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British Pattern 1887 MK III Sword bayonet & Scabbard. Sn. ED 2197 - ED 2197
This bayonet is the MK III pattern of 1887 with no fullers to the blade. The blade carries a Crown over "V.R." and the date "88" (1888). It was probably made by Enfield but no name appears on the blade. Wilkinson clearly stamped their blades and there were on other producers. The top edge and reverse of the blade carry inspection marks and the broad arrow over "W.D." There are also inspection marks on the tang and a number "46" on the pommel end. The polished steel blade is in very good condition and measures 18 1/4" long. The grips are secured with two steel rivets. The pommel has a push button release and is stamped with the number10522. It is complete with a brass mounted scabbard which has a small number 7 on it near to the outside edge. The scabbard chaff is stamped CHF Crown over I OO . Please see Skennerton's Bayonet Book, Pages 160 to 166 and page 338 (Indian section) regarding these brass mounted scabbards. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn. ED 2197

Australian WW2 February 1945 Owen Machine Gun Mark 1 Bayonet And Scabbard. Sn ED 2195 - ED 2195
An original WW2 dated Australian Made Owen machine gun Mark 1bayonet in its correct scabbard. The bayonet, made at Orange Arsenal, is fitted with smooth wooden grips secured with two bolts, and a blackened single edge blade with 5” fullers which measures 10". This was a new blade as opposed to the Mk1/1 which was a converted No 1 bayonet, (1907 pattern), with fullers running through the point. The bayonet has a straight cross guard and muzzle ring. The ricasso is stamped on one side with 2 45 (February 1945) MA over 1907 over 1 . The other side of the ricasso is stamped X OA and WD arrow. The bayonet has a fixing mortice and a cleaning hole in the pommel along with a sprung button release. The slab grip is stamped SLAZ42 (Slazenger Australia). The scabbard is brown leather with blackened steel mounts. The steel chape is stamped "OA" (Orange Factory Australia). The leather scabbard is stamped with Mangrovite 44 (a small town in Australia where the scabbard was made and 1944 date. The scabbard is as also stamped a WD arrow over B , see item A13, pages 278 and 279 of Skennerton. Both the bayonet and scabbard are in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn ED 2195

British 1888 Mark 1, 1st type, Lee Metford Bayonet, And Scabbard. Sn ED 2394 - ED 2394
This is a, RARE Lee Metford, 1888 Mark I first type bayonet manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer war and WW1. The grips are of wood, held together with three brass rivets. There is an oil clearance hole in both of the grips. The Bayonet blade which is in good clean condition with original polish, is 12" in length, double edged and unfullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is also marked '3’ 90' (manufactured March 1890) together with VR and 'Flat Top' Crown ( Victoria Regina) and several acceptance marks. The reverse is nicely stamped with the broad arrow over WD. The pommel carries the number 244. The scabbard is the correct steel mounted leather scabbard which is stamped on the mouth 517 4 MX which is the 4th Battalion Middlesex regiment.. See Skennerton item B212 page 168 and 169. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. ED 2394

WW1 Imperial German S84/98 Bayonet By Heller Marienthal With Scabbard & Leather Frog. Sn 11872:7 - 11872:7
This is the new style of S84/98 bayonet made from 1915 with a flash guard and round fullers. It has made by Gebruder Heller of Marienthal who according to John Walter made them from 1915 to 1917. It has a saw back blade. The grips are wood held by 2 screw bolts. It is contained in its original steel scabbard and leather frog. The rear of the frog is impressed with feint unreadable manufacturer marks (see John Walter’s book ‘The German Bayonet pages 60-63. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11872:7

Nazi M98 Dress Bayonet By W.K.C. Scabbard & Frog. Bayo 114 - Bayo 114
An standard Nazi M98 dress bayonet and scabbard. The dress sidearm for military and civilian uniformed formations was designated the M98 Dress Bayonet. This bayonet represented a stylised form of the S. 84/98 bayonet purchased by the individual for wear with the walkout dress uniform and was worn by the mainly non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This dress bayonet has a rifle mortise and push button release. It retains the red felt in the mortise slot. This is the short version with a 7 3/4" blade which carries the makers logo along with "W.K.C." The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. The grips are chequered and secured with two rivets. It has a metal scabbard with lozenge shaped frog stud and leather frog. (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 15-16 by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand). Bayo 114

British L1A3 Bayonet, With Straight Cross Guard, Short Fullers & Scabbard. Bayo 112 - Bayo 112
A British L1A3 bayonet with straight cross guard, short fullers and scabbard made in Enfield in 1967. During the mid 1960's it was found that the long blade fuller which extended almost to the crossguard, resulted in a weakness in the blade and made the tempering process difficult. As a result, the length of the fuller was reduced to about 4.2 inches, terminating about 1.4inches forward of the crossguard. As a result the blade is heavier, without tapering in thickness towards the point. On later models the crossguard is not waisted but straight. This bayonet has a straight cross guard and short fuller. The bayonet has a blackened pommel with recessed release stud. The grips are blackened steel and are both stamped with "L1A3 9600257 D67" indicating it was made at Enfield in 1967. They are secured with two recessed steel rivets. The polished steel blade has a short fuller with single edge. It measures 8" long, 12" overall. The ricasso is stamped with "D 67". The scabbard is blackened and in excellent undamaged condition. (see page 261, last paragraph in Skennerton's British & Commonwealth Bayonet Book). The price includes Uk delivery. Bayo 112

Italian 1891/38 Bayonet & Scabbard. Bayo 111 - Bayo 111
This is the fixed blade conversion from the folding blade by the addition od a new cross guard and is contained in its steel scabbard which unfortunately is missing the frog stud. However not an easy bayonet to find nowadays. (see 'An Illustrated History Of Bayonets' book by Martin J Brayley, pages 161 & 166). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 111

SOLD SOLD SOLD British 1853 Pattern Socket bayonet & Scabbard. Bayo 109 - Bayo 109
This is a standard 1853 pattern bayonet with an overall length of 20.5", a blade length of 17" and a socket length of 3". The muzzle ring diameter is 20mm. The blade is stamped with the initials "DO" and two inspection marks of a crown over "L" and "16" denoting a British Inspector in Liege, Belgium. The socket has the numbers "760" and "5" over "38" and Crown over and arrow stamped into it. It is complete with the intermediate type scabbard (1860-1866) with brass mounts and a leather body. The frog stud has the letters "V.Y.E. 5 46." stamped onto it which probably denotes a Volunteer or yeomanry unit. (see Skennerton's item B145, pages 105-109). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 109.

U.S. M7 Bayonet For M16/AR 15 Assault Rifles By Imperial In It's Correct U.S. M8A1 Scabbard. Bayo 103 - Bayo 103
An original Modern Variant U.S. M7 bayonet by Imperial in it's correct U.S. M8A1 scabbard. The bayonet has a mint chequered black plastic grip. The blade measures 6 3/4". The straight crossguard incorporates a muzzle ring. The bottom of the crossguard is stamped with "U.S. M7" and on the other side of the blade with "Imperial". The pommel has a 'squeeze grip' release mechanism which works perfectly. The scabbard is green composite and has a metal throat mount which is stamped "U.S. M8A1". It has an integral green webbing frog which is riveted to the scabbard and this forms a belt loop. It also has two webbing straps which fold over the bayonet to secure it with a press stud. The frog also has a brass wire belt clip. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 103

British 1888 Pattern MK I Type 2 Enfield made, Boer War Era Bayonet Regimentally marked to the Seaforth Highlander's and Scabbard With Slade Wallace Leather Frog. Bayo 102 - Bayo 102
The Enfield Lee Metford, 1888 Mark 1, Type 2 Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer war and WW1. The pommel is stamped on one side with "SEA" (Seaforth Highlander's) and on the other with weapon number "129". The slab wooden grips are the standard MK I second type with the oil drainage hole drilled through the grips near to the top rivet. The Bayonet has a nice clean double edged and unfullered blade with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is marked with a Crown "VR" and "10 96" but no makers name, identifying the bayonet as being manufactured in October 1896. On the opposite side and edge are inspection marks together with 'WD' and the 'Broad Arrow'. This excellent condition bayonet comes complete with leather scabbard which is in great condition and a 'buff' coloured 'Slade Wallace' leather, buckle fastening frog with large single belt loop. The frog is also in great undamaged condition with all stitching intact and has a War Department ink stamped arrow and number '30' on the back. (see Carter's book 'Bayonet Belt Frogs' Volume One Page 22). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 102
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