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Chilean M1910 Police Sidearm Converted From French Gras 1874 Bayonet and Steel Scabbard. Bayo 297 - Bayo 297
This is a nice unusual conversion. It is a Chilean Police sidearm and scabbard issued to the Chilean Police in 1910. These were made up using a section of the blade and the crossguard of a French Gras 1874 bayonet. This was then mated to a solid brass hilt bearing the Chilean Coat of Arms. The blade of the bayonet has been shortened dramatically to 11.25 inches and the bayonet measures 16 inches overall. There is no mortise slot or fixing button and therefore it was only intended as a dress item. The cross guard with muzzle ring and quillon is present. The hilt has number "B1287" stamped on it's side. The bayonet is complete with it's steel scabbard with brass mounts which is in nice condition. These are an uncommon item, (see Martin J. Brayley 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets' book, pages 46 & 48). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 297

WW2 British WD Wilkinson Sword Company ( WSC S294) No. 5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet With Large Muzzle Ring, Scabbard & 1937 Pattern Webbing Frog. Sn 13858 - 13858
This is an excellent original British No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet and scabbard with frog (see page 238 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). The bayonet with 8" Bowie style blade retains much of its original blue finish and its original large muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button that has a good strong spring action are in great undamaged condition. It has undamaged slab wood grips secured by screw bolts. The ricasso is stamped 'WSC' ( Wilkinson Sword Co) together with WD wartime code ‘S294’ (Wilkinson Sword Company) . The reverse is stamped with WD broad arrow inspection mark. The bayonet is complete with its steel scabbard. The scabbard is undamaged and retains much of its original black finish. The scabbard is fitted with an original 1937 pattern green webbing frog. The price for this complete No.5 set includes UK delivery. Sn 13858

VERY RARE, L1A1 1957 Dated British Enfield WD L1A1 SLR Bayonet & Scabbard. Sn 13845 - 13845
The L1A1 Bayonet was introduced into Service in the 1957 for the 7.62mm L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (SLR). This is an excellent original example. It has an 8" fullered blade with Bowie type tip. The blade is marked WD arrow ‘57’ (1957 date) and Enfield combined ‘ED’ mark. This early example has the locking stud protruding from the pommel rather than recessed as found in later L1A3 models which were introduced just a year later in 1958. The locking stud was modified due to the risk of easy removal by civilian combatants during riots or other civil disturbances (see page 260 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). The short production time of the L1A1 bayonet makes this weapon a very rare and sought after piece. The grips are correctly marked 'L1A1' and with Stores number '960-0011' together with Enfield combined ‘ED’ mark and WD arrow mark on one scale and matching Enfield mark with WD arrow on the other scale. It is complete with its original steel scabbard in similar excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13845

Boer War / WW1 Era, British 1888 Pattern Mark 1 Type II Enfield, Lee Metford Bayonet to 1/7 Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers (The Iron Regiment), Scabbard and Buff Leather Frog. BAYO 295 - BAYO 295
The Northumberland Fusiliers saw active service in the Boer Wars and gained the nickname ‘The Iron Regiment’ due to their hard fighting in WW1. The Lee Metford, P1888 Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer war & WW1. This is a good example to the 1/7 Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. The Bayonet blade which is in good clean condition with original polish, is 12" in length, double edged and un-fullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The date markings usually found on the ricasso are rubbed out. The reverse is nicely stamped with Enfield 'EFD' inspection marks and War Department Arrow. The pommel is marked '1/7N.F.’ to the 1/7 Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. bayonet comes complete with excellent original leather, steel mounted leather scabbard and Buff leather frog which are in excellent condition and have all stitching intact. It has a large single belt loop and is buckle fastening. The rear of the frog is ink stamped with unreadable ink numbers . Price for this Regiment marked piece includes UK delivery. BAYO 295.

MATCHING NUMBERS, 1872 French Model 1866 Chassepot Yataghan Sword Bayonet By Tulle Arsenal With Brass Grip & Steel Scabbard. Bayo 294 - BAYO 294
An original French model 1866 Chassepot sword bayonet (See pages 70 and 71 of ‘An Illustrated History Of Bayonets’ by Brayley). The steel fullered single edged ‘T’ back Yataghan blade has staining consistent with age and is 22 ¾” length. It has the correct steel hooked quillon with muzzle ring. It has a ribbed brass grip with flat spring and steel push button. The blade has small inspection marks. The cross guard is numbered ‘FG 60597’. The back of the blade is marked with the name of the French Arsenal ‘Tulle’ and dated ‘February 1872' in French. Tulle was a smaller Arsenal than St Etienne and Châtellerault and had smaller production numbers. It is complete with the correct steel scabbard. The scabbard has no dents and has its original fixed strap bar. The scabbard has even patina and is stamped with matching number near to the throat. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 294

Israeli Contract Czech Army M1924 Bayonet For Mauser Type Rifles & Scabbard Marked ‘Lion E3 48’ ( Israeli Contract) With Leather Frog. BAYO 293 - BAYO 293
These bayonets were adopted by Czech Armed forces in 1924 to fit a Mauser type rifle. The bayonet has a clean parkerised 11 ¾” blade (as opposed to the usual blue)with fullers. The wood grips are secured by screw bolts. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the bayonet. The scabbard blued steel and its frog studs is stamped with CZ roundel ‘E3 48’ & Rampant Lion mark (denoting post war manufacture in 1948 for export to Israel, see ‘An Illustrated History Of Bayonets’ By Brayley pages 52-54). The scabbard is fitted with original brown leather frog. The frog has a single belt loop and all leather and stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 293

WW1 British 1918 Dated 1907 Pattern Bayonet By Sanderson With Brown Leather No.1 MKII WD Scabbard & Mint 1914 Pattern Leather Frog. BAYO 292 - BAYO 292
This is an excellent WW1 dated 1907 pattern bayonet for the Enfield SMLE rifle. The ricasso of this bayonet is marked '1907 (Pattern) and by one of the rarer manufacturer's 'Sanderson' together with '8 18' (August 1918) Date & Faint King’s Crown (illustrated). The reverse has WD inspection stamps. The blade is in excellent clean condition. The wood slab grips are undamaged and secured by screw bolts. It is in its original brown leather No.1 MKII scabbard with steel locket & Chape. The leather is impressed with Enfield WD inspection marks and what appears to be either ’13 or ’15 date (1913 or 1915) (illustrated). It is fitted with an original near mint 1914 pattern leather frog with buckled retaining strap. All leather & stitching and rivets are intact and clean (see page 130 of Carter’s Bayonet Belt Frogs page 33 and Skennerton item B235 pages 186 – 195). The price for this superb WW1 set includes UK delivery. BAYO 292

RARE MAKER, WW2 Era 1937 Nazi German S84/98 Knife Bayonet For Mauser K98 Rifles By Elite Diamant (Bicycle Makers), 1943 Dated Scabbard By ‘cof’ Eickhorn Solingen & Leather Frog. BAYO 291 - BAYO 291
This is an original S84/98 bayonet made by the rare maker Elite Diamant who were German Bicycle makers since the 1800’s (see Brayley’s book An illustrated History Of Bayonets pages 84-91) . The back of its clean 10” blued blade with fullers is dated ‘37’ (1937). The blade is signed by the manufacturer on one side ‘Elite Diamant’ and the reverse numbered ‘8347g’ Its slab wood scales secured by 2 screw bolts are undamaged. The bayonet is complete with steel scabbard. The scabbard is numbered on one side at the throat ‘5617’ and the reverse has the Nazi manufacturer code ‘cof’ which is Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen and WW2 dated ‘43’ (1943). The ball end of the scabbard is waffenamt. The scabbard is fitted with an original brown leather frog with single belt loop. All leather, stitching and rivets of the frog are intact. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 291

An Excellent British WD 1879 Pattern 1884 Dated Sawback Bayonet For Martini Henry Artillery Carbines Complete With Seamed Leather Scabbard and Brown Leather Frog. Bayo 290 - Bayo 290
This is an excellent and completely original 1879 Pattern Sawback bayonet for Martini Henry Artillery Carbines. This is a 'new manufactured' 1879 Artillery bayonet as oppose to a 1859 Cutlass bayonet conversion. It has a 25 ¾” polished blade with fuller in the top section and medial ridge in the lower section. The blade is in very good condition. Its saw back is deep cut and very sharp. The ricasso is stamped with WD and arrow and other inspection marks on one side and the Crown above "5/85" on the other (May 1884). The bayonet measures 31 ½” overall and has excellent chequered black grips. The back of the blade is stamped 'R above W'. It has a full steel knuckle guard slotted for wrist strap & stepped steel pommel with steel press button release catch and flat spring inlaid into the grip. The sprung bayonet catch button in the pommel works perfectly. The black leather seamed scabbard is steel mounted. It is in very good condition and the mountings are secure. The leather is in very good undamaged condition and the seam is secure. The brown leather frog is stamped on the reverse with "37 18". The stitching is secure and it has two rivets. A very nice, complete set. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 270

1918 German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' Bayonet By Mauser A.G. Oberndorf Complete with Steel Scabbard & Leather Frog. Bayo 289 - Bayo 289
A 1918 German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' bayonet By Mauser A.G. Oberndorf. This is a very nice condition original Imperial German Pattern 1898/05 'butchers knife' bayonet and scabbard for the Gew. 98 Mauser Rifle. This is the later model with a trimmed muzzle ring and fitted with a flash guard. The ricasso is stamped "Waffenfabrik Mauser A.G. Oberndorf a.n.". The back edge of the blade is stamped with the Imperial Crown above "W 18" (1918). The blade is clean and the grips are original and un-damaged. The steel scabbard is also original and in good order with just a couple of very minor dents on the reverse as to be expected. (See image 267 in 'The Bayonet Book' by Watts and White). The price for this nicely marked bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. Bayo 289
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