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1905 Dated, 1903 Pattern SMLE Sword Bayonet By Wilkinson, Regiment Marked To 3rd Durham Light Infantry & Scabbard. Sn 10880:19 - 10880:19
This is an excellent March 1905 Enfield Sword Bayonet for the SMLE rifle. The bayonet has a Wilkinson, London blade. The bayonet has a 12" polished steel blade which is in good clean condition, double edged and un fullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is crisply marked '3 '05 (March 1905) together with 'Crown ER 1903' and on the other side with 'Wilkinson London' and inspection marks. It's slab wood grips are undamaged and secured with two screw bolts. Both grips have faint inspection stamps. The pommel is stamped on one side with "3. D 456" (3rd Durham Light Infantry). The pommel has a cleaning hole and release push, which operates smoothly. The bayonet comes complete with steel mounted leather scabbard which is in excellent condition and is stamped on the throat with "A 267". (see pages 181 item B230, in Skennerton's British & Commonwealth Bayonet Book). The price for this excellent bayonet which is in great condition includes UK delivery. Sn 10880:19

An Indian No 5 MkI Bayonet & Scabbard Made at Ishapore 1978. Sn 10880:16 - 10880:16
An Indian No 5 Mk I bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet was made at the Rifle Factory in Ishapore in 1978. This bayonet was made in a similar form to the British No 5 but with a more rough finish. The bayonet has a blackened blade which is in good condition and is stamped on the ricasso with "R.F.I. 78". The bayonet has smooth grips secured with two screw bolts. The pommel has a push button release which operates smoothly and a cleaning hole just below the release button. It has a straight crossguard. The blade measures 8" long, 12" overall. The scabbard is blackened and has a frog button. (see page 352 Skennerton's British & Commonwealth Bayonet book) The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10880:16

British 1917 '07' Bayonet for the S.M.L.E. Stamped to Ampleforth College Officer's Training Corps. By Wilkinson & Scabbard. Bayo 14 - Bayo 14 / 10853
British 1917 '07' bayonet for the S.M.L.E. which is stamped to Ampleforth College Officer's Training Corps. by Wilkinson and complete with it's leather scabbard. The bayonet has an excellent condition single edged blade which is 17" long. It has a central fuller. The blade is stamped on the ricasso with "1907 33 8 17 Wilkinson" on one side and ordnance marks on the other. The cross guard is straight and has a full muzzle ring. It has wood slab grips secured with two screw bolts. One grip is nicely stamped. The steel pommel has the hole drilled just below the release button, the hole was drilled right through the pommel to pass through the locking slot. This idea was to release accumulated dirt in the groove which allowed the bayonet to lock onto the rifle. This dates the bayonet after 1916. The pommel is stamped "O T C AMP 57" (Officer Training Corps Ampleforth). The bayonet comes with it's original leather scabbard which has a blackened metal top and chape. The scabbard has a metal belt hook. (Please see pages 323 and 393 in The Bayonet Book by White). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 14

MINT, Swiss Model 1918 Schmidt Rubin Bayonet For M1911/M1931 Rifles & M41-M44 Sub Machine Guns By Elsener Schwyz Victoria & Scabbard. BAYO 11 - BAYO 11
An original Swiss Model 1918 Schmidt Rubin, bayonet and scabbard (see page 272, No. 608 of The Bayonet Book by Watts and White). The bayonet is in near mint condition. The smooth grips are of light wood and secured with two rivets. The polished steel pommel has a sprung push button bayonet release which works perfectly. It has a straight cross guard with muzzle ring. On the underside of the cross guard it has the 'Swiss Cross' stamp. The ricasso is stamped by the manufacturer 'Elsener Schwyz Victoria'. The double edged polished steel blade with medial ridge is pristine and measures 12" (17" overall). The scabbard is metal, painted black and has it's original brown leather tab with brass rivet at the fixed belt bar. The scabbard is in similar near mint condition, free of dents and with just light scuffs to the black finish consistent with age. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 11

British War Dept No.4 MK II Socket Bayonet By 'LB' Lines Brothers & Scabbard. BAYO 9 - BAYO 9
An original No. 4 MK II socket bayonet & Scabbard. The bayonet is crisply stamped 'No 4 Mk II', WD arrow and with the manufacturer's combined 'LB' Lines Brothers cartouche (Lines Bros Ltd was a British toy manufacturer of the 20th century, operating under the Tri-ang brand name. During WW2 the Company produced bayonets, grenades and sten machine guns for the War Dept). The push release catch works as it should. The sharpened spike bayonet blade is 8" long. The bayonet is complete with it's original black plastic scabbard with alloy throat insert. The bayonet and scabbard are in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 9

Post WW2 German Eickhorn Commercial M16 knife Bayonet With Wire Cutter & Scabbard. BAYO 8 - BAYO 8
This is an excellent Post WW2 German Made Commercial M16 Assault Rifle bayonet With Wire Cutter & Scabbard. There are no makers marks on this knife but most of these bayonets were German made by Eickhorn, Solingen. These bayonets fit M16 Assault rifles and many other modern rifles. It has a broad black ribbed grip and short steel crossguard with muzzle ring. It has a 7" Bowie type blade with sawback (overall 12"). The blade is slotted for wire cutter attachment which is present on it's original blacked scabbard with integral webbing frog (The wire cutting action works perfectly). The frog has a belt loop with retaining strap, stud fastener and steel belt hanger. The base of the scabbard is fitted with green thigh cord. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 8

Czech Knife Bayonet For Model 58 Rifles & Scabbard. BAYO 6 - BAYO 6
This is an excellent Knife Bayonet for Czech Model 58 rifles. The bayonet has a 6 3/4" parkerised single edged fullered blade with medial ridge. It measures 11 1/2" overall. The blade is stamped with the number '3801M'. The reverse is stamped '114'. It has curved wood grips and is without muzzle ring. It's leather scabbard is in similar excellent undamaged condition. It has a single angled belt loop, retaining strap and stud fastener. The rear is ink stamped with a 'crossed swords 64' ink stamp and partial circular ink stamp at the rear lower tip. All leather & stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6

WW1 Imperial German Model 1888/98 Ersatz Bayonet And Scabbard. BAYO 5 - BAYO 5
An original, excellent, example of a WW1 German Ersatz M88/98 bayonet with solid steel hilt . It has a half hoop muzzle ring (see No. 335 of The Bayonet Book by Watts & White which illustrates a similar bayonet). It has a 12 1/4" fullered blade which has just light staining consistent with age and is complete with it's original steel scabbard which retains much of it's original green paint. The throat of the scabbard has a fixed locket and is stamped with an unreadable oval cartouche with stylised monogram). Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 5

WW1/WW2 Era Model 1886/93/16 French Brass Handle Epee Lebel Bayonet Without Hook Quillon & Scabbard. BAYO 3 - 195
This is an excellent original WW1/WW2 Era French Epee Lebel Bayonet & Scabbard for the Lebel Rifle (see No.209 of The Bayonet Book By Watts & White). The cross guard block is stamped 'e7476'. It's sprung muzzle ring catch with knurled button works perfectly. It has a brass hilt/ handle. The pommel end of the handle is marked '32'. It has a 20 1/2" cruciform blade. It's steel scabbard with fixed belt bar is in great condition with no dents. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 3

SCARCE, Trials Pattern FN FAL X2E1 Bayonet & X1E1 Scabbard. Sn 10785 - 10785
A rare Trials X2 E1 Bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet is for a NATO 7.62mm FAL Rifle in particular the X8E1, Type A 1953-61. The bayonet has the F.N. 'elastique' design pommel and catch and has two flash hider prongs, 1 1/2" long projecting forward of the muzzle ring. It measures 12 1/2" overall. It has dark wood smooth grips secured with screw bolts. The grips have some service wear to be expected. It is stamped on the tang edge between the grips with 'X2 E1' and with a struck out number'. The double edged blade is polished steel with black paint at the ricasso and measures 7 1/4" length. The scabbard is metal, painted black and on the mouthpiece it is stamped 'X1 E1' (See Page 256/7 of British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). Price for this rare trials bayonet with scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 10785
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