing straps which fold over the bayonet to secure it with a press stud. The frog also has a brass wire belt clip. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 7

U.S. Commercial Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For The Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Military Rifle Regiment Marked '15.R.II.K.' ED 2345 - ED 2345
An original U.S. Commercial Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For The Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Military Rifle. These bayonets made by Winchester were made largely for export. The bayonet has a 19 1/2" straight cruciform blade in clean condition with just light staining in areas consistent with age. It measures 22" overall and the lug is has several numbers and inspection/ manufacturer marks and what appears to be a Regiment mark Regiment Marked '15.R.II.K.' (all illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. ED 2345

American M1862/63 Rifle Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. Sn 10183 - 10183
An American M1862/63 Rifle Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. The bayonet has a deep fullered polished steel single edged blade which measures 20". The ricasso is stamped with "H". The bayonet has a one piece brass cross guard and grip with a large full muzzle ring. The grips are grooved. The pommel has a push button release. The scabbard is brass mounted black leather with a brass chape. The bayonet and scabbard are in very good condition. The price includes Uk delivery.

U.S. Army Socket Bayonet For Springfield Model 1873 .45-70 Calibre Rifles. ED 2292 - ED 2292
This is a nicely marked original American, socket bayonet for the Springfield M1873 Trap Door Rifle. It has an 18" triangular blade which is straight with no damage and nice patina throughout. The top of the blade is stamped with the US Army 'U.S' mark. it has the correct socket with original retaining ring and screw. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2292

WW1 Remington Pattern 1917 Bayonet, Scabbard & 1940 Dated British 1939 Pattern Leather Frog By Mason & Sons, Walsall. Sn 8727 - 8727
A lovely condition U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. The ricasso is stamped with Remington roundel and 1917 (Pattern). The reverse is stamped with Franford Arsenal ignited grenade mark and Eagle's head. It has an excellent blade & grips and a nice U.S. green leather scabbard with brass belt clips. It Fitted with a nice 1939 Emergency Pattern Home Guard leather frog. The rear of the frog bis nicely marked by the manufacturer 'D Mason & Sons Ltd, Walsall' & dated '1940'. The P.17 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & Home Guard extensively in WW2. Price for includes UK delivery. Sn 8727

Afghanistan War, U.S. Military Phrobis M9 Knife Bayonet By LanCay & Scabbard With Wire Cutting & Quick Release Webbing Assembly. Sn 8368. - 8368
In the 1980's, after many years of searching for the ultimate Fighting/ Utilty Knife Bayonet, the U.S. Military introduced the Phrobis Generation of Knives. The U.S. Firm Lan-Cay Inc based in Kentucky made many of these knives. These knife Bayonets are still used by The U.S. Military to date. This excellent example of a U.S. Military Phrobis M9 Bayonet and scabbard was aquirred from a U.S. Army Veteran who had carried this weapon during service in Afghanistan. The bayonet has its olive green deep ribbed grip & Crossguard with muzzle ring. It has a clean 7" Bowie type blade with saw back. It also has a wire cutter assembly hole. The ricasso is crisply stamped 'M9 LanCay U.S.A'. The pommel is correctly stamped 'LanCay' (See Chapter 8 of The American Gladius' By Pattarozzi). The knife is contained in its original olive green Military scabbard. The scabbard with wire cutter attachment is complete with quick release webbing assembly, removable belt clip and sharpening stone pocket. The pocket is fitted with a steel 'skull & crossbones' badge. The rear of the scabbard is stamped 'LanCay'. The belt clip is crisply stamped ' ITW Nexus, Wood Dale IL & with patent detail' Price for this excellent complete knife and scabbard set includes UK delivery. Sn 8368.

Outstanding , Remington Pattern 1917 Bayonet & Scabbard. CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION. Sn 7568. - 7568
An outstanding condition, original, U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. It has a beautiful clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is crisply stamped on the ricasso '1917 Remington' and on the reverse with the 'Ignited Grenade' and 'Eagle's Head' arsenal marks together with 'U.S.' (Army) designation & number '26'(1926 re issue date), all illustrated. It is complete with original U.S. green leather scabbard with steel mounts and brass belt clips. The upper mount of the scabbard is stamped 'G.F.' All leather & stitching is in tact. Price includes UK delivery. THIS ITEM IS FROM THE CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED AT THE ROYAL ARMOURIES, TOWER OF LONDON. Sn 7568.
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