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Early 1st Pattern, 1909 Dated Hook Quillon '07' Sword Bayonet By Wilkinson To The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment (RWK) & Scabbard. Sn 9983 - 9983
During WW1 the RWK saw action at the Battle of Mons Le Cateau Neuve Chapelle; Elements of the RWK also took part in the Gallipoli Campaign and First Battle of Gaza. 1st type 1907 pattern bayonets with hook quillon were introduced in 1908, after 1913, ‘07’ Pattern bayonets were produced without hook quillon (see page 186 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). This is an original early dated 1st type hook quillon 1907 pattern sword bayonet by Wilkinson, complete with original scabbard. The sword bayonet has a 17" steel single edged blade which is stamped at the ricasso on one side with the King’s Crown ‘ER’ (Edward Rex), ’2 ’09 date (Feb 1909) and ‘1907’ (Pattern) together with ‘Wilkinson’ (manufacturer). The reverse is stamped with inspection marks. The bayonet is fitted with 1st pattern hook quillon cross guard which incorporates a muzzle ring. The grips are secured with two screw bolts. The pommel is stamped ‘RWK’ to the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment and ‘B416’. It is complete with original leather scabbard with steel locket & chape. All the stitching and leather of the scabbard are intact. The price for this Regiment marked 1st type hook quillon bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 9983

Early 1800's, Baker, 2nd Pattern Sword Bayonet By Reeves & Co. Sn 7094 - 7094
The Baker sword bayonet with curved knuckle bow was introduced in 1805. This bayonet along with it's rifle became synonymous with contemporary drawings and sculptures of Riflemen at that time. (See page 65 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets By Skennerton). Baker was patronised by the Prince of Wales which certainly had a bearing on the success and acceptance of his rifles and popularity of this distinctive Bayonet. This is an all original 2nd Pattern Baker Sword bayonet. It's 22 1/2 " long, straight blade is a broad 1 1/4 " with a single edge and broad back ( 27" overall). The blade has even patina throughout and the back of the blade is crisply stamped by the manufacturer 'Reeves' which is Reeves & Co. It has a heavy ribbed brass handle and full curved knuckle bow with rounded langet. The mortice slot and fixing mechanism with flat spring and large stud button are present and work perfectly. The langet is crisply etched '16' and 'BO' with motif beneath. The blade sit's secuely within the grip but there is slight movement of the hand guard / knuckle bow. As is usual with the majority of these bayonets it is without it's scabbard. Price for this rare, nicely marked item includes UK delivery. Sn 7094.

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1859 Jacob Double Rifle Sword Bayonet No 23 & Original Scabbard. ED 1099 / 7002 - ED 1099
This is an original example of one of the rarest of all British bayonets with its original scabbard. General Jacob, Commander of the Scinde Irregular Horse, designed the Jacob double rifle based on the Brunswick. His double rifle required a sword bayonet and this is bayonet number 23 of that production which took place in 1859 by Swinburn & Son. The bayonet is impressively long at 35.7 inches with a razor sharp 30.5 inch sdouble fullered blade. The blade has the stamp for C.R. Kirschbaum Solingen suppliers of blades to the UK Government. This blade is excellent, it has small patches of darkening but no signs of abuse, damage or repair. It has the typical full basket hilt with the opening for the double muzzle. The handle is in very good condition, knurled leather secured by 4 rivets. The pommel is correctly stamped ' S & S 23' (Illustrated) for Swinburn & Son bayonet number 23 [ production number] This is a very early number and very few are know to have survived in this condition. As rare is its original scabbard. Not in perfect condition by any means but totally original and complete. Made of black leather over wood with iron fittings. It takes the bayonet fully and retains 50 - 60 % of its original leather cover. The wood seams are open. This is as rare a British service bayonet as you could wish to find; in excellent condition for its age and an absolute must for the serious collector...find another ! The price includes UK delivery. ( See page 332 of Skennerton's 'British & Commonwealth Bayonets.' ED 1099 / 7002

German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher' Bayonet By Joint Makers Henckels & Anker-Werke Bielefeld, Complete with Steel Scabbard. Bayo 61 - Bayo 61
A 1917 German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher' bayonet. This is a very nice condition original Imperial German Pattern 1898/05 'butcher' bayonet and scabbard for the Gew. 98 Mauser Rifle. This is the later model with a trimmed muzzle ring and fitted with a flash guard. It has the scarce makers mark of Anker-Werke Bielefeld on one side of the ricasso and the twins of J.A. Henckel's on the other. According to Anthony Carter in his book, 'German Bayonets' the models 98/02 and 98/05, the two makers worked in conjunction with each other and that Henckel's sent blades to Anker-Werke to be finished. This bayonet also has the crown over "W17" on the back edge of the blade. This is referred to by Carter in his book as being the only example with a date and both trademarks. The blade is clean and the grips are the original 9 grooves and show normal use marks. The steel scabbard is also original and in good order with just a couple of very minor dents as to be expected. See image 267 in The Bayonet Book by Watts and White. The price for this nicely marked bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. Bayo 61

SOLD SOLD SOLD British 1897 Dated, 1888 Pattern MK I Type 2 Sword Bayonet By Mole & MK I Leather Scabbard. Bayo 60 - Bayo 60
The Enfield Lee Metford, 1888 Mark 1, Type 2 Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer War and WW1. This is the 2nd Type, changed from 3 rivets holding the grips to 2 centrally placed rivets and with the oil hole behind the top rivet. The bayonet has a double edged and unfullered blade with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The blade is in excellent condition. The ricasso of the blade is marked, "10 97" below "Mole", identifying the bayonet as being manufactured in October 1897 by Mole. The reverse of the ricasso is stamped with inspection marks and the War Department 'Broad Arrow'. This bayonet comes complete with a black leather scabbard with "EFD 7 01" stamped on the leather near the stitched seam. It has a tear drop frog stud. (see page 168 & 169, item B213, of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). Price includes UK delivery. Bayo 60

Reichs Finance Adminstration (Customs) M98 Dress Bayonet With Scabbard & 1940 Dated Leather Frog. Bayo 53 - Bayo 53
An excellent issue Dress bayonet for enlisted personnel of the Customs Service. The Crossguard is stamped with the Letters "RFV" indicating that it is a contract piece issued by the Finance Agency. The pommel is steel with a push button release. The grips are secured with two rivets and have a stacking slot near the crossguard denoting early manufacture. One of the grips has a faint stress crack but the grip is firm and secure and it does not detract visually. It has an up swept quillon and groove muzzle ring. The single edged polished steel blade has the early Eickhorn Logo od a Squirrel within an oval. This is a very rare German Bayonet. It is complete with the correct steel scabbard and nice quality leather frog which is date stamped "1940" on the reverse. (see 'German Clamshells & Other Bayonets' Book by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand, page 124). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 53

WW2 Era Czech Army M1924 Bayonet For Mauser Type Rifles & Scabbard With Leather Frog. Sn 10478 - 10478
These bayonets were adopted by Czech Armed forces ion 1924 to fit a Mauser type rifle.. Many of the bayonets were captured by the Germans in 1939 and re issued to German forces. The bayonet has a blued 11 ¾” blade with fuller and reversed cutting edge. The hilt is also blued and all retain their original finish. The blade is marked with the Czech ‘CSZ & E’ mark together with ‘Lion in roundel’ and ‘24’ mark. The scabbard is also blued and the frog stud has ‘E3 48’ together with Czech Lion mark. It is also stamped with letters ‘tgf’ which most likely denotes German ownership. The scabbard is fitted with original brown leather frog. The frog has a single belt loop and all leather and stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10478

German 2nd Type M1884/98 Bayonet With sawback Blade & Metal Scabbard With Brass Letters on the Grip. Bayo 51 - Bayo 51
This is the 2nd model of the M1884/98 with a flash guard and new pommel shape. The blade has the trademark of 'Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen Foche with a pyramid and cross logo. The rips have brass letters "SLII" affixed to one side which presumably was a personalisation by the soldier to denote his regimental allegiance. They are contemporary to the piece and are very attractive. The pommel and crossguard are lightly pitted but this does not detract from the overall appearance. This is a scarce bayonet from WW1. (see White & Watts 'Bayonet Book' Pages 115 & 129 item 286). The price includes UK delivery.

1960’s South African No.9 Bayonet By Armscor Subsiduaries For No.4 SMLE Rifles & Scabbard. BAYO 50 - BAYO 50
These bayonets produced in the 1960’s by Armscor Subsiduaries have a socket identical to the British No.9 Bayonet bayonet but with a blade from the UZI SMG bayonet. According to Skennerton these bayonets were made to fit No.4 rifles carried by South African Local Defence Force Commandos (see page 370 item 6 of Skennerton’s book British & Commonwealth Bayonets). They were issued in both reinforced fibreglass scabbards and as in the case of our example steel scabbards from UZI bayonets. The bayonet has an excellent clean blackened 6 ¾” single edged blade and pommel with ribbed release button. The scabbard with frog stud has original black paint and no dents. These bayonets are not commonly found on the collectors market. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 50

French Model 1866 Chassepot Sword Bayonet With Brass Grip & Steel Scabbard. Bayo 49 - Bayo 49
This is a nice example of the French model 18466 Chassepot sword bayonet (See 'Bayonets From Janzen's Notebook' Page 69 item 1). This model was manufactured by several countries and this one has the 'Kings Head' trade mark Weyersberg on the blades ricasso. The U.S,A, also utilised this bayonet for the Remington Rolling Block rifle and this one could be one of the German export models. The steel single edged blade with fuller is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. The blade is 22 1/2" long (27 1/4") overall. It has the correct steel hooked quillon with muzzle ring. It has a ribbed brass grip with flat spring and steel push button. It is complete with the correct scabbard made of sheet steel. The scabbard has no dents and has it's original strap bar. Price includes UK delivery. Bayo 49
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