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Small Arms Ammunition

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*** LOOSE ROUNDS ONLY AVAILABLE ****British Military Service Pack 12 x .380 [INERT] Revolver Rounds Webley & Enfields. (0 PACK NOW AVAILABLE). O 742. - O 742
( BOXES TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK LOOSE ROUNDS ONLY 2.50 EACH MINIMUM ORDER INCL DELIVERY 20.00) These are various post war dated service packs of .380 service ammunition used in the British Enfield and Webley revolvers. All these packs are WWII pattern and the rounds are identical to WW2 pattern rounds they were unaltered until they left service in favour of the 9mm. These rounds have the RL Woolwich Arsenal headstamp and 2Z which indicates that they were maximum power using nitro cellulose powder. These rounds are in excellent inert condion. The price is per pack & includes UK delivery. o 742

OUT OF STOCK 1939 INERT Webley .455 Auto Pistol Rounds Service Pack. [ Now 1 x available] ( O 737) - O 737
This is an original 1939 dated British service pack of 7 x inert .455 rounds for the large frame Webley .455 semi-automatic pistol. The rounds have brass cases with a headstamp 9 illustrated) which indicates that they were made at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich in 1939. They come in a service pack containing a magazine load of 7 rounds. The pack retains its original label. These are scarce packs of inert ammunition and the price includes UK delivery. ( O 737)

Inert 5.45 x 39 Soviet 7N6 AKS-74UB Spetsnaz assault Rifle Rounds. ( O 736) - O 736
These are scarce and now inert 5.45 x 36 Soviet 7N6 assault rifle rounds with a standard ball projectile. They have lacquered steel cases and were introduced in 1974 for the AKS-74 and in a sub-sonic loading for use by Spetsnaz troops in silenced compact assault rifles. These rounds were made in 1989. The 5.45 x 39 is a general issue calibre in the Russian military and other ex- USSR republics. These rounds are in mint condition, inert, they do not contain any propellant, the primers have been oiled and a small piece of shot put in the case so they can be 'rattled' to demonstrate that they are empty. These would look great in any display or collection. The price includes UK delivery NB Minimum Order 2 rounds. Original 20 round packs are also available. ( O 736)

WW2 British inert .455 Webley and Enfield Mark VI Revolver 12 round service pack.(Now 1 x available) - O 703
An original WW2 military service pack of 12 x inert .455 cartridges for the, Webley & Enfield Mk VI military revolvers. Loaded with lead round nosed bullets, some boxes are dated 1941 and some 1942 and bear the headstamp K which was the firm Kynoch Ltd. They are in excellent condition. These are original complete packs. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. O 703

OUT OF STOCK Rare inert 6.5 x 50 R Japanese Arisaka Rifle Ammunition and Clip. ( now 0 available) - O 698
These are extremly scarce and unusual clips of inert 6.5mm Japanese Arisaka Rifle rounds manufactured by the Chinese for captured Japanese rifles after the war. The headstamp ( illustrated) has the date marks for January 1950 and a Chinese arsenal mark. The case is loaded with a copper jacketed bullet with a green annulus. The price is for 5 original rounds and a stripper clip; includes UK delivery.

INERT DEACTIVATED. Box of Kynoch .404" Nitro Express cartridges (4 available) - O 641
INERT DEACTIVATED. A full, unfired, inert box of Five Kynoch Nitro Express cartridges. They have 2 & 7/8" brass cases and solid copper coated bullets. Used for Big Game in Africa nad India. All the box and cartridges in superb condition. Price includes UK delivery. No licence is required in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display.

Box of 100 primed Holland & Holland unused Eley-Kynoch 16 bore Shotgun Cartridges - A 444
An original box of 100 unused & primed 16 bore shotgun cartridges made for H&H by Eley-Kynoch in the 1950's-60's. They have the name "The Dominion" on the side of the cases. In perfect condition they are ideal for the collector or re-loader. Price includes UK delivery.

Original U.S. Service Pack of 20 x .30 Army (30-40 Krag) Rifle Rounds - O 533
This is a very early, c. 1900, pack of inert American issue military rifle rounds for the Winchester Model 95 rifle and the Krag Jorgensen. These were the first small bore service rounds accepted by the U.S. Army and were replaced in 1903 by the 30-06. the headstamp is, 'WRA Co. 30 Army' indicating that these were made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. This is a rare and original pack. No licence is required to possess as part of a collection or display. price includes UK delivery.

1939 Italian Breda Loading Clip of 20 x 7.35mm rounds (3 x available) - O 531
This is an original brass loading clip for the Breda model 1938 7.35mm heavy machine gun. It contains 20 inert 7.35 mm Italian Carcano rimless rounds with the headstamp,'A A C - 39'. This indicates that they were made in 1939 by the Pirotecnico di Capua and the A.A. stamp is that of the Chief Government Inspector. No licence is required to possess if part of a collection or display. price includes UK delivery.

(OUT OF STOCK) Inert 1938 7.62mm Russian Nagant Revoler Rounds (2 packs available) - 3010
These are original, inert, Russian 7.62mm Nagant rounds in service packs of 14 rounds. These rounds were for the 7 shot Nagant revolvers and the bullets are seated within the brass case. When fired the revolvers cylinder moves forward to create a gas seal with the barrel, hence the unusual bullet loading. Because of this they are impossible to deactivate by removing the bullet. these have been inerted by means of a 2mm hole above the rim. These rounds extremely scarce. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. ( sn. 3010 )
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