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Antique Pistols and Revolvers

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American, Mid to late 1800's, .32 Rim Fire, Russian-32 Model, 5 Shot Revolver By Forehand & Wadsworth. Sn 7660. - 7660
Sullivan Forehand was first employed by the American Firearms manufacturer's Allen & Wheelock in 1860. He married Ethan Allen's daughter and entered the Firearms business. Henry C. Wadsworth, while an Officer in the Union Army during the Civil War, also married one of Ethan Allen's daughters. Upon his discharge at the end of the war, he joined the Allen firm. The Company name subsequently changed name to Forehand & Wadsworth Firearms Manufacturing Co. This is an excellent undamaged example of a .32 Rim Fire Russian model , single action, 5 shot, nickel plated revolver by Forehand & Wadsworth. It has a sheathed trigger and 2 1/2" octagonal barrel ( 6 1/2" overall). It is complete with ejector rod & has nice undamaged plain Ivory grips. It's cocking & firing action work as they should. The top of the barrel is marked by the manufacturer ' Forehand & Wadsworth, Worcester, Mass.' and the cylinder strap 'Russian Model -32'. The butt strap is stamped number ' 8745'. The pistol is complete with it's original green felt lined, dark wood case. The case with hinged lid measures 8 x 5 x 1 3/4 inches. The centre of the exterior of the lid is inlaid with a small void brass plate. The front of the case has it's original lock but is missing it's key. The inside of the case is contoured to snugly fit the pistols and has compartments, one with removable lid. The compartments contain an original steel cleaning rod and black & green coloured empty cardboard cartridge box printed with image of a rim fire pistol and faint lettering. Price for this American rim fire pistol includes UK delivery. NB as obsolete calibre antique weapons no licence is required to own these pistols in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 7660.

SOLD SOLD C1820 .69 calibre Belgian Sea Service Flintlock Pistol. ( Sn 7472 ) - 7472
This is a typical 1810 - 1840 Belgian made short sea service flintlock pistol in .69 calibre by Navys throught the world during the early 19th century. This example is robust, heavy and well made. It measures 15 1/2 inches overall with a 9 inch steel barrel. The stock is a single piece of heavy walnut with brass furnitue and a fixed lanyard ring in the butt. The lock is plain steel with the addition of a Belian proof mark between the cock and frizzen. The hammer goes to half and full cock and the action works as it should. There are nocks and bumps all over the woodwork that only time and service can bring. However there are no signs of damage or repair. It is easy to imagine that this pistol could be turned in the hand and used butt first as a very effective close quater weapon after the shot had been fired. An excellent original example of a widely used sea service pistol. The price includes UK delivery. ( SN 7472) NB As an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to possess in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display.

1878 Patt .32 Rim Fire Hartford Arms Co USA 5 shot Revolver. ( Sn 7467) - 7467
This is an excellent original condition factory nickel plated .32 Rim Fire 5 shot revolver made by the Hartford Arms Co U.S.A. Those details are stamped into the top of the 2 1/2 inch barrel along with ' 'NEW .32 CAL No 2' Just below this is stamped ' PAT'D APRIL 23 1878' The revolver has a small shrouded trigger and the the action which is perfect, is single action only. The smooth grips are neat American walnut and it is a super example of the type of American pocket revolvers produced around the 1880s. Unfortunately for the Hartford Arms Co the Colt factory was also in Hartford and somewhat over shadowed it. By the early 20th century the firm went bankrupt and was taken over by 'HI-SCORE ' making competition .22 weapons. This is a fine early revolver which could be researched further. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre rim fire revolver no licence is required to possess in the Uk if retained as a part of a collection or display. ( Sn 7467 )

C1840 Lefauchaux Paris made 'British' Style 7mm Pinfire Revolver. ( Sn 7465) - 7465
This is a fine original early 7mm, 6 shot revolver by Lefauchaux. Invented by Frenchman Casimir Lefaucheux in 1828 but not patented until 1835, it was one of the earliest practical designs of a metallic cartridge which led to the modern centre fire cartridges. This revolver is one of the early examples using the Lefauchaux patent, probably made by made Houllier of Paris. (The pinfire cartridge was greatly improved by the 1846 patent (number 1963) by Houllier of Paris ) It is 19cm overall with an 8.5cm octagonal barrel. The pistol, numbered 'LF 15788' is decorated throughout and it retains its original walnot grips. The action is double action only and it functions as it should. The trigger return spring is intact. The folding trigger is stamped ' INVENTR E LEFAUCHAUX BREVETE 3000 PARIS' 9 illustrated). This is a fine early example of a Lefauchaux pinfire, in the British style. The price includes UK delivery. ( SN 7465) NB As an obsolete calibre weapon, no licence is required to possess in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display.

C 1840 Flintlock Pocket Pistol By L.R. Evans Of London. Sn 6210. - 6210
This is a very nice quality, early Victorian Flintlock Pocket Pistol made C 1840 by L.R. Evans of London. It is 6 3/4 inches overall with a .42" bore, screw off 2 1/4 inch barrel. It has a one piece slab grip of dark wood and clear Victorian black powder proof marks under the breech. The action is engraved on both sides with flags and the makers' mark 'L.R. Evans'. The lock works as it should. A nice Flintlock pistol. As an antique Flintlock pistol, no licence is required to possess this item in the UK as part of a collection or display. Sn 6210.
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