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British "Brown Bess" Musket Socket Bayonet. Sn 12785 - 12785
This is an original "Brown Bess" socket bayonet for the Brown Bess musket. It has a 16" long blade which is in very good condition. The socket measures 3" long and the muzzle ring diameter is 24mm. (It is very similar to item B133 on page 95 in Skennerton's Bayonet Book). The blade is un-marked. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12785

Mint M4 M1 Carbine Bayonet, Scabbard, Magazine Pouches and Two Mint Condition Greaseproof Wrapped Magazines. Sn 12707 - 12707
This is a virtually mint condition M4 M1 Carbine bayonet by Imperial. It is stamped on the crossguard with the 'Flaming Grenade' and "U.S. M4 Imperial". The blade is parkerised and in excellent mint condition. The grips are the standard leather washers with black plastic spacers at the top and bottom. The grip shows almost no signs of use. The pommel has the standard 'Squeeze' together release mechanism which works perfectly. The scabbard is the U.S. M8A1 by B.M. Co. It has an integral green webbing frog and thigh lace. The metal top mount is stamped with "U.S. M8A1 B.M. Co.". The scabbard is in excellent condition. The bayonet is attached by the wire hanger to a green U.S. M1 ammunition pouch. The pouch has a fold over flap top which is stamped inside with "74-P-142-35 Pocket Cartridge Cal. 30-M-1 Carbine Or Rifle J.Q.M.D. 1952". The pouch is complete with two oilcloth wrapped un-used M1 carbine magazines. The pouch has "US" in a black ink stamp on the outside of the top flap. The pouch is in excellent condition. An excellent combination in top collector condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12707

India Patt Brown Bess Socket Bayonet. Sn 12787 - 12787
This is an Indian socket bayonet from the late 18th century with an East India Company spring catch. reputedly the design of Ezekiel Baker, the spring is secured to the socket by a screw located near the socket rim. This prevents sideways movement of the bayonet when attached to the rifle. The socket also carries a faint East India Company quartered heart logo. There are no other marks on the bayonet which has an overall length of 19.5", a blade length of 15" and a muzzle ring diameter of 23.8mm. This is a nice, scarce early socket bayonet. (see Skennerton's Indian section, item 13, pages 314 & 315). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12787

British Pattern 1842 Socket Bayonet By Wheeler. Sn 12786 - 12786
This is a 1842 Pattern socket bayonet. It has a straight great condition triangular polished steel blade. It has an overall length of 20.9", a blade length of 17" with a muzzle ring diameter of 24mm. The blade is marked with the name "Wheeler" and two inspectors marks. There is also an inspectors mark on the socket lug. The blade also carries the initials "R.C." with an upside down No 1 above . (see Skennerton Item B139 Pages 100-103). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12786

Australian WW2 & Korea Era Owen Machine Gun Bayonet & WW2 1944 Dated Scabbard. Sn 12683 - 12683
An original Australian Made Owen machine gun bayonet as used in WW2 and Korea. The bayonet is fitted with smooth wooden grips secured with two bolts, and a blackened single edge blade with fuller which measures 10". It has a straight cross guard and muzzle ring. The ricasso is stamped on one side with "1907" which is very faint and with "11 44" (November 1944) and on the other with the WD arrow and "X OA". It has a fixing mortise and a cleaning hole in the pommel along with a sprung button release. The slab grips are stamped 'SLAZ 44' (Slazenger Australia). The scabbard is brown leather with blackened steel mounts. The steel chape is stamped "OA" (Orange Factory Australia). The leather scabbard is stamped with "Mangrovite 44" (a small town in Australia where the scabbard was made and 1944 date, see page 4 & 6 of The Bayonet Book by Peter White) Both the bayonet and scabbard are in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12683

SOLD SOLD SOLD British Pattern 1903 Sword Bayonet By Sanderson Dated 1900 Regiment Marked ‘RE’ To The Royal Engineers & Land Pattern Scabbard. Sn 12678 - 12678
In 1902 Experimental Long and Short bayonets were trialled to succeed the 1888 pattern Bayonets. After the trial period it was decided that, when fixed to rifles, the short version affected accuracy of fire less than the Longer heavy version. The short bladed version was approved and introduced as the '1903 Pattern' sword bayonet. This is an excellent example of the 1903 pattern bayonet. It has a 12” un-fullered, double edged blade with medial ridge. The ricasso is crisply stamped with Kings Crown ‘ER’ (Edward Rex),"Sanderson Sheffield", "11 00" (November 1900 date) indicating manufacture using a blade made prior to official adoption of the pattern. The reverse and blade edge also have inspection marks. It has a steel pommel with push button release. The pommel is stamped with struck out numbers and ‘96’ alongside ‘RE’ to the Royal Engineers above ‘181’ weapon number. Its wood grips are undamaged and secured with two screw bolts. The bayonet is complete with its black leather land pattern scabbard with internal steel chape and locket. The scabbard is faintly impressed with WD arrow. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12678

WW1 & WW2 1916 Dated U.S. Army Winchester Pattern 1913 Sword Bayonet For P14 Rifles Regiment Marked ‘RGA’ (Indicating Later WW2 Issue To The British Royal Garrison Artillery) & Scabbard With 1917 Dated Integral Riveted Leather Belt Hanger Tab By Jewell. - 12680
An original WW1 American 1913 Pattern sword bayonet for use on the P14 rifle. Many of these rifles and bayonets saw service in WW2 with British Home Guard & Reserve Units. The ricasso of this example is marked "1913" (pattern) , dated ‘7-16’ (July 1916) and 'W' (denoting Winchester Manufacture). The reverse has British WD arrow and Kings Crown inspection mark. The grips are wood with two grooves, secured with two screw bolts. The pommel has a push button release which works as it should. The pommel is marked ‘RGA’ (indicating later WW2 issue to the British Royal Garrison Artillery) & number 57 (weapon number). It has a straight cross guard with muzzle ring and 17" fullered blade which is in excellent condition. The leather scabbard has steel locket and chape. The leather is stamped with ‘WCB’ inspection mark. The throat mount is stamped with a small ‘US’ mark (US Army) and fitted with its original integral riveted leather tab which supports the correct brass wire belt hanger. The tab is impressed by the American manufacturer ‘Jewell’ and dated ‘1917’. The tab also has other numbers ‘375 B 108’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12680

MATCHING NUMBERS & DATES,WW1 1909 Dated 1st Pattern Enfield (EFD), Hook Quillion P1907 Bayonet Regiment Marked 'KRR' To The King's Royal Rifles Corps, 1st Type 1909 Dated WD Scabbard By HGR & 1908 Pattern Webbing Frog. Sn 12679 - 12679
The British King's Royal Rifles Corps were raised in the American colonies in 1756 as the 62nd (Royal American) Regiment to defend the thirteen colonies against attack by the French and their Native American allies. In the First World War the KRR was expanded to twenty-eight battalions and saw much action on the Western Front, Macedonia and Italy with sixty battle honours awarded. 12,840 men of the regiment were killed while seven members received the Victoria Cross and over 2,000 further decorations were awarded. This is an original 1st type hook quillion 1907 pattern bayonet for the Enfield rifle marked to The King's Royal Rifle Corps. It was manufactured in January 1909 by Enfield. The ricasso is marked '1907 (Pattern), 'EFD' (Enfield) '1 '09 (Jan 1909) ER Crown (Edward Rex) & the reverse with inspection stamps. The blade is clean & undamaged. The wood slabs are undamaged. The pommel is regiment marked 'K.R.R.' to The King's Royal Rifle Corps (see page 95 of Broad Arrow) and weapon number ‘R1361’. It is in its original 1st type leather scabbard with steel locket & internal chape which correctly has the tip of the chape exposed. The throat mount is stamped with matching number ‘R.1361’. The leather is impressed with matching ‘09’ (1909) date, WD arrow and manufacturer detail ‘HGR’. The scabbard is fitted with an original 1908 pattern webbing frog with single belt loop and helve carrier strap to the rear. All leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price for this matching numbers and date 1st type British bayonet set with crisp Regiment mark includes UK delivery. Sn 12679

Italian Knife Bayonet For Beretta BM59 & M70 Assault Rifles With Scabbard & Integral Frog. BAYO 212 - BAYO 212
This is an excellent original Italian Knife bayonet for Beretta BM59 & M70 Assault Rifles. It closely resembles the American M4 bayonet on which it is based. It has a 6 ½” M4 style blade and measures 11 ½” overall. It has its original steel cross guard with large muzzle ring and steel pommel. The scales are made of plastic with grooves for grip unlike the M4 bayonet grip which is made of compressed leather rings. The scales on this example are excellent & undamaged. The bayonet is complete with its original green plastic scabbard with integral webbing frog with single retaining strap & press stud fastener. The scabbard has no manufacturer marks but is based on the US M8A1 scabbard (see pages 191 & 201 item 452 of ‘The Bayonet Book’ by White & Watts. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 212

MINT, Australian L1A2 Parkerised Bayonet With No.5 MK 2 Scabbard & 1939 Pattern Webbing Frog. BAYO 211 - BAYO 211
A near mint Australian L1A2 bayonet and scabbard with frog. This is the Australian military version of the British L1A1 bayonet (see pages 291 & 292 item A32 in Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth Bayonets). It is completely parkerised and has no markings. The grips are steel and are secured with two recessed steel rivets. The blade has a long fuller with single edge. The blade measures 7 Ύ” length and is 11 ½” overall. The No.5 MK 2 steel scabbard has the correct brass mouth piece and is fitted with a 1939 pattern webbing frog. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 211
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