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British WWI 1916 Dated Brass 1” MkIII Trench Flare/Signal Pistol with Detachable Flared Muzzle by Webley & Scott Ltd of London & Birmingham. D 1502. - D 1501
An excellent British WWI brass 1" Mk. III Trench flare pistol made by Webley & Scott of London & Birmingham. It has its original wooden grips and It is stamped on the left side of the frame by the maker ‘Webley & Scott of London & Birmingham’ with clear proof inspection marks, War Dept arrow, ’16 (1916 date) and ‘III’ (mark 3 designation), there are also inspection marks and ’16’ to the cylinder. The right side is stamped with serial number '38039' and the Webley & Scott trademark of winged bullet. It has a military lanyard ring, detachable flared muzzle & breaks, cocks and dry fires as it should. The price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. NB As signal pistol deactivated to UK specification this item does not require a new UK/EU deactivation certificate. D 1501.

SOLD SOLD (23/11) **MINT BORE**RARE**American Civil War Era Starr 1st Model 1856 Patent Army .44” Calibre Cap & Ball Revolver With Double Triggers & Factory Inspector’s Marks. Sn 20175 - 20175
This is an original, rare, 1st Model American Starr Army Revolver in .44 calibre. Between January 1862 and May 1863 16,100 .44 calibre Starr Army revolvers were delivered to the United States Military at $25.00 per revolver. This model uses dual triggers to allow the shooter to fire the weapon in a cocked single action position without first pulling the hammer back by hand. The front trigger cocks the hammer and rotates the cylinder. There is an adjustable lug attached to the rear of the front trigger that engages the rear trigger which is located in the rear of the trigger-guard which in turn, releases the hammer. The pistol also fires in conventional double action mode. These pistols were widely used throughout the Civil War and highly prized by Confederate troops. Later 2nd type pistols had single triggers. This 1st type example is original and has even patina to the white metal work throughout. It has a 6” round steel barrel which has a near mint bore, clean & bright with crisp rifling. The metal work has factory inspector’s marks (illustrated). The weapon has a blade fore sight and notched hammer rear sight. It is crisply marked on the right hand side with ' STARR'S PATENT JAN 15 1856' and on the left hand side 'STARR ARMS CO NEW YORK'. The cylinder is numbered '18737'. The one piece wood grip is original and undamaged. The action works crisply. This is a scarce American Civil War period revolver. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 20175

SOLD SOLD (23/11) WWI British Standard Issue Weighted Core ‘Trench Club’. 20177. - 20177
Trench raiding clubs were homemade melee weapons used by both the Allies and the Central Powers during World War I. Clubs were used during night-time trench raiding expeditions as a quiet and effective way of killing or wounding enemy soldiers. The clubs were usually made out of wood. It was common practice to fix a metal object at the striking end (e.g. an empty Mills bomb) in order to maximize the injury inflicted. Another common design comprised a simple stave with the end drilled out and a lead weight inserted, with rows of large hobnails hammered in around its circumference. Bosnian soldiers serving in the Austro-Hungarian army were fond of using maces. They were also used by officers to finish enemy soldiers wounded by poison gas attacks. Trench clubs were manufactured in bulk by units based behind the lines. Typically, regimental carpenters and metal workers would make large numbers of the same design of club. This example is 46 cm in length-16 ½ cm at its thickest tapering down to 12 cm at the handle end and weighing just over ½ kg. There are 12 groups of hob nails secured to the ‘business’ end of the club. The wood has been cleaned prior to us acquiring the club. The price for this piece of trench warfare history includes UK delivery. 20177. (Back Shelf storeroom)

1807-1821 English Dunderdale, Mabson & Labron, Birmingham 54 Bore Brass Action & Barrel Flintlock Pocket Pistol With Concealed Trigger. A 580 - A 580
This an excellent Flintlock pocket pistol made by Dunderdale, Mabson & Labron who were quality English Gun makers located at 25 Russell Street, Birmingham between 1807-1821 (see page 35 of English Gunmakers By Bailey & Nie). It is 5 ¾” overall length with a 2 ¼” brass barrel. The barrel’s bore has staining consistent with age and use. The underside of the barrel has crisp proof marks. It's brass action is decorated with Martial banners on the right side and signed with the manufacturer's name 'Dunderdale, Mabson & Labron' on the left. It has undamaged original bag shaped wood grip. The action has a safety bolt behind the hammer and it has a concealed trigger which folds open when the hammer is cocked. The weapon cocks and dry fires crisply. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a private collection or display. A 580

Cased, C1850 English, Page London, 120 Bore Ladies Percussion Muff Pistol With Brass Action Turn Off Barrel & Concealed Folding Trigger. Sn 20180 - 20180
This is a good Ladies Muff pistol with period fitted case. It is tiny, 4 ¾” overall with a 1 ½” screw off steel barrel and folding trigger ideal for concealment. The barrel’s smooth bore has staining consistent with age & use. It has impressed black powder proofs on the underside of the action and barrel. The brass action has tooled foliate engraving. One side is signed by the maker ‘Page’, the reverse London (most likely Samuel page recorded as a gunlock maker working at Little Alie Street London in 1846, see page 190 of British Gunmakers Vol.1 by Brown). It has a steel Dolphin hammer. The original chequered walnut grip is undamaged. The stock has an inlaid void silver escutcheon. The pistol is contained in its period leather covered wood case with hinged lid and clasp fastener. The inside of the case has padded felt contoured to fit the pistol perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 20180

*Vintage* c1960 Mares ‘Tris Inox’ Sub Diving Scuba Knife and Sheath Made in Italy. 19966:49. - 19966:49
A dive knife is a stainless steel or titanium knife, usually with a sharp cutting edge and a serrated (sawing) edge. They range in size from very compact to large. Dive tool – a dive knife with the sharp tip replaced with a prying tool. Dive shears – scissors, good for cutting monofilament line. The single edged tipped blade measuring 18 cm (31 cm overall) is serrated to one side. Inox is imprinted to one side of the ricasso and ‘Diving Equipment Ulixes’ to one side of the blade. The grip is ribbed hard plastic with a double finger guard above the blade and steel cap with lanyard ring to the pommel. The sheath is hard plastic/rubber with a belt hoop *three splits but still intact* and silicone knife strap *slight tear but still intact. The price includes UK delivery. 19966:49. (Hunting & Survival)

Wild West Era American Saloon Gambler’s Victorian English Form Concealable Spear Point Dagger With Polished Buffalo Horn Hilt, Ornate Etched Gilt Panels & Scabbard. Sn 20165 - 20165
During the Victorian era many London & Sheffield cutlers targeted the rapidly expanding market of the American Wild West. This is a small Victorian English form dagger easily concealable and is of the type carried by Wild West gamblers for self protection in the lawless saloons of frontier towns. The knife has a typical Victorian English form polished Buffalo horn handle with scallop decoration on both sides near to the butt. The hilt has steel finger guard with ball finials. The 5” long, steel flat diamond shaped, spear point blade have ornate foliate etched gilt panels on both sides. The knife measures 9 ¼” overall. There are no visible maker or date marks on the knife. The original brown open top leather scabbard has a brass throat mount and chape. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20165

Victorian era Corsican ‘Vendetta’ Folding Knife. 20092. - 20092
A vendetta knife is a type of dagger associated with the vendetta, the traditional feuds of Corsica. This example is engraved with a frieze on the blade ‘Che La Mia Ferita Sia Mortale’ which is roughly translated; ‘May All Your Wounds Be Mortal’ which has been a little erased by time and use. The light coloured horn handle which is held by two pins is engraved with a floral motif and of a Moorish head which is a symbol of the island. The single edged blade measures 9cm (20cm open and 11cm closed). A nice piece of history worthy of further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. 20092.

**ISSUED BUT UN-USED**WW2 Wood Hilt Fairbairn Sykes, FS Far East Operations Commando & RAF Fighting Knife With ‘X7’ Marked Cross Guard & Scabbard. Sn 20164 - 20164
An original WW2, FS Far East Operations dagger and correct scabbard in very good condition (see Page 137 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). The hilt is natural wood with correct grooved grip and an oval blackened brass cross guard (these daggers were made with both steel and brass cross guards, see item 9.33 page 137 of Flook’s book for an example with brass cross guard. In his book Flook indicates that these wood hilt FS knives were also issued to RAF air crew). The cross guard is stamped ‘X7’ most likely a unit or armoury weapon number. It has a 163 mm steel dagger blade with medial ridge. The blade is clean. The dagger has its original leather scabbard with belt loop, elasticated retaining strap and 4 sewn on leather tabs. The scabbard has a blackened brass chape. All leather and stitching are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20164

WWII era Commemorative Mother of Pearl Twin Blade Folding Knife Inlaid with a Portrait of R.M.S. Lancastria. 20091. - 20091
A nice vintage Sheffield folding fruit knife, with real mother of pearl grips, circa WWII, the blades are 53mm and 40mm (77mm closed) and marked to the ricasso with the maker’s trademark? to one side and ‘Finest Sheffield steel’ to the other. The Mother of Pearl grips are excellent with no damage and inscribed ‘R.M.S. LANCASTRIA’ (RMS Lancastria was a British ocean liner requisitioned by the UK Government during the Second World War. She was sunk on 17 June 1940 during Operation Aerial. Having received an emergency order to evacuate British nationals and troops from France the ship was loaded well in excess of its capacity of 1,300 passengers. Modern estimates suggest that between 4,000 and 7,000 people died during the sinking the largest single ship loss of life in British maritime history) on a silver plate to one side and an inlaid portrait of the ship to the other. The springs are good and the overall condition is excellent. The price for this piece of history includes UK delivery. 20091.

**VERY RARE**Early WW2 1939 Dated Home Front, British King’s Crown Police Station Sergeant’s MK II 'Tommy' MK II Helmet By HBH (Harrison Bros & Howson) With Liner & Chinstrap. Sn 20172 - 20172
This is a very rare to find, excellent condition, complete, original, WW2, painted steel Police Station Sgt’s 'Tommy' helmet. The helmet is painted Navy Blue and has its original yellow paint lettering 'POLICE' and Sgt’s Chevrons below King’s Crown & 2 Yellow paint Crown bands. The inner rim of the helmet has '1939’ date, letters ‘HL II’ (MK II) & maker mark ‘HBH’ (Harrison Bros & Howson). The rim also has period applied paint lettering ‘PS (police Sgt) 103 (Collar Number). It has its original oil cloth liner with adjustment cord and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are completely intact. The helmet is undamaged with no denting and it retains most of its original black paint. It is approx. UK size 7. This is an excellent helmet made at the outbreak of WW2 when the threat of Air raids was imminent. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20172

**MINT BORE**Victorian 1886 British WD MK IV Enfield Martini Henry .577x .450 Obsolete Calibre Long Lever Service Rifle & Wilkinson Sword WD 1898 Dated Pattern 1887 MK III Sword Bayonet & Scabbard. Sn 20179 - 20179
This is an original British WD MK IV 1888 dated .577x .450 Martini Henry, long lever service rifle with bayonet & scabbard. It has its original woodwork throughout. The wood has just light bumps and bruises consistent with age and service use. It has a block & blade fore sight, flip up ladder rear sight, steel butt plate, sling swivels, steel cleaning rod & bayonet lug. The 33” steel barrel’s bore is near mint, clean and bright with crisp rifling. The barrel has WD inspection / proof marks. The metal work has even patina. The action works crisply. The action is stamped on the right side Crown VR (Victoria Regina) Enfield, ‘Mark IV’ designation and dated '1886' together with inspection mark. Included is an original 1898 Dated Pattern 1887 MK III Sword Bayonet & Scabbard. This bayonet is the MK III pattern of 1887 with no fullers to the blade (see page 163 item B207 of Skennerton’s British & Commonwealth Bayonets). The blade carries a Queen’s Crown over "V.R."(Victoria Regina) and the date "5 98" (May 1898) together with Wilkinson Sword Company London. The reverse has WD arrow inspection mark. The spine of the blade also has inspection marks. The polished steel blade is in very good condition and measures 18 ½” long. The chequered hard boiled leather grips are undamaged. The cross guard has the correct rolled end and muzzle ring. The pommel has a push button release which works as it should. The pommel is numbered ‘10394’. It is complete with original brass mounted leather scabbard. All leather & stitching are intact. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an Antique, obsolete calibre weapon, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 20179
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