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Air Guns - Rifles       Please read our conditions of sale for Air Weapons

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Mid 1800's To Early 1900's, German Militia Pattern .177" Air Rifle 'GEGR 1854'. Sn 7647. - 7647
This is a nice mid 1800's to early 1900's German made 'Militia' Pattern .177 calibre break action air rifle. It has undamaged original metal work with nice patina and original clean wood stock. It measures 40" overall with a 17 1/2" barrel. The barrel has clean crisp rifling and is fitted with fixed foresight & adjustable rear sight. The left side of the breech housing is stamped 'Made In Germany'. The underside of the barrel block & cylinder are stamped with matching numbers '39'. The stock is fitted with a steel butt plate which is crisply stamped with a nice large manufacturer/ retailer's cartouche bearing the initials 'GEGR' & date '1854'. The loading & firing action of the rifle works as they should. Price for this nice rifle with nice butt plate cartouche includes UK delivery. Sn 7647.

Rare, Early 1990's, Patent Pending, British Sterling Armaments HR-81, .22 Calibre Bolt Action Under lever, Air Rifle. Sn 7295. - 7295
The HR-81 underlever spring-piston air rifle was designed in the UK in the early 1990's by Sterling Armaments. The design and trademark were purchased by Benjamin Sheridan of The Benjamin Air Rifle Company, New York in 1994. U.S made rifles were stamped with the U.S manufacturer's name. When Crosman purchased the Benjamin Company the Sterling Line was discontinued. British Sterling Armaments marked weapons are sought after. The Sterling is an unusual rifle. It is an underlever spring-piston rifle that has a unique bolt-action loading system. To load the gun, you lift the bolt handle and it jumps to the rear under spring tension. The pellet is then put into the loading port in front of the bolt and once the bolt is pushed forward and down, the rifle is loaded. The bolt handle is located at the rear of the action, but the tip of the bolt is located over 8 inches forward. The bolt action has the feel of working the action of a WW2 Lee Enfield Service Rifle. Because the bolt is spring-loaded, you feel that closing it cocks the rifle, but it doesn’t. Cocking is accomplished by pulling back on the underlever until the sear catches the piston, just like any other underlever. This is an early Patent Pending British Sterling Armaments HR 81 .22 Calibre example. It has a nice wood stock with chequered neck and rubber recoil pad. It's metal work retains most of it's original blueing with just slight loss of blueing and small patches of light rust on it's under lever. The lever block is crisply stamped ' STERLING ARMAMENTS HR 81 CAL .22' and the reverse with 'PAT PENDING REG DESIGN' together with serial number ' 1880'. It is fitted with shrouded foresight and adjustable rear sight. The weapon's loading and firing action work perfectly as they should. Price for this rare sought after rifle includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & supply of this item. Sn 7295.

1930 Dated German Haenel Model II D.R.P. .177 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle. Sn 5975. - 5975
C.G. Haenel, Suhl, Germany produced their Model II D.R.P. ( Deutsches Reichs Patent) Air Rifles from 1925 to 1938. This is an excellent original example of the break action air rifle in .177 calibre. It is 43 inches long overall with a 19" rifled barrel. The barrel's rifling is crisp and clean. The Walnut wood work and metal is undamaged with nice patina throughout. The top of the air chamber is crisply stamped ' Haenel Mod.II D.R.P.' The top of the barrel is stamped with calibre detail 'cal. 4.5mm. 177'. The underside is stamped ' Made In Germany' and with faint numbers '9.3.0' which dates it to 9th March 1930 (see page 133 of Hiller's book a collector's guide to air rifles) which describes numbers found on the underside of barrels as being day, month and year of manufacture). Also present is a stamped letter 'E' & partially visible number '?17' The rifle has a blade fore sight & adjustable rear sight. The barrel's break action is operated by a barrel release catch located on the right side of the barrel block. The weapon loads and fires perfectly with a strong spring action. Price for this excellent piece of air Rifle history includes UK delivery. Sn 5975.

1967-1968, B.S.A. Airsporter .22 calibre, Under Lever, Air Rifle. AI 503 - AI 503
A good condition B.S.A, MK II Airsporter, .22 Calibre Air Rifle. It is serial number GF1881 which dates it to between 1967-1968. ( See Pages 49 of Hillers Book 'A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles'). The woodwork and metal work are in undamaged condition with just slight scuffing to the right side of the stock. The top of the air chamber is correctly marked with the ' B.S.A. Airsporter' gold coloured electroplated legend and has 2 grooves for telescopic sight. The top of the barrel is crisply stamped with 'B.S.A. Guns Ltd, England, .22 Cal' and with the B.S.A 'stacked rifles' logo. It is under lever cocking and has a flip up rear sight. The loading and firing action works perfectly. Price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to sale and supply of this weapon apply. AI 503.

1900's German Militia Air Rifle - AI 447
A lovely example of the German made "Militia" .177" air rifle made sometime between 1900 - 1910 ish. Stamped "Militia Registered" on the barrel and "Made in Germany". It has a side button barrel release with typical Germanic finish of nickel plated chamber, trigger and guard, 40" long with a nice clean wooden butt. Serial no. 1136. Front sight absent. The butt has two "retailers" marks. Firstly on a pinned brass disc, "Roberts, Gun Maker, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham". Also stamped on both sides of the butt, "F.W. Hutchings & Co. 2 Gothic Arcade, Snow Hill, Birmingham". Cocks and dry fires and price includes UK delivery.
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