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MATCHING DATES, WW2 1942, 1907 Pattern, Australian, Lithgow, Bayonet & No.1 MK 2 Scabbard Marked Mangrovite. Sn 11545 - 11545
An excellent Australian, WW2 dated example of the Pattern 1907 bayonet for the SMLE rifle complete with matching WW2 Dated Scabbard. The ricasso of the bayonet is stamped by the manufacturer 'MA' (Lithgow) '1907' (Pattern) and '9 42' (Sept 1942). The reverse is stamped with inspection marks and 'OA' (Orange Arsenal). The blade is clean and its wood grips are undamaged and perfectly secure. Both grips are impressed 'SLAZ 42' (Slazenger 1942). It is complete original steel mounted brown leather No.1 MK II Scabbard with rear seam. All stitching and Leather of the scabbard are intact. The leather is stamped 'Mangrovite 42' (Mangrovite Belting Ltd, Australia, 1942). Price for this matching dates Australian, Lithgow, Bayonet with Scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 11545

American M9 Bayonet By Phrobis & Scabbard. Sn 11508 - 11508
This is an early bayonet from 1988 when Phrobis (The original contractors) were sub-contracting to 'Buck Knife Company'. This knife carries the 'Phrobis' M9 Trademark on one side of the ricasso and the 'Buck' name and date symbol for 1988 on the other. (see 'American Gladius' book by Mack A. Pattarozzi, pages 113 &184). The crossguard carries the 'Dolphin' logo as does the original plastic and canvas scabbard above the wire cutter press stud on the lower rear of the scabbard. The grip is one piece moulded and has five deep grooves. The steel pommel has a 'squeeze' release and a short bezel. It has a large muzzle ring with straight crossguard. The polished steel blade has a deep fuller on one side only. It has a serrated edge on one side. The scabbard is composite and has a canvas frog which incorporates a sharpening stone pocket and belt loop. It has a wire cutting attachment on the end. This is a nice early issue M9 bayonet and scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11508

Nazi Firemans Dress Bayonet & Scabbard By A Rare Maker Geco Solingen. Sn 11522:3 - 11522:3
This is a Fireman's Dress Bayonet and scabbard. The basic design is taken from the standard military dress bayonet but is without the rifle mortise and stud button. The crossguard is lengthened to give a re curve appearance. This is the standard version with the 9 3/4" blade and has a rare makers logo "Geco" above the word "Solingen". This is one of the rarer logos. It has chequered grips secured with two pins and retains the leather pad at the cross guard. The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. It comes with the correct scabbard which is free of dents. (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 125, 126 & 127 by Gary L. Walker and R. J. Weinand). The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 11522:3

Nazi M98 Dress Bayonet By E. Pack & Sohne & Scabbard. Sn 11523:1 - 11523:1
An early Nazi M98 dress bayonet and scabbard. The dress sidearm for military and civilian uniformed formations was designated the M98 Dress Bayonet. This bayonet represented a stylised form of the S. 84/98 bayonet purchased by the individual for wear with the walkout dress uniform and was worn by the mainly non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This early dress bayonet has a rifle mortise and push button release. It retains the red felt in the mortise slot. This is the long version with a 93/4" blade which carries the makers logo of E. Pack & Sohne. It has "E. Pack & Sohne Solingen" etched on the ricasso. The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. The grips are chequered and secured with two screw bolts. It has a metal scabbard with lozenge shaped frog stud. (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 15-16 by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11523:1

Rare, Mauser S98 Imperial German Naval Battalion Presentation Bayonet And Scabbard. Sn 6709. - 6709
This is a great opportunity to own an original, rare, Mauser S98, Imperial Naval Battalion presentation bayonet and original Scabbard. The bayonet has a clean, single edged, 1 inch wide blade, 20 1/2 inches in length, (26 inches overall). On both sides, the blade is beautifully, blue and nickel etched, with ships under sail at sea and anchor with rope motif, inset with German Script on a blue background. The back of the blade is also attractively etched. The bayonet's steel cross guard with single curved quillon, grooved slab wood grips and pommel are in nice undamaged condition. The bayonet is complete with it's original steel mounted leather scabbard which has traces of original nickel plating on the steel mounts. The stitching and leather of the scabbard is in fine condition. Price for this excellent, rare, Imperial German Navy presentation piece includes UK delivery. Sn 6709.

British SA 80 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. Bayo 87 - Bayo 87
This is a post 1986 bayonet described officially as an L3A1 bayonet in the second pattern scabbard known as an L2A1. The frog is also the later version and is dated 1991. The bayonet is a one piece casting with a hollow handle which fixes over the barrel of the SA80 rifle. The blade is parkerised with a rudimentary saw edge and a cut out towards the bowie tip which engages with the scabbard to form a wire cutter (as in the Russian AK Series). This bayonet is in excellent condition and is the one currently in use with British Forces, (see Martin J. Brayley , 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets pages 144 to 147). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 87

German G3 Bayonet By Heckler & Koch, Complete With Scabbard & Frog. Bayo 85 - Bayo 85
A issue bayonet from 1977 and is dated on the grip "7/4/77" and the scabbard is dated "7/4/77". It has the early concentric ring grip. It is an unusual bayonet style as the blade is inverted and there is a large stud at the end of the grip which fits into the rifles gas plug. The blade is parkerised but unmarked. Most of the bayonets on the collectors market are the later Eickhorn commercial versions so it is nice to find an early one. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 85

Bulgarian AK47 NBV Bayonet & Scabbard. Bayo 83 - Bayo 83
This is the Bulgarian copy of the Russian AKMIII (AK47) bayonet. It has a black moulded grip, completely enclosing the tang with a stippled finish and three raised rings to aid grip. The blade has a satin finish with a saw back and a wire cutting facility. The scabbard is the standard Russian style in black plastic with a metal wire cutter tip and the leather and metal belt loop is attached to the scabbard by a carbine clip. Both the bayonet and scabbard have the distinctive ringed '10' mark applied by the manufacturing arsenal and matching numbers of "8675". (see Martin J. Brayley's 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets' page 192). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 83

Swiss M1918 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog x Schmidt Rubin. Bayo 75 - Bayo 75
A Swiss M1918 Schmidt Rubin bayonet with a double edge blade and no fuller. It was made by Waffenfabrik Neuhausen (which is stamped on the ricasso) and is stamped with the serial number "889393" which is stamped on the cross guard edge. The scabbard is metal and is carried in a leather frog which is stamped on the reverse with the makes name "E Walty Sattlerei Baretswid 85". (see White & Watts Bayonet Book, No 608, pages 266 & 272). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 75.

VERY RARE, WW1 1916 2nd Pattern Imperial German Mauser 98/05 'Butcher Bayonet' By J. Corts Sohn Remscheid Scabbard & WW1 Leather Frog. BAYO 69 - BAYO 69
An original German WW1 Mauser 98/05 'Butcher Bayonet'. The bayonet has 9 groove wooden grips which are secured with two bolts. The hilt has the 2nd pattern cut down muzzle ring & flash guard. It has a push button spring release which operates as it should. The single edged polished steel blade has a very rare maker's stamp on the ricasso ‘J.Corts Sohn Remscheid’ with trademark. The blade measures 14 1/2" long, it gradually widens from being 1" wide at the ricasso to just over 1 1/4" wide at its widest point. The back edge of the blade is stamped with small inspection mark 'W Crown 16' (1916). The pommel has a small inspection mark. Its original steel scabbard with frog stud is undamaged. The scabbard is fitted with a WW1 leather frog with single belt loop. All leather & stitching are intact. Price for this very rare WW1 bayonet with scabbard and frog includes UK delivery. BAYO 69
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