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Austrian Sword Bayonet Model 1873 Modified & Scabbard - ED 958
This is a very scarce, officially modified Austrian Model 1873 sword bayonet modified in 1881 with wooden grips and 3 large rivets. It has an external coil type press stud assembly and the hooked quillon is stamped, "PK 978. 4". It has an 18.5" slightly curved, single edged, fullered blade with a makers mark on the ricasso of GA and an Austrian eagle. In its original steel scabbard stamped WG on the frog stud with another Austrian Eagle. See p.103 of the Book Bayonets of the World- Volume 4 by Paul Kiesling. Price includes UK delivery.

Scarce United States Long Blade M7 Bayonet & Scabbard for M16 Rifle - ED 931
An excellent condition, scarce U.S. M7 long bladed bayonet for the M16 Armalite rifle in its original scabbard. The M7 had a muzzle ring and has a one piece black plastic grip. The crossguard is marked, “US M7”. It has an excellent parkerised 23cm blade and is in its original M8A1 green plastic scabbard with integral frog and retaining strap. A very nice bayonet and the price includes UK delivery.

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**WW1 Remington P. 1917 bayonet, Scabbard & Frog - 5245 : 5
A lovely condition U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. It has a nice blade & grips and a nice U.S. green leather scabbard with brass belt clips. Fitted with a nice 1939 pattern Home Guard leather frog. The P.17 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & HG extensively in WW2. Price includes UK delivery. ( 5245 : 5 )

WW2 German Army Dress Bayonet & scabbard - 5175
A good condition German Army Dress parade bayonet with nickel fittings and original black chequered grips. Upswept quillon on crossguard. Single edged, 10" long, fullered blade with a retailers name of "W. Mossner, Munster". Leather blade washer and rifle slot with red felt insert. Original black metal scabbard. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 5175 )

French Spahis Bandolier, Frog & Bayonet - ED 746 / 4307
This is the bandolier worn by Spahis, the French North African light cavalry, recruited from Algeria and Morocco when both countries formed part of the French Empire. The bandoliers passed over each shoulder, joined and were then attached to a belt by strap and buckle. At the join is a frog containing an excellent example of a French 1886/93/16 Epee bayonet for the WW1 Lebel Rifle. It has a brass hilt and no quillon and a 20.5" cruciform blade. In its steel scabbard and all in great condition. The bayonet was worn across the chest. The leather used was dyed dark red. The bandolier has 5 pockets for ammunition. the buckle and compartment studs are brass.

Bushed Pattern 1876 Citadel Arsenal Socket Bayonet & Scabbard - ED 723
A great condition, original and very scarce, Bushed Pattern 1876 socket bayonet converted from the Martini Henry to the .303" Martini Enfield Rifle by the Egyptian Citadel Arsenal. Marked with "WD" on the blade and Egyptian style markings. It has a hollow ground 21.5" trangular blade. Blued elbow & socket with swivel locking ring. Also its black leather scabbard with brass chape and locket with tear drop frog stud. Good condition. Price includes UK delivery.

WW2 Etched Blade German Army Dress Bayonet, scabbard & frog - 4042
A great condition German Army Dress parade bayonet with nickel fittings and original black chequered grips. Red felt insert in rifle slot. Letaher washer on blade. Upswept quillon on crossguard. Single edged, 8" long, fullered blade with makers name of "Gustav Spitzer, Solingen" with their logo. The blade is superbly eetched on one side with the words, "Fur Erinnerung an meine Diensstzeit", basically in commemoration of his military service. Original black metal scabbard and black leather frog now crazed. A superb bayonet. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4042 )

Unit Marked, Indian Regiment, false edge P. 1917 bayonet & Scabbard - 3421
A rare pattern of 1917 Bayonet with the scarce false edge at the tip of the blade. Unit marked to the Dehli Police on the crossguard and grips. Made by Winchester. It has a nice blade & grips and a nice black leather scabbard with scarce d locket. ( sn. 3421 )

Early German Mod. 1898/05 Butchers Bayonet - ED 197
A great condition Imperial German pre-WW1 undated Pattern 1898/05 Butchers Bayonet and scabbard for the Gew. 98 Mauser Rifle without the flash guard to the rear of the handle and with the short incomplete muzzle ring. The ricasso is also un-stamped, but there are a pair of intertwined 'S's' on top of the crossguard, a makers mark I don't know. Lovely grips, pommel and very clean blade. Battle worn steel scabbard stamped "Waffenfabrik Mauser A.G. Oberndorf". Price includes free UK delivery.
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