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British 1853 Pattern Enfield Socket Bayonet Bushed For The Martini Henry Rifle And Scabbard. BAYO 231 - BAYO 231
This is a nice 1853 socket bayonet for the 1853 Enfield rifle which has been converted for the Martini Henry rifle after 1872. The inside of the socket has been bushed at Enfield to bring it down to the smaller diameter of 18.1mm to fit the Martini Henry rifle. There is an inspection mark (No3) on the rear face of the socket. The blade also carries an inspection mark near the elbow. The blade also carries an inspection mark near the elbow. The socket and ring carry the matching number 210. The original brass mounted leather scabbard and the frog stud carries the number 475. See Skennerton item B184, pages 142 and 143. Price includes UK delivery. Sn Bayo 231

British 1888 Mark II, 2nd pattern, Lee Metford Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog. Sn BAYO 230 - BAYO 230
This is an early Edwardian, Lee Metford, 1888 Mark II second pattern bayonet manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle. The Bayonet blade which is in good clean condition with original polish, is 12" in length, double edged and unfullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is also marked 8. 02 (manufactured August 1902) together with ER and 'Flat Top' Crown ( Edward Rex ). The reverse is nicely stamped with the broad arrow over EFD (Enfield) and an inspection stamp. The pommel carries the stamping NR.86 over 350. This translates into the Territorial Force County Association National Reserve (NR) for Warwick (86) and the bayonet number (350) The grips are of wood, held together with two brass rivets and are stamped B over TW within a circle. There is an oil clearance hole in both of the grips. The bayonet is contained in a 1903 pattern scabbard with the internal steel chape bit missing the leather frog. The scabbard is stamped to the rear with UNVTC 91. This is an unusual combination of markings which are worthy of further research to this scarce bayonet to the National Reserve. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. BAYO 230

RARE MAKER, WW2 1937 Nazi German K98 Mauser 1884/98 Bayonet (3rd Pattern) By Jos Corts Remscheid & WW2 1943 Scabbard By agv Berg & Co, Solingen-Ohligs. BAYO 229. - BAYO 229
This is an excellent & original model 1884/98 (3rd Pattern) Nazi German Mauser bayonet for K98 rifles. It is dated '37' (1937) on the back of its clean blued blade. The bayonet has grooved brown bakelite grips and is stamped on the ricasso by the rare maker, 'Jos Corts Sn (of Remscheid). The reverse is stamped number '9847d'. The pommel is Waffenamt. It has its original steel scabbard numbered 3434d at the throat on one side and 43agv on the other side (1943 date and Nazi manufacturer code for Berg & Co, Solingen-Ohligs). The ball end of the scabbard is Waffenamt. The scabbard is undamaged with original black paint & even patina. The price for this K98 bayonet by a rare manufacturer with original scabbard includes UK delivery. BAYO 229

WW1 1916 Imperial Prussian Mauser 1898/05 (S98/05 New Version With Flash Guard) Saw Back Butcher Bayonet For G98 Rifles By Horster Solingen & Scabbard. BAYO 228 - BAYO 228
A WW1 Imperial Prussian G98 saw back butcher bayonet and scabbard. This is the S98/05 new version with steel flash guard added after September 1915 (see German Bayonets The Models 98/02 & 98/05 by Carter). The bayonet has a 14 saw back butcher blade. The ricasso is faintly stamped by the manufacturer 'E & F Horster Solingen'. Although Horster was a large producer of the S98/05 from 1915-1918 they only produced the saw back version in late 1915 and most of 1916. The back of the blade is stamped 'Crown W' & dated '16' (1916) denoting Prussian ownership and manufacture in 1916. The blade has some light staining consistent with age but no rust. The bayonet has a steel swept quillon, correct 9 groove dark wood grips & steel pommel with 2 small inspection marks. It is complete with original all steel scabbard. These scabbards were introduced in 1915. The scabbard has a steel locket and ball end. The ball end and the body of the scabbard near to the throat have small Imperial inspection marks. The scabbard has even patina and no dents. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 228

British 1876 Socket Bayonet. Bayo - Bayo 227
This is a standard 1876 pattern socket bayonet with a blued socket and elbow and a polished blade. The blade has several stamps including a capital "R" over the Broad Arrow and "W.D.", below this is a number "735" which has been deleted with a line stamped through it. There is also an inspection mark on one of the other sides of the blade. (See Skennerton's item B187 pages 145 & 146). The bayonet is a very nice example. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 227

1937 Pattern German Army Officers Dress Bayonet By Anton Wingen Jr Solingen & Scabbard With Frog. Sn 12974:7 - 12974:7
An original, 1937 pattern German Army Officers Dress Bayonet. It has a clean 7 blade with original hilt washer and the ricasso is stamped with the makers name Anton Wingen Jr Solingen together with trade mark. The bayonet has black stippled scales. It has a swept cross guard & birds head pommel with working release button. The bayonet is contained in its steel scabbard which has no denting and retains most of its original black paint. The scabbard is mounted with an original brown leather frog with single belt loop. All leather & stitching of the frog are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12974:7

Mid WW2 Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Rifle Bayonet By Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakusho (Toyoda Automatic Loom Works) Under Nagoya Supervision & Steel Scabbard. Sn 12974:6 - 12974:6
This Japanese bayonet was made in the middle of WW2 when Japan's resources were stretched. Bayonets made at this time were manufactured without the usual early war hook quillon. This bayonet has wood grips, a plain pommel and a cross guard with muzzle ring & is without hooked quillon. It has a blued single edged blade with crisp Japanese Script manufacturer marks at the ricasso which is Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakusho (Toyoda Automatic Loom Works) under Nagoya supervision. This example has an undamaged steel scabbard with fixed belt / frog bar. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12974:6

SOLD SOLD SOLD RARE, MATCHING NUMBERS & DATES, WW2, 1938 Nazi German Deutsche Afrika Korps (D.A.K) Mauser K98 Rifle Bayonet By Ernst Pack & Sohn, Solingen, Scabbard & Scarce D.A.K Tropical Frog. Sn 12974:5 - 12974:5
This is a rare, German DAK Mauser K98 Rifle Bayonet Scabbard And Frog. The blade is stamped by the manufacturer on the ricasso, 'E. Pack & S. The reverse is stamped with number '7572b'. The back of the bayonet's fullered blade is date stamped '38' (1938). The grooved grips are clean & undamaged. The pommel of the bayonet is Waffenamt. It is complete with original steel scabbard. The throat of the Scabbard is stamped with matching number '7572b' and by the manufacturer 'Pack & S' together with 1938 date. The tear drop end of the scabbard is undented and Waffenamt. Also included is its scarce khaki Tropical webbing belt frog which were issued to Deutsche Afrika Korps (D.A.K) Troops. The Frog with belt loop has its original single stud fastener and retaining strap. All webbing and stitching are intact. The rear of the frog is ink stamped with faint unreadable letters and numbers. Price for this Nazi marked bayonet with scabbard & rare frog to the famous D.A.K includes UK delivery. Sn 12974:5

MINT WW1 GALLIPOLI, British 1911 Dated 1st Pattern Hook Quillion P1907 Bayonet Regiment Marked 4 SWB To The 4th Battalion South Wales Borderers, 1st Type Scabbard & 1915 Dated 1914 Pattern Leather Frog By Beckworth C&M. Sn 12961 - 12961
The Famous Gallipoli Campaign, took place on the Gallipoli peninsula (Gelibolu in modern Turkey) in the Ottoman Empire between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916. The campaign resulted in massive loss of lives and casualties for British and allied forces. The South Wales Borderers took part in the campaign and the 4th Battalion lost 400 Officers and men out of 775 that landed at Gallipoli. The Battalion fought with distinction throughout the campaign and were given the honour of providing the rear guard in the evacuation of Sulva beach. They were evacuated in January 1916. Whist there the Division were awarded 2 Victoria Crosses. The Battalion were amongst the last to leave and only a few of the Battalion survived. This is a rare, near mint hook quillion 1907 pattern bayonet for SMLE rifles manufactured in September 1911 by Enfield. The ricasso is marked '1907 (Pattern), 'EFD (Enfield) '09 11(Date) & 'Kings Crown'. The reverse has inspection stamps. The blade is clean. The wood slabs are undamaged. The pommel is crisply stamped with Regiment mark 4SWB to the 4th Battalion South Wales Borderers and weapon number 692. It is in its original 1st type brown leather scabbard with correct steel locket and internal chape with the tip correctly showing. The leather is impressed with small inspection marks and AC with WD arrow. It is also dated 08 (1908) . The scabbard is fitted with an original WW1 1914 pattern leather frog (the rear helve carrier strap is absent). The rear of the frog has impressed ink stamp Beckworth C&M (manufacturer) and WW1 date 1915. It has the correct retaining strap with brass buckle. All leather, rivets & stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price for this rare bayonet to a Battalion that fought with distinction at Gallipoli includes UK delivery. Sn 12961

Swedish M1867 Socket Bayonet For The 12.17mm Remington Rifle. Bayo 225 - Bayo 225
This is an M1867 socket bayonet for the 12.17mm Remington Rifle. This was adopted in 1867 and could take either a socket or a sabre bayonet. The standard issue was the socket bayonet and this has a cruciform blade which is in very good condition and a central locking ring. The blade is 19 1/2" long and the socket 2 5/8" with a muzzle ring diameter of approximately 18mm. The shoulder is stamped with the Swedish Crown over "C" with initials "O.K." and "W.N." (presumably inspectors marks). The other side also carries initials of "H.H." and "T.N." with the number "6350. There is also a regimental mark of "13R 7K" and "NO 99". An unusual socket bayonet which is not common on the collectors market and with the markings, worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 225
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