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WW2 1942 Canadian Scottish, Lorne Scots Regiment Tam O Shanter Bonnet War Dept Marked By BMC Cap Manufacturing Co Canada With Large Regiment Cap Badge. Sn 11013:1 - 11013:1
The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment) is a Primary Reserve infantry Regiment of the Canadian Army. It is part of the 4th Canadian Division's 32 Canadian Brigade Group. During WW2 the Regiment provided personnel and reinforcements for all defence requirements of The Canadian Army. As a result, numerous Lorne Scots defence units served in the Mediterranean, & North-West Europe. This is an excellent original WW2 Tam O Shanter to the Canadian Scottish. It's khaki serge material is clean with no damage or mothing. It has the correct cotton adjustment cord and bears it's large metal Lorne Scots badge with Scottish Lion, King's Crown Thistles and Banners with Regiment name mounted on a field of red cloth. The rear of the badge has the correct lug mounts and split pin. The top of the Tam O Shanter has a brown wool bobble. It's quilted liner is nicely marked with WD arrow and by the manufacturer 'BMC Cap Mfg Co Winnipeg Canada' together with 1942 date and size '7 1/4'. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11013:1

Post 1901 Volunteer Artillery Officer's Home Service Pattern, Blue Cloth Helmet With Ball Top Mount, Silver Plated Fittings & Frosted Silver Helmet Plate - 10946
This is an excellent original Post 1901 Ball topped Volunteer Artillery Officer's Home Service blue cloth helmet. It has silver plated fittings including metal cross piece, ball top and rose bosses supporting velvet backed link chin chain. The front of the helmet bears the impressive silver frosted Volunteer Artillery Helmet Plate with Kings Crown, Royal Arms, with scroll below over an artillery piece resting on a scroll. The helmet plate is original with correct lug mounts. The silver plating on the fittings has wear consistent with age. The helmet is complete with leather sweatband, stitched panel lining and red material with draw string all in excellent clean condition. The crown of the helmet has a lovely leather label embossed in gold 'Best London Manufacture'. It also has a small printed size label '6 7/8'. Price for this quality helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 10946

WW2 Auxiliary Training Service Officers Side Cap and A.T.S. Cap Badge Size 6 7/8. HE 852 - HE 852 10847
WW2 Auxiliary Training Service Officers Side Cap and A.T.S. Cap Badge Size 6 7/8. The side cap is in near perfect unworn original condition, showing no signs of ever being worn in service. The cap is brown with green piping. It has two brass ATS buttons at the front and on the left side a cloth and brass A.T.S. cap badge is sewn on. The patch is three layers, red on green on brown and stitched onto the cap. The brass A.T.S. cap badge, complete with wearers slider is slid onto the patch. The inside of the cap is cotton lined and in near mint condition, showing no signs of having being worn. The cap still has the original paper size label "6 7/8" inside as can be seen in one of the photographs. The price includes UK delivery. HE 852

Victorian/ WW1 Era French Military Chasseur's Kepi By Bidal Paris. Sn 10263 - 10263
Chasseur (French-Hunter) is the designation given to certain Regiments of French Light Infantry (Chasseurs à pied) or Light Cavalry (Chasseurs à cheval) to denote troops trained for rapid action. This is an original Victorian/ WW1 Era, French Chasseur's Kepi. It is in nice condition with stiffened leather peak with brass rim and flat crown. It has a light blue material body and retains it's original, brass side vent covers, brass scale chin strap supported by Lion's head bosses, bullion state cockade hanger with metal Red state cockade together with Chasseur bugle cap badge. The blue material has some light mothing to the right side. It has it's original leather sweatband liner edged in gold and the crown has a nice gold leaf manufacturer's label 'E. Bidal, 3 Rue De Rhliblieu, Paris'. All material is clean and intact with just light service wear to sections of it's blue body. The Kepi is approx UK size 6 1/2. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10263

***SOLD***SOLD*** WW1 British MK II Brodie Combat Helmet With Liner & Chin Strap. HE 851 - HE 851 / 10841
The Brodie helmet was a steel combat helmet designed and patented in 1915 by Englishman John Leopold Brodie. Brodie's design had a shallow circular crown with a wide brim around the edge, a leather liner, and a leather chinstrap. The helmet's "soup bowl" shape was designed to protect the wearer's head and shoulders from shrapnel shell projectiles bursting from above the trenches. The design allowed the use of relatively thick steel that could be formed in a single pressing while maintaining the helmet's thickness. This WW1 Brodie helmet has the MK II 'turned rim edge' (earlier MK 1 Brodies had a raw edge) and has it's original, untouched, oil cloth liner and leather adjustable chin strap with buckle (one side of the chin strap has perished with age but this could easily be repaired). The liner is stamped with a clear red ink 'Brodie' stamp (illustrated). It has the correct chin strap bales secured by split pins and rivet at the crown. The inside rim of the helmet is stamped 'HS 164'. The helmet retains it's original textured finish and much of it's original olive green paint. It is approx. UK size 6 1/2. Price for this WW1 helmet includes UK delivery. HE 851

SOLD SOLD SOLD British Royal Horse Artillery Tarleton Helmet With King George Helmet Plate & Plume. Sn 10153 - 10153
The Regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery (RHA), dating from 1793, are part of the Royal Regiment of Artillery of the British Army. The RHA served with distinction at the battle of Waterloo. Today horses are still in service for ceremonial purposes but were phased out from operational deployment during the 1930s. The Tarleton helmet was named after Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Banastre Tarleton who led British Light Cavalry known as ‘Tarleton’s Legion’ during the American War of Independence (1775-83). This is an impressive original Military Tarleton helmet to the British Royal Horse Artillery. We have been unable to date this helmet which is in superb condition but it has many of the features of an early Tarleton. It has the correct 'boiled leather' hard skull black fur top and fur headband. The fur headband is mounted with chains. It has a leather brim with brass rim and brass rims to the skull. The Tarleton has brass rose bosses and leather backed scale chin strap with buckle. The left side has a brass plume holder and removable Ostrich feather plume in red and white. The right side has a brass helmet plate Crown GR 'George Rex' (illustrated). The Front of it's brass headband is beautifully engraved 'Royal Horse Artillery' in large letters. It has an olive material sweatband liner with drawstring and a clean interior. Some parts of this Tarleton may have been refurbished at some time in it's life. All metal, material, leather and stitching of this excellent piece are clean and intact. It is approx UK size 7 1/2. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10153

SOLD SOLD Original Royal Malaysian Air Force Songkok (Cap) & Original Cardboard Hat Box. HE 847 - HE 847
An Original Royal Malaysian Air Force Black Velour Songkok (Cap), Complete with original cardboard hat box by Malaya Trading Co. Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian Air Force trace their lineage to the Malayan Auxiliary Air Force; formation of the Royal Air Force was raised in 1934. They later transformed into the Straits Settlements Volunteer Air Force and the Malaya Volunteer Air Force formed in 1940 and dissolved in 1942 during the height of the Japanese advance over Malaya. The latter was re-established in 1950 in time for the Malayan Emergency and contributed very much to the war effort. On 2 June 1958, the MVAF finally became the Royal Federation of Malaya Air Force, this date is celebrated as RMAF Day yearly. On 25 October 1960, after the end of the Malayan Emergency, the British Royal Air Force handed over their first base in Malaya to the RFMAF, at Simpang Airport; it was established on 1 June 1941, in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur which was formerly part of Selangor and the national capital city. The hat has an officer's embroidered bullion cap badge stitched to the front. The songkok (cap) has a silver acetate band around its top edge. There is a central double band of gold bullion wire, and single band of similar wire at the brim. The badge, which is sewn to the left front, shows a pair of wings forming a wreath, topped by the Queen's Crown. In the centre of the wreath is a half moon, horns upwards, and an eleven-pointed star. The songkok is lined with blue plastic, decoratively quilted with red and yellow stitching. A brown paper or cardboard head band is stamped on the left hand side with the word 'Malaya' in cursive script. It has a paper label edged in red with "R.M.A.F. 23 M. Trading" written onto it. The hat is in excellent un damaged condition. The cardboard hat box is reinforced with brown paper and is in perfect undamaged condition. It has a label on top of the box lid which has "Malaya Trading Co. Expert Tailors & Military Contractors 48 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Batu Road) Kuala Lumpur Tel 80971". The box is oval shaped to take the Cap. The cap fits perfectly in the box. This is a rare opportunity to obtain what is a rare, excellent condition Royal Malaysian Air Force Black Velour Songkok and original cardboard box. The price includes Uk delivery

WW1 French Army Field Service Side Cap With 73rd Infantry Cap Badge. Sn 10257:2 - 10257:2
An original, WW1 French Army Field Service Side Cap With 73rd Infantry Cap Badge. The Blue Serge side cap is in excellent clean undamaged condition. The cap is mounted with brass numbers '73' on a dark blue cotton patch (73rd Infantry). It has red piping to the body. The inside of the cap has it's original headband and it is approx UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10257:2

WW1 Era French Army Officer's Kepi With Number '1' Cap Badge. Sn 10265 - 10265
This is an original WW1 Era, French Army Officer's Kepi. It has service wear throughout with stiffened leather peak and flat crown. It has a light blue and red material body and retains it's original German Silver bosses and bronze coloured band. The body and crown have light blue cord piping. The front of the Kepi is mounted with a small brass number '1' badge/ designation. It has it's original leather sweatband and blue cloth lining which has similar service wear. The Kepi is approx UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10265

WW2 1941 War Department Marked British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet By Helmets Ltd Wheathampstead With WD Marked Canvas Transit Bag. Sn 10368 - 10368
This is an excellent original WW2 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. It's khaki canvas cover is undamaged. It has it's original khaki head band & vented top mount. It is complete with leather sweatband and original foil liner. The foil lining is in excellent condition considering how delicate the linings of these helmets were. The inside of the sweatband is WD & arrow ink stamped together with number 821. The sweatband also has an excellent red 7 white paper label marked by the manufacturer 'Helmets Ltd Wheathampstead' together with WD arrow, 1941 date & size 6 3/4. All material and stitching of the helmet are clean and undamaged. It has one of it's original brass chin strap hooks on the left side. The right hook is absent. The helmet is complete with it's original canvas transit bag. The bag is clean and intact. The bag has it's original cotton draw cord. The inside of the bag is ink stamped 'WD & arrow' together with 'JO 194' & arrow. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10368
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