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1892 Dated, Pattern 1888 Mark II, Sword Bayonet By Wilkinson For Lee Metford Rifles To The Scottish Rifles & Land Pattern Scabbard With Frog. CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION. Sn 7545 - 7545
The Enfield Lee Metford, 1888 Mark II Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer war and WW1. The Bayonet has a Wilkinson, London, blade which is in excellent clean condition. The blade is 12" in length, double edged and unfullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is also marked '2 '92' identifying the Bayonet to have been manufactured in Feb 1892. The VR and 'Flat Top' Crown ( Victoria Regina) is crisp and inspection marks are present. The reverse is stamped with inspection marks and War department 'WD & Arrow'. The bayonet's grips are in excellent undamaged condition. The pommel is ‘2SR’ to the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles and also numbers ‘93’ & ‘813’ This Bayonet comes complete with original black land pattern leather scabbard with integral frog which is in excellent condition and stamped with numbers ‘5’ & ‘43’. Price includes UK delivery. THIS ITEM IS FROM THE CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED AT THE ROYAL ARMOURIES, TOWER OF LONDON. Sn 7545

WW1 1917 Dated US Remington Bayonet For P 14 Rifles & Scabbard With WW2 1940 Dated Webbing Frog. ED 2072. - ED 2072
A lovely condition U.S. Pattern 1913 Bayonet made by Remington in September 1917 for British .303" P.14 rifles. These Bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces with the Bitish markings cancelled out and U.S. re-stamped. The P.14 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & Home Guard extensively in WW2. It has a nice clean blade & grooved slab wood grips. The ricasso of the blade is stamped 'Remington' 1913 (pattern) and '9 17' ( Sept 1917). The reverse has the correct cancelled British markings and US re issue stamp. It is complete with a steel mounted leather scabbard and webbing frog. The rear of the frog is ink stamped with partially readable numbers and a clear 1940 date. Price includes UK delivery. ( P.14 Rifles are available separately on this site). ED 2072.

WW1 1917 Dated U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. ED 2063. - ED 2063
U.S. Pattern 1913 Bayonets were made by Remington for the British .303" P.14 rifle. These Bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces with the Bitish markings cancelled out and U.S. re-stamped. This is a nice original, WW1 U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet for P.14 rifles. It has a clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is stamped on the ricasso '1913' & with the Remington roundel together with '8 17' date (August 1917). The reverse has a cancelled British Inspection stamp and is stamped 'U.S'. It is complete with original black leather scabbard with steel mounts, brass belt clips & British 1937 Pattern Webbing Frog with retaining loop. All stitching, Leather and webbing is intact. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2063.

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**WW1 1916 Dated Canadian Ross Mark II, 1907 Patent, Bayonet and 1915 Dated Scabbard With Integral Frog. Sn 6941.**UNAVAILABLE** - 6941
This is a nice WW1 Canadian Ross Mark II Bayonet for the Ross Rifle, complete with it's Scabbard and Frog. The bayonet measures 15 inches overall and has a nice 10 inch unsharpened blade which has only minor staining. The bayonets wood slab grips are in very good undamaged condition stamped with inspection marks. One side of the pommel bears the manufacturer's patent details ' Ross Rifle Co. Quebec, Patented 1907' the reverse is stamped '11' with War Dept arrow and '1/16' ( Jan 1916 date) and inspection mark. The bayonet is complete with it's leather scabbard which has an integeral leather frog with a large single belt loop. The scabbard is date stamped 'MK II ' with a faint '1915' date. Price for this complete WW1 piece includes UK delivery. Sn 6941.

1890's Into WW2, Italian M 1891 Carcano Knife Bayonet (Reg't Marked LI 9649), Scabbard And Frog. ED 2009. - ED 2009 / 7050
These Knife bayonets were made in several variations for the Model 1891 carcano Italian Infantry Rifle and were used from their introduction in 1891 through WW1 and into WW2. This nice original Italian Model 1891 Carcano Knife Bayonet is complete with original Scabbard And Frog. The bayonet has an 11 1/2 inch single edged fullered blade (16" overall). The ricasso is stamped with a partially visible makers mark 'Tern' and the crossguard with muzzle ring is stamped with a Regimental mark 'LI 9649'. The bayonet's slab wood grips are in great undamaged condition and the pommel has a lug stud which has a strong spring action. The bayonet is complete with original steel mounted leather scabbard. The steel mounts have no dents and all leather and stitching of the scabbard are in tact. Also included is an original leather Frog with belt hanger. (The hanger appears to be missing a rear retaining strap where 2 rivet holes are present). Price includes UK delivery. ED 2009.

Scarce, Leather Scabbard For German Model 1869 Werder Bayonets. (123 rd Infantry Reg't ). ED 2008. - ED 2008
This is a scarce, Scabbard for the German Model 1869 Weder Bayonet. It is brown leather with steel mounts. All stitching and leather of the scabbard is intact and the mounts are secure and undamaged including the tip of the chape which has no dents. The upper mount has a single strap bar to the rear and interestingly, the front is crisply stamped with Regimental marks ' '123 R' (123rd Infantry Regiment) '9.110'. Price for this increasingly hard to find scabbard includes UK delivery. ED 2008.

WW1 Imperial German Army, Erfurt Made, Mauser S98 Rifle Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog. SED 2003. - ED 2003
This is an excellent, WW1, Imperial German Army, 1906 dated, Erfurt made, Mauser S98 Rifle Bayonet with original Scabbard and leather Frog. The Bayonet has a clean, single edged, fullered, 20 1/2 inches pipe back blade (26 inches overall). The ricasso is stamped with 'Wilhelm' Crown and 'Erfurt' name. The blade back is stamped with 'W' Crown and '06' (1906) Date. The Bayonet's steel cross guard with single upwardly curved quillon, grooved slab wood grips and pommel are in nice undamaged condition. The Bayonet is complete with original steel mounted brown leather Scabbard which has slight service wear that does not detract from it's good appearance and an original leather Frog with single 2" belt loop. All stitching and leather of both the scabbard and Frog are complete and intact. Price for this desirable, Imperial German Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog set includes UK delivery. ED 2003.

**SOLD**SOLD**American Civil War Era, U.S. Army Remington Socket Bayonet 'For Rolling Block' Rifles And Scabbard. Sn 6893. - 6893
The Military gear of the American Civil war (1861–1865) and Spanish American war (April to August 1898 fought over the issues of the liberation of Cuba) represent some of the earliest examples of the military equipment employed by the US Armed forces. This is an excellent original American Remington, triangular blade socket bayonet for the 'rolling block' Rifle. It has an 18" clean triangular blade and is complete with excellent undamaged steel scabbard with integral rivetted leather frog which has a leather hanger and large brass belt ring. The belt hanger is attached to the frog by a 1" diameter excellent roundel, deeply cast with The US Army 'US' mark. Price for this rare complete bayonet and frog set from the American Civil War Era includes UK delivery. Sn 6893.

Italian Carcano Model 1891 Bayonet, 1934 Dated Scabbard and frog. Sn 6505. - 6505
This is a great example of an Italian Carcano model 1891 bayonet complete with 1934 dated scabbard and frog. The bayonet has a 12 inch clean fullered blade (16 inches overall). It has a straight cross guard with muzzle ring to one side and ball terminal to the other. It has slab wood grips in great undamaged condition and a steel pommel. The cross guard is stamped 'H 9278'. The bayonet is complete with its tooled leather scabbard which has brass mounts. The reverse of the scabbard is nicely stamped 'ET 1934'. Also included is the bayonet's supple brown leather scabbard. The scabbard and frog are undamaged and all stitching is intact. Price for this nice complete piece includes UK delivery. Sn 6505.

Chilean M1910 Police Sidearm Converted From French Gras 1874 Bayonet and Steel Scabbard. ED 1047. - ED 1047
This is a nice unusual conversion. It is a Chilean Police sidearm and scabbard issued to the Chilean Police in 1910. These were made up using a section of the blade and the crossguard of a French Gras 1874 bayonet. This was then mated to a solid brass hilt bearing the Chilean Coat of Arms. The blade of the bayonet has been shortened dramatically to 11.25 inches and the bayonet measures 16 inches overall. There is no mortise slot or fixing button and therefore it was only intended as a dress item. The cross guard with muzzle ring and quillon is present. The hilt has number "C2116" stamped on it's side. The bayonet is complete with it's steel scabbard with brass mounts which is in nice condition. These are an uncommon item, (see Martin J. Brayley 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets' book, pages 46 & 48). The price includes UK delivery. ED 1047
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