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1870 Wilkinson Sword British Lead-cutting Sword No.3 & Scabbard - ED 862 / 5222
A rare Wilkinson 1870, 1st pattern, Lead-cutting sword No.3 in its original scabbard. There were 4 sizes, No.1 the lightest and No.4 the heaviest. This number 3 and is a very large sword with a 33" long, 2" wide single edged, flat back blade. It has a blackened metal cutlass style hilt and a black jappaned iron grip. It has its original black leather scabbard with brass frog stud. Its rear seam has opened but could be re-stitched and it has no chape. The lead cutting sword was used by Cavalrymen to stregthen the wrist and forearm and the stronger he was the larger the sword he used. Nicely etched on the top of the blade, "LEAD CUTTER NO.3," and "WILKINSON, PALL MALL, LONDON". For reference see pages 266, 267 & 268 in Brian Robson's 'Swords of the British Army'. Price includes UK delivery.

Original Japanese Sword Tsuba. - ED 825
An original, old and very nice condition iron Tsuba from a Japanese sword. It has a 65mm radius, square with rounded corners on the mimi. The central seppa dai has a copper insert on the narrow edge for the sword tang. It has two riobitsu either side of the seppa dai and is very skillfully made. I am unable to date it but is a minimum of 100 years old. price includes UK delivery.

Interesting Arab Nimcha sabre & scabbard - ED 715
A very interesting Arab Nimcha sabre used both in Arab countries and Morocco, made from captured blades and in its original scabbard. The sword has a horn grip with flutes and finger loop and a steel knuckleguard with a rectangular base with drooping quillons on both sides terminating in round finials. It has a 24" curved blade with 3 fullers originally made in Europe, probably Spain and stamped with , "Neuvo Granada". In its original black leather scabbard with brass chape with ornamented copper band. All in good condition. price includes UK delivery.

Victorian French Cavalry Troopers Sword & Scabbard - 4052
An excellent condition 19th Century French Cavalry Troopers Sword and Scabbard. Regulation slotted steel semi-bowl guard stamped "1/EG/168", forward sloping cap shaped pommel, ribbed shaped composition black grip. Slightly curved, fullered blade of 33" in length marked on the backstrap, Manufactre d'Armes de Chatellrault JH" and various stampes at the forte. In its regulation steel scabbard with single ring and stamped "2E/396. price includes Uk delivery. (sn. 4052 )

**SOLD**SOLD**17/1**Model 1796 Prussian Infantry Officers Sword & Scabbard - 4090
A fine quality Model 1796 Pruissian Infantry Officers Sword in its original scabbard. This is one of a pair of absolute original sleepers not offered for sale previously. Very similar to its contemporary British counterpart this is a rare sword. Solid brass handle, pommel, knucklebow, quillon and 2 kidney shaped shells. The grip is bound with German silver wire. A superb polished steel, fullered, single edged 32.5" blade. The ricasso is stamped, "E & H. Neuhaus, Solingen" who were working from 1820 - 1877. In its original black leather scabbard with brass chape and locket and frog clip. Stamped '31.3.9.' on the locket. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4090 )

German Army NCO’s sword & scabbard - ED 136
Nazi Army NCO’s sword. Round pommel. Blade stamped "CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN". Double gold twisted wire on grips. Plain langets. Black painted scabbard. Price includes UK delivery.
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