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German Police Officers Tunic & Cap - PO 94
A nice uniform of a West German Police Officer consisting of his green tunic and white topped cap. The tunic is made of officer quality material with a silk lining. It has a label on the collar, "sg 56-1" and a pocket stamp of "Mdl. 1850, 2/Y". (somewhere in all those figures is the size) It has two epaullettes with 3 pips on and silver bullion braid with bright green piping. It has the German type collar badges again with green piping. It has a "Betriebsschutz" arm badge (Operational Protection Police), a 3 medal bar, a gold Kampfsport chest medal and all its buttons. In perfect condition. The matching cap has a white top, gold and enamel cap badge, cockade, green and silver strap. It has a makers diamond inside of Albert Kempf K.G. of Stirndruckfrei and is size 57. Both in excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery.

Malaysian Police Officers Peaked Cap - PO 92
A Malysian Police officers peaked cap in mid blue with a gold bullion cap badge with highlights in red, blue and yellow silk. Gold buttons, size 6 7/8" and in perfect condition. Price includes Uk delivery.

Austrian Senior Police Officers Cap - PO 91
A very ornate peaked cap of a senior Austrian Police Officer. It has a gold bullion boss on the white linen peak with the red & white Austrian roundel in its centre. It has a gold and enaqmel cap badge with a red shaped backing. Thick twisted gold cap cords, gold buttons and on the left side a gold flaming grenade with fitted red backing cloth. Dated 1992 and size 58 its in perfect condition. Price includes UK delivery.

Copenhagen Danish Police Officers Summer cap - PO 90
A very nice peaked cap of a Police Officer in Copenhagen, Denmark with its white Summer cap cover. It has a gilt and enamel cap badge, gold cap cords and a black oak leal cap band. Inside it has a leather chin strap and large makers diamond. Size 57.5. Perfect condition and includes UK delivery.

Lower Merion, Pennsylvania Police patrolman's cap - PO 87
An original Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, USA, Police patrolman's cap featuring a gilt metal badge, buttons and in size 7". Perfect condition and price includes UK delivery.

Paris Police Bandsmans Kepi - PO 85
A very nice quality Police Kepi cap of a Paris Police Bandsman. Blue cloth with gold bullion gimp ornamentation. Gold chinstrap with silver coat of arms buttons. Two bullion badges to the front. Black leather peak and black leather sweat band. Lined with brown silk. Prabably dates from 1950's. In excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery

Police Helmet - Rare Lancashire Constabulary White Helmet - PO 80
This is an experimental white cork police helmet introduced for Traffic Officers in lancashire Constabulary in the 1950's when they had to perform point duty and so be more visible. Never designed to have a badge fitted and has no holes to receive one. Rose top (now loose)Inside it has a Christ's leather sweatband in size 7 1/8. Excellent as new condition and rare. Part of a large collection purchased from Chorley Police Station. Price includes UK delivery.

Police Cromwell, Argus Riot Control Helmet - PO 26
A size 7 1/2 (61) Police issue Argus Riot Control Helmet, manufactured as the " Cromwell " by Helmets Ltd, England. Complete with hinged plastic visor, all air hoile covers and has markings at the rear, BA, over, C. Inside it has its moulded, padded liner with all chinstraps and cup. Small chip to the crown. Price includes UK postage.

Cheshire Constabulary Police Flat Cap - PO 25
A perfect condition size 7 1/8 (58) flat cap of the Cheshire Constabulary complete with chequered band, chrome, queens crown cap badge and front strap. Inside it has its leather sweat band and plastic grease cover. Price includes UK postage

Cheshire Constabulary Police Custodian Helmet - PO 24
A nice size 7 1/4 (59) Custodian Helmet of the Cheshire Constabulary with chrome comb and chrome Queens Crown Helmet Plate. Inside it has a moulded, padded riot liner and straps as well as its normal chinstrap. Price included UK postage.
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