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Bayonets - German

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*Rare* WW1 German Ersatz Bayonet Made Using A British 1853 Pattern Socket Bayonet Blade. Sn 8424:83 - 8424:83
This is a rare, WW1 German Ersatz Bayonet Made Using A British 1853 Pattern Socket Bayonet Blade. The triangular blade is 16 ½ " long (21 ¾ " overall). Its crossguard has a muzzle ring and the pommel slotted for bayonet bar & complete with sprung lug button which works correctly. The steel grips are riveted and are contoured for grip. Price for this rare Ersatz bayonet includes UK delivery. Sn 8424:83 (Box 2)

WWI Imperial German Model 1888/98 Ersatz Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 288. - BAYO 288
This is an original nice example of a WWI German Ersatz M88/98 bayonet with solid steel hilt. The bayonet has a half hoop, one piece stepped muzzle ring. The bayonet has a 12 1/8" with an overall length of 17 inches. The bayonet is complete with its original steel scabbard. The all steel scabbard retains a small section of original green paint around the frog stud. See page 143 & 153, The Bayonet Book by Watts & White for a virtually identical example. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 288. (Box 2)

**RARE**1876 Imperial German M1871 F.A. Hermes Solingen Brass Hilt Sword Bayonet For The 1871 & 1871/74 Mauser Rifle With Scabbard & WW1 1918 Leather Frog Marked Otto** Furstenzell (Bavaria) H.K.P. Sn 20674 - 20674
An Imperial German M1871 bayonet for the 1871 & 1871/74 Mauser Rifle with scabbard & WW1 dated frog (see page 116 of The Bayonet Book by John Watts and Peter White). The bayonet has brass grips, smooth on one side and grooved on the reverse. The smooth grip is stamped with imperial inspection marks. The hilt has a push button release which operates smoothly. The blade is manufacturer marked ‘F.A. Hermes Solingen’. The single edged blade with fullers measures 18 ½” length. The spine has Imperial inspection mark above ‘76’ date (1876). The scabbard is leather and has a brass throat mount with frog locket and brass chape. The throat mount and chape have Imperial inspection marks. The scabbard is fitted with original period leather frog with belt loop in excellent condition. The rear of the belt loop is impressed ‘Otto (alongside indistinct surname) Furstenzell (Bavaria) H.K.P.’ and date ‘1918’. All leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are clean & intact. The price for this scarce bayonet, scabbard and frog set includes UK delivery. Sn 20674 (box 3)

German Ersatz Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 420. - BAYO 420
This is a German M88/98 all steel bayonet with two piece hilt, open muzzle ring and unfullered blade, see White & Watts item No 336 page 153 for similar. The 26 cm blade (38 cm overall) is in good condition, only showing signs of service wear towards the tip. One side of the grip is stamped ‘3631’. The number ‘4062’ is stamped to the crossguard on one side. The all steel standard version scabbard retains most of its colour and only has a couple minor service wear marks throughout. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 420. (Box 1)

**Scarce** German 2nd Type M1884/98 Bayonet with Sawback Blade & Metal Scabbard with Brass Letters on the Grip. BAYO 6290 - BAYO 6290
This is the 2nd model of the M1884/98 with a flash guard and new pommel shape. The blade has the trademark of 'Gottlieb Hammesfahr-Solingen-Foche’ with a pyramid and cross logo. The grips have brass letters "SLII" affixed to one side which presumably was a personalisation by the soldier to denote his regimental allegiance. They are contemporary to the piece and are very attractive. The pommel and cross guard are lightly pitted but this does not detract from the overall appearance. This is a scarce bayonet from WWI. (See White & Watts 'Bayonet Book' Pages 115 & 129 item 286). The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6290. (Box 2)

Pre WW2 1937 Dated Nazi German K98 Mauser Model 1884/98 (3rd Model) Bayonet By S/177 (Ernst Pack & Son Solingen) & WW2 1943 Scabbard By ‘asw’ (E&F Horster Solingen) With Leather Frog. BAYO 402. - BAYO 402
This is an original model 1884/98 Nazi German Mauser bayonet for K98 rifles. It is dated '37' (1937) on the back of its clean blade. The bayonet has wood grips which are undamaged and is stamped on the ricasso with the Nazi manufacturer code S/177 (Ernst Pack & Son Solingen). The reverse is stamped number '5722 b'. The pommel is waffenamt. It’s steel scabbard is numbered ‘2329’, has date ‘43’ (1943) and Nazi manufacturer code ‘asw’ (E&F Horster Solingen). The scabbard is undamaged with even patina and light areas of service wear. The ball end of the scabbard is waffenamt. The scabbard is fitted with an original dark brown leather frog. All stitching and leather are clean and intact. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the frog. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 402.

*SCARCE* WWII German Army Dress Bayonet & scabbard by 'W. Mossner-Munster' . Sn 5175. - Sn 5175
A good condition German Army Dress parade bayonet with nickel fittings and original black chequered grips which are in near perfect condition. It has an upswept quillon on the crossguard. It has a good single edged, 10" long, fullered blade with the manufacturers’ name of "W. Mossner, Munster". The leather blade washer and rifle slot with red felt insert are intact and good order. The original black metal scabbard retains the majority of its paint and only has minor service wear marks. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 5175.

Nazi M98 Dress Bayonet By W.K.C. Scabbard & Frog. BAYO 114. - BAYO 114
An standard Nazi M98 dress bayonet and scabbard. The dress sidearm for military and civilian uniformed formations was designated the M98 Dress Bayonet. This bayonet represented a stylised form of the S. 84/98 bayonet purchased by the individual for wear with the walkout dress uniform and was worn by the mainly non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This dress bayonet has a rifle mortise and push button release. It retains the red felt in the mortise slot. This is the short version with a 7 3/4" blade which carries the makers logo along with "W.K.C." The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. The grips are chequered and secured with two rivets. It has a metal scabbard with lozenge shaped frog stud and leather frog. (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 15-16 by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand). BAYO 114.

*Rare* German M1871 Dress Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 577. - BAYO 577
This is a rare maker, dress or walking out bayonet. It is marked to the blade with the trademark of Carl Kaiser & Co. of Solingen who were known as good quality manufacturers of walking out bayonets, although according to Anthony Carter, examples are very rare. The blade also carries etched foliate panels on both sides with staining consistent with age. The cross guard is steel with a muzzle ring, and the hilt is brass but with no provision for attachment to a rifle. The original red felt pad is present to the ricasso. The scabbard is brass mounted black leather with no bends or creases to the leather. A nice example of an M1871 walking out bayonet by a rare maker. See Anthony Carter ‘The models 98/02 & 98/05 page 80 for information about ‘Carl Kaiser & Co’. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 577. (Box 2)

*Unusual* Polish Conversion of a German S 98/05 Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 576. - BAYO 576
See ‘German Bayonets the Models 98/02 & 98/05 page 59 for reference. This appears to be one of the Polish post WWI conversions, as the flash guard has been partially removed and there is a number ‘7333’ stamped to the pommel. The blade carries the original makers mark of ‘Waffenfabrik Mauser’ and a crown over ‘W & 17’. The blade is clean, the grips are intact and only showing minor signs of service wear. The scabbard has staining relative to its age, with service wear marks. This is an unusual piece worthy of further research and a must for the German bayonet variations collector. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 576. (German Box 2)
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