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Air GUNs

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**Rare** Pre-War Lincoln Jeffries H Break Action .177 Air Rifle. 20403. - 20403
B.S.A. Lincoln Jeffries Patent Air rifles were introduced in 1905. The Lincoln & 'H' or Heavy model were produced between 1905-1908. All of the examples we have seen have been underlever variants & we cannot find any reference for break action variants. This example of the Lincoln Jeffries has the characteristics and markings of the Lincoln model apart from the fact that it is break action, rather than underlever as illustrated and described on page 17 of The Collector's Guide To Air Rifles By Hiller. The metal work has even blue finish and it has all original wood stock with chequered panel straight hand stock and chequered butt. The rifle measures 39 ¾” overall with an 18 ¾” two stage barrel. It has a blade foresight and ‘v’ notch plate rear sight. It loads and fires correctly with a good spring action.. The serial No 19890 is above the adjustable trigger. The dark wood stock and chequered straight hand grip have very minor age related marks. The metalwork retains 85% of its original blueing. The price for this scarce Lincoln variant includes UK delivery. 20403.

*Early* Webley Mark 1 2nd Series .177 Calibre Air Pistol with Wood Grips. 20355. - 20355
This is an excellent 1920's Webley Mark 1 2nd Series, .22 Calibre Air Pistol (See pages 16 to 21 of Bruce's book Webley Air Pistols). It has excellent undamaged metal work with 95% of its original finish and walnut un-chequered wood grips with inlaid Webley 'winged bullet' roundel correctly on one grip which only have slight age related marks. The access screw to the piston assembly has wear, which is common with these pistols. The left side of the frame is stamped serial number ' 826’ and with the 'Webley & Scott Ltd Birmingham & London. The right side has no markings. The breech block has the correct Webley improved sliding barrel release catch. It has an adjustable rear sight & barrel strap. The left side above the trigger has the correct safety catch feature. The pistol cocks and fires crisply. The price for this piece of Air Pistol history includes UK delivery. 20355.

*Boxed* c1960’s Daisy Winchester Model 1894 (Spittin Image) .177 BB Rifle. 20398. - 20398
The Daisy1894 is a lever action 40-shot BB repeater made to resemble the Winchester Model 94 Carbine. (Daisy Outdoor Products is the world’s oldest and largest marketer of airguns and airgun accessories. With the town’s name stamped on every Daisy airgun made since 1958, Rogers (Benton County) is well known as the home of Daisy Outdoor Products. However, the company was not always located in Rogers, nor was it always in the airgun business. Daisy traces its history to the founding of the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan. Windmills in use throughout the country had traditionally been made of wood. The idea of a steel windmill was conceived by Clarence J. Hamilton, a watch repairman working in the front window of a drug and jewellery store in Plymouth. Hamilton secured a patent, and the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company was incorporated on January 9, 1882). These are part of Daisy’s “Spittin Image” series of airguns. They were manufactured between 1961 and 1986. 98 cm overall length made from a plastic and metal combination. The wood stock and grip are in excellent condition. The metalwork has age related marks to the barrel, chamber, cocking aid and hammer. The rifle comes with its original safety instructions, Daisy product catalogue, returns label and cardboard box (advert image only). The rifle cocks and fires perfectly with a strong action. NB As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. The price for this collectors piece includes UK delivery. 20398

**RARE**MINT**Boxed 1958 - 1964 Benjamin Model 3600 100 Shot ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB CO2 Air Rifle With Original Sample Packs Of CO2 Capsule & BB’s. Sn 20351 - 20351
A Benjamin 3600 ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB CO2 Rifle.This is a rare near mint boxed, CO2 rifle manufactured by Benjamin USA between 1958 and 1964. This rifle is complete with its packaging containing the instruction leaflets, sample packet of BB’s and Co2 capsule (we have not opened the packets as they have original staples securing them to the inside of the box and do not want to damage the packets). We have not test fired the rifle which uses small CO2 capsules and .175mm BB’s. The rilfe has all of its original blue finish and the woodwork is undamaged . The rifle is 37 ¾”overall length and has open sights. The frame is stamped with Benjamin USA detail, model designation and serial number ‘K2599’. It has the correct cocking bolt which works correctly, ‘piggy back’ tube magazine and cylinder chamber with screw off cap. The rifle comes with its original Benjamin labelled retail carton in excellent condition and original instruction pamphlets. The carton has a pull out tray which contains the rifle broken down and sample packets. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. Sn 20351

C1900 GEM Style .177 Smoothbore Air Rifle. 20353. - 20353
Typical GEM style with simple external spring trigger action. The rifle is 33 ½ “ long with a 16 ¾ “ smoothbore barrel. The serial number is stamped on the barrel breech ‘545’. The rear and foresights are intact on the half hexagonal barrel. The dark wooden stock is in remarkably good condition considering its age with only a few minor age related marks. The metalwork has a nice aged patina and is rust free. The butt has a half moon steel plate held by two screws. See A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles 2nd Edition pages 92 – 106 by Dennis E. Hellier. The loading and firing action works perfectly with a strong spring action. The price for this rare collectors piece includes UK delivery. 20353.

A.S.I Military Pattern Paratrooper 'Single Shot' .22 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle. 20352. - 20352
During the 1970`s the Paratrooper Air Rifles were produced. They were available in both single shot and repeater form. This is a single shot example. It has a Military type brown plastic figured shoulder stock and chequered panel plastic pistol grip. It measures 38” overall with an 18” rifled barrel. It is fitted with original adjustable rear sight stamped with Deer’s head trademark & shrouded blade fore sight. The metalwork is showing minor signs of age related use as is the plastic stock. The top of the air cylinder is marked by the manufacturer ` El Gamo` with the manufacturer`s logo and `Made in Spain`. The barrel block is stamped .22 Calibre detail and serial number `763999`. It`s loading & firing action work crisply. The price for this sought after 1970’s air rifle includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. 20352.

*RAREST & MOST DESIRABLE**EARLY PRODUCTION**1907-1914 BSA Military Long Rifle Pattern ‘Long Lee’ .177 Calibre Territorial / Volunteer Training Lincoln Jeffries Patent Under-Lever Air Rifle With Correct Dummy Bolt. Sn 20405 - 20405
Many English gunmakers included Westley Richards did not proceed with the concept of a military style air rifle beyond the prototype stage but BSA did and introduced the Military Pattern ‘Long’ air rifle in 1907 which continued to be made in small quantities until 1914. A short pattern was also advertised but no examples are known to exist (see Chapter 13 of ‘The Book Of The BSA Air Rifle 1905-1939 by Milewski). The rifles resembled the Long Lee Enfield rifle of the British army and the dummy bolt added to the weight and realism. Early variants were only made in .177 calibre and had underlevers with the bayonet/ duck bill style protrusion the same as ours. Long examples were affectionately known as 'Long Lees'. This is an excellent original early .177 calibre variant of the BSA Military Long Rifle pattern, Territorial or volunteer training under-lever air rifle with dummy bolt, flip-up ladder rear sight, sling mounts and top marked 'Made by The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited BSA Military Air Rifle'. It is early serial number 69. The rifle has a 21” long rifled barrel with block and blade fore sight. The rifled bore is clean and it measures 49” overall. It has undamaged all original military grade wood work impressed with BSA’s piled arms trademark & correct steel butt plate without trap. The bayonet style underlever has the correct Lincoln Jeffries Patent marking. The loading tap is marked ‘Patent’ and above the loading port has BSA’s piled arms trademark. The rifle cocks and fires correctly with a strong spring action. The price for this air rifle arguably one of the rarest and most desirable includes UK delivery. Sn 20405

**WORLD’S SMALLEST* 1927-1935, German Tell II .177 Calibre Break Action Nickel Plated Smooth Bore Air Pistol. 20389 - 20389
Venus Waffenfabrik of Mehlis Germany produced the Tell II Air pistol between 1927 & 1935. It is made of tin plate and measured 5 ½” overall length. It was advertised as 'The World's smallest spring piston Air Pistol' (see pages 157 & 158 of The Collectors Guide To Air Pistols by Hiller). Its unique concentric design made it the Father of several full size Air Pistols. Before cocking the pistol, a lever is swung out from the rear of the grip to afford mechanical advantage while cocking is performed. The Pistols were only made in No 1 Bore/ .177 calibre. This Tell II .177 Air pistol is in very good condition, fully functioning with original nickel finish which is rubbed in areas consistent with age and use. Its original flat chequered wood grips are intact and secured by a screw bolt. The price for this air pistol which led the way for modern Air Pistols includes UK delivery. AI 597.

*Scarce* C1950 Wischo KG .177 Air Pistol. 20388. - 20388
The "Bayerische Sportwaffenfabrik" was founded in 1949/1950 by Dipl. Ing. Egon Wilsker (also Wischo KG Wilsker & Co, Erlangen) on the basis of local hardware factories and was called "Bayerische Sportwaffenfabrik Dipl. Ing. E. Wilsker&Co". Bayerische Sportwaffen Fabrik (Bavarian Sporting Weapons Manufacturer) or BSF, as it was known, operated for several decades, both before and after World War II. They were based in Erlangen, Germany, a suburb of Nuremberg. It was BSF that first broke the 800 f.p.s. barrier with their model S55/S60/S70 breakbarrel. Distributed by the Hyscore company in the U.S.A as their Model 817M available in .177 only. This is the Wischo model which was sold in America. The top of the cylinder reads ‘WISCHO –KG, ERLANGEN, GERMANY and on the side it reads ‘MADE IN GERMANY WEST’. It has a brass medallion set into each side of the grip with a ‘W’ logo with an arrow through the ‘W’. The metalwork and woodwork are only displaying minor signs of age related wear. See page 36 of ‘The Collectors Guide to Air Rifles’ 3rd edition by Dennis E. Hiller for reference. The loading and firing action works perfectly with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill apply to the sale & delivery of this item. 20388.

*Scarce* 1930-1935 Webley Senior 2nd Pattern .177 Calibre Air Pistol with Black Grips. Sn 20354. - 20354
This is a nice Webley Senior .177 Calibre Air pistol. It is undamaged with original finish and black plastic grips. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'The Webley Senior Made In England' together with the serial No ‘S2737’ and Great Britain Patents. The right side is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd, Birmingham 4' and 'Webley Patents' (The pre 1958 area code 4 was removed from pistols post 1958 after a factory relocation, See Page 85 of Webley Air Pistols by Bruce). The forward barrel block is stamped 'S.177' calibre & the front of the cylinder stamped with number '737'. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight and it cocks and fires perfectly with a strong spring action. See page 60 ‘Webley Air Pistols’ by Gordon Bruce for reference. The price for this scarce air pistol includes UK delivery. Sn 20354.
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