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Police Uniform and Equipment

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SCARCE, Early 20th Century Hiatt’s American made ‘Flexible’ Link Handcuffs Marked ‘Yuma’ To The Yuma Police Dept, Arizona , USA Numbered ‘97’ With Original Matching Number Key. Sn 15415 - 15415
These handcuffs designed by Hiatt are rare to find. Produced in America in the early 20th Century these Hiatt ‘Flexible’ cuffs are made of iron and have correct flexible links. One of the links is crisply marked ‘Yuma’ to the Yuma Police Dept, Arizona , USA and another link numbered ‘97’. The cuffs are joined by the correct linked iron rings and have their original key with matching number ‘97’. Both cuffs open, close and lock as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15415

SOLD SOLD (26/06) British Edwardian 1907-1909 Joseph Hudson Patent ‘The Metropolitan’ Nickel Plated Brass Police Whistle With Sheffield Steel Folding Knife Blade. Sn 15341 - 15341
This is a rare and unusual form Edwardian Police whistle with folding knife blade. The nickel plated brass whistle measures 3 ½” length including its lanyard ring. The body is crisply marked ‘The Metropolitan Patent J. Hudson 13 Barr St Birmingham’. The Diaphragm is also marked ‘J.Hudson Patent’ (Joseph Hudson worked at 13 Barr Street from 1888 to 1909. In 1907 he took out patent No.01112 for his ‘Metropolitan Whistle’). One side of the whistle has a small 1 ½” single edged steel folding blade . The blade is undamaged with just staining consistent with age and is marked ‘Sheffield England’. The whistle functions as it should producing loud, piercing sound. The price for this unusual form of Edwardian Police Officer’s whistle includes UK delivery. Sn 15341

Vintage Issue Dutch Police Black Leather Uniform Belt With Vigilat Ut Quiescant' Two Piece Belt Buckle. Sn 13907:43 - 13907:43
An original vintage issue Dutch Police black leather uniform belt with two piece 'Vigilat Ut Quiescant' belt buckle. The belt is in very good condition, it shows signs of normal wear but is undamaged. The inside of the belt is lined with black coarse felt. It has brass eyelets on the lining for hooks to locate in for adjustments. It retains both leather belt keepers. The belt has a two piece metal, chromed Dutch Police 'Vigilat ut Quiescant' belt buckle, the meaning of the motto is "They (the police) watches lest they (the citizens) can rest". The belt measures 45" when laid out flat. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:43

A Victorian Period Halifax County Borough Police Uniform Leather Waist Belt, Buckle and Clasp. Sn 13907:42 - 13907:42
The Halifax County Borough Police was formed in 1848 and amalgamated in 1868. This is an original Victorian period uniform leather waist belt, buckle and clasp. The waist belt is dark brown leather and shows signs of being worn. The belt is in excellent condition. It is 49" long when laid out flat. It has a buckle which allows it to be adjusted, in the photographs it is adjusted to 45". The belt has one leather loop. The clasp is chromed brass (non-magnetic) and has the Halifax County Borough Police crest in the centre along with "Halifax County Borough Police" around the outside. The leather fob behind the clasp has a number stamped on the reverse "55" making it a researchable item. The stitching on the belt is all present and secure. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 13907:42

Original Victorian Wrist Shackles / Handcuffs By 'W. Down'. Sn 13907:41 - 13907:41
These are an original pair of Victorian wrist shackles / handcuffs by 'W. Down'. The shackles are a matching pair and are hinged and sized to fit the wrist. Once closed a steel forged cap goes over the shackles and a chain is threaded through the cap and shackle. This method of shackling someone allowed several people to be restrained with one long chain, similar to the transportation ships used to ship convicts to Australia and also chain gangs, it allowed movement of the hands and arms but kept the prisoner secure. Both shackles open and close smoothly as they should. Both iron caps are stamped. The first is stamped with the number "26" and above this "W H". The second is stamped with the number "5" and "W. Down", see the photographs. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:41

Excellent Original British Police 1920's Wootton Lantern By Smiths of Cricklewood. Sn 13907:39 - 13907:39
An excellent condition British Police 1920's Wootton Lantern by Smiths of Cricklewwod. Batteries have been around since 1800 but these were bulky and used a liquid acid as an electrolyte and therefore were impractical for use in any hand-held light. What was to be called the dry cell battery came into being around 1880 but was still too bulky to be considered for use in a convenient personal-use light. In 1887, a true dry cell battery was invented. The dry cell did not require a liquid acid as electrolyte and therefore was “dry”, and so the name. The lamp itself was designed by George Arthur Henry Wootton who was the Assistant (Chief) Engineer of the Metropolitan Police in the 1920s. The patent carries the date of 23rd November, 1922. This lamp was powered by an accumulator of 2 volts and the lens was able to be focused by turning the metal ring around the lens. The lamps were used mainly by police. The manufacturer of these lamps, Smith’s and Son was situated in Cricklewood. The lamp is in very good undamaged condition. The top is released by pushing a button on the side, see one of the photographs. On the top is a rotating on off switch which operates smoothly. There is a compartment in the front under the lens which holds a spare bulb, which is present. The light can be focused by twisting the lense cover on the front, this rotates as it should and the lenses moves forward and back to focus as it should. The bulb in the lamp is also present. There is a manufacturer's plate on the front with "Patent No 201089/22 (1922) Smiths British manfcr The Wootton Lantern". There is also a small push button to the side of the lenses. On the reverse it has two fold out brass handles which open and close smoothly. The bottom has "The Wootton Lantern Patent No 201089 Ser no 62923 sole manufacture S Smith & Sons (Ma) Ltd Cricklewood London". The lantern retains about 80% of the original black paint. It is undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. 13907:39

Victorian 1840 - 1860 'Hard' 'D' Leg Irons With No 10 Key By Hiatt of Birmingham. Sn 13907:38 - 13907:38
An original Victorian 1840-1860 set of 'Hard' 'D' leg irons with original number 10 key by Hiatt of Birmingham. Between 1788 and 1868, about 162,000 convicts were transported by the British government to various penal colonies in Australia. The British government began transporting convicts overseas to American colonies in the early 17th century. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868. The leg irons were used as restraints in prisons and on convicts destined for transportation. The leg irons and chain are very heavy weighing 2.4Kg and in excellent original condition. They consist of two cuffs for the ankles and each side has a 10.5" length of chain to a swivel and then a further 10.5 piece of chain to a large 3" diameter ring which was used for attaching the chain to hand cuffs or to ground pins. Both cuffs are stamped with "Hiatt" and "0" and "Hard". They both have a hinge which operates smoothly and both cuffs are opened with the original Hiatt Number 10 key. The key is stamped with "No 10 Hiatt". Both cuffs lock and unlock with the screw key. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:38

SOLD SOLD (03/18) Victorian British Police Cutlass / Sword / Hanger With Leather Scabbard. POL 4010 - POL 401
This is a very good original Victorian Police Hanger and scabbard. It has a 24” blade with pronounced curve and fuller with sharpened back edge point. The blade is clean and has a sprung rear scabbard release button at the ricasso to prevent it being pulled out by an attacker. The locking tab is broken off with just the release button remaining. The blade is unmarked by any stamps. Its Shagreen handle is in good order and it has a steel single bar hand guard. It has a steel pommel. The overall length of the sword is 29 1/2”. Its black leather scabbard is in nice undamaged condition with steel mounts. The upper mount has a steel locket which also has an oval frog stud. The price includes UK delivery. POL 401

Victorian British 3 Bar Brass Knuckle Guard Mounted Constabulary Police / Militia Cavalry Sabre & Scabbard. Sn 13229 - 13229
This is a very good Victorian Guard Mounted Constabulary Police / Militia Cavalry sword. It has a 29 ½” curved sabre blade with fuller. The blade has just staining consistent with age. Its leather covered wood handle is in good order with just small scuffs to the leather and it has a 3 bar brass knuckle guard & curved pommel. The overall length of the sword is 34 ¾”. There are no visible manufacturer or designation markings on this cutlass. The sword is complete with its original leather scabbard which has brass mounts and 2 hanging rings. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13229

Early British Police Uniform Cape With Lion Head Fasteners, Chain and Collar Numbers. Pol 398 - Pol 398
This is a very nice condition British Police Uniform cape which is complete. The Uniform cape first came into service in the late 1800 and probably ceased to be issue uniform in the late 1960's early 1970's. This cape is a winter, thick serge wool cape which is complete. It has the original brass lion heads on the collar with the brass fixing chain. The collar has the police officer collar number fixed, "292" in bright chrome. The collar numbers are fixed as they should be with the brass split pins. The inside of the cape has a white printed code "B.P. 292 4 65". It is undamaged and all the stitching is present and secure. This is a very nice example of the British police winter cape. The price includes delivery. Pol 398
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