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WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet by Sanderson, Scabbard & Webbing Frog. Bayo 266 - Bayo 266
This is a nice 1907 Pattern bayonet marked on the blade with the Crown over "G.R." and the Date "1907" This is followed by a "4" and an indistinct year. This is followed by the manufacturers "Sanderson". The other side of the blade carries several inspection stamps, the 'Broad Arrow' and "17". The wood slab grips are secured with two screw bolts and are in very good condition. The leather steel mounted scabbard is the No 1 MK II with a tear drop frog stud and rivets in the locket showing. The frog is a 1908 webbing equipment pattern style which differs slightly from the standard. Anthony Carter in his 'Bayonet Belt Frogs Part 1' book shows three types that he suggests were probably ordered from private suppliers to equip various units of the volunteer Training Corps between 1914-1916 (See pages 30-31, items 123, 124 & 125). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 266

Trials Pattern FN FAL X2E1 Bayonet & Scabbard. Bayo 265 - Bayo 265
A Trials X2 E1 bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet is for a NATO 7.62mm F.A.L. Rifle in particular the X8E1, Type A 1953-61. The bayonet has the F.N. 'elastique' design pommel and catch and has two flash hider prongs, 1 1/2" long projecting forward of the muzzle ring. It measures 12 1/2" overall. It has dark wood smooth grips secured with screw bolts. The double edged blade is polished steel with a 40mm parkerised section at the ricasso and measures 7 1/4" length. The scabbard is metal, painted black, (See Page 256/7 of British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton and Janzen's Notebook, page 20 No4). Price for this trials bayonet with scabbard includes UK delivery. Bayo 265

South African F.A.L. SLR S1 Bayonet and Scabbard. Sn 13506 - 13506
This is a rare Type 'B' bayonet for the Belgian F.A.L. rifle. It resembles the Uzi S.M.G. bayonet but has the Belgian "Elastique" design pommel which aided recoil. The Uzi bayonet has a conventional coil spring catch. It was issued to Police and Security agencies with the F.A.L. rifle in the 1960's and this one has "S.A.P." stamped into the pommel (South African Police). The grips are pressed steel and the blade is 6.7" (170mm) long, overall 11.5" (292mm). There are no further markings on the bayonet. (See Jerry Janzen in his book "Janzens Notebook, page 21 item 3 and page 117 item 2). The bayonet is contained in its plastic scabbard with round frog stud and steel mouthpiece. This is a rare bayonet, we have only seen one other in many years of dealing. Sn 13506

French Model 1842 Yataghan Sword Bayonet With Brass Grip For the Model 1840 Percussion Carbine and Steel Scabbard. Bayo 262 - Bayo 262
This is a French M1842 sabre bayonet and steel crossguard and scabbard. The bayonet has a cast iron cross guard instead of brass cross guard, this was a refinement of the 1840 bayonet which had a shorter blade (20.25") and a brass crossguard. This bayonet has a 22.8" Yataghan blade and a steel cross guard. The grip is brass and has a leaf spring held by a rivet. The cross guard carries the number "L15". The scabbard is all steel and the mouthpiece is stamped with the numbers "34 12". (See White and Watts No 189 on page 83 and 87). Price includes UK delivery. Bayo 262

Admiralty Contract Lanchester SMG 1907 Pattern Bayonet By Wilkinson with Royal Navy Webbing Frog. Sn 13492 - 13492
This is a scarce pattern 1907 bayonet made by Wilkinson in WW2 as an Admiralty contract to fit the Lanchester S.M.G. The blade is stamped "1907 S294" (Wilkinson's WW2 code) and "WSC" above a War Department 'Broad Arrow and "43" (1943). The grips are slab wood and secured with two screw bolts. The blade is fullered and is polished. It measures 17" long, 21 3/4" overall. The scabbard is black leather with steel fittings and the seam to the front. (See Skennerton's Page 230, item B281). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13492

Rare Original British 1958 L1A1 SLR Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. Sn 13498 - 13498
This is a very rare original L1A1 bayonet made at Enfield in 1958 It carries the designation "L1A1 960-0011" on the grip together with a War Department 'Broad Arrow' and the Enfield Logo as does the blade with "58" (1958) date of manufacture. From 1958 onwards most of the L1A1 bayonets were upgraded to L1A3 specification by recessing the stud into a hollow in the pommel. This was due to the ease with which the L1A1 with its long stud could be removed from the rifle by rioters etc. This is a complete L1A1 specification bayonet which is original and untouched. (see Skennerton page 260,item B321). This is a scarce bayonet and is becoming virtually impossible to find. The blade has the original long fullers and is stamped with the War Department 'Broad Arrow' and "58D" denoting manufacture at Enfield in 1958. The scabbard is free from dents. It also comes complete with a webbing frog. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13498

Israeli Uzi Sub Machine Gun Bayonet and Scabbard. Bayo 258 Bayo 261 - Bayo 261
This is a current Uzi Sub Machine Gun bayonet of all steel construction in excellent condition. There are 2 versions, the one with steel grips and a metal scabbard and another with plastic grips and scabbard. This one is in near mint condition. It has a parkerised 6 5/8" blade and as is usual with these bayonets devoid of any markings. It is complete with an excellent condition plastic scabbard with steel mouth piece. A scarce bayonet and not easy to find. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 261

1970's British L1A4 SLR Bayonet With Waisted Crossguard & Long Fullers by Hopkinson Ltd, Sheffield Complete with Scabbard & Frog. Bayo 260 - Bayo 260
A scarce 1970's British L1A4 SLR bayonet and scabbard, manufactured by Hopkinson Ltd, Sheffield. This bayonet had the pommel riveted onto the tang and was only produced in Britain. It has a 'wasted' cross guard and long fullers. The bayonet has a blackened pommel with recessed release stud. The grips are blackened steel and one is stamped with "L1A4 9600259 S M" (NATO Number is L1A3 9600257). They are secured with two recessed steel rivets. The polished steel blade has a long fuller with single edge. It measures 8" long, 12" overall. The ricasso is stamped with a diamond shape with "H" (Hopkinson Ltd, Sheffield) and "73". The cross guard is 'waisted'. The scabbard is blackened and in excellent undamaged condition. It is complete with a webbing frog which has a black ink stamp on the reverse "226311 75". (see page 262 item B324 in Skennerton's British & Commonwealth Bayonet Book). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 260

British, 1889 Dated, WD Marked, Enfield Model 1876 Socket Bayonet For Martini Henry Rifles & MK II 2 Rivet Scabbard. Sn 13455 - 13455
An original Pattern 1876 socket bayonet for the Martini Rifle. It is WD marked with the date '89 (1889) together with Enfield inspection marks on the blade flats. It has a clean, straight, 21 triangular blade with a 3 socket which is Muzzle Ring Diameter 18.3mm. It is complete with original black leather MK II scabbard with 2 rivets for internal spring, brass chape and locket with tear drop frog stud. The throat mount is stamped with WD arrow & inspection mark and WD arrow on the chape (see British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton pages 145-147). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13455

British 1876 Socket Bayonet and Scabbard. Bayo 259 - Bayo 259
This is a nice pattern 1876 socket bayonet. It is stamped with the Broad Arrow over "WD" and an inspection mark on the blade. Below this is the bayonets number "452". The blade is bright and the socket is blued. The bayonet measures 25.1" overall with a blade length of 21.7" and the socket 3", the muzzle ring diameter is 18.3mm. The scabbard is the MK II version with 2 rivets for the internal spring. The locket carries a Broad Arrow over "WD" and an inspection stamp. (see Skennerton's item B187, Pages 145-147). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 259
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