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**SOLD**SOLD**5/9**RARE, Early WW2 1940 Dated Nazi German ‘SS’ Enlisted Man’s Die Struck Aluminium Buckle RZM Manufacturer Marked 36/40 Overhoff & Cie With ‘SS’ Runes . Sn 15390:4 - 15390:4
This is an excellent original Nazi ‘SS’ enlisted man's buckle with RZM code 36/40. On page 219 of the book German Belt Buckles, the author Nash states that the RZM code 36/40 was used by the manufacturer Overhoff in 1940 on the last known examples of die struck aluminium SS buckles. The buckle has the correct embossed Nazi Eagle with Swastika & Wreath together with ‘SS’ motto ‘Meine Ehre Heißt Treue’ (my honour is called loyalty). The rear of the buckle has a fixed bar and rotating bar with 2 prongs. The rear is stamped with Nazi ‘RZM’ roundel & manufacturer code ‘36/40’ (Overhoff & Cie and 1940 date). There is also a crisp roundel with ‘SS’ runes. The price for this excellent, nicely marked Nazi SS buckle includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:4

C1936 & WW2 Era Nazi First Pattern Die Struck Luftwaffe Aluminium Buckle & Dark Brown Leather Belt With Aluminium Belt Hook. Sn 15390:2 - 15390:2
Prior to 1936 the Luftwaffe used belt buckles & other insignia of the DLV (Deutsche Luftsport Verband), the reconstruction of the German air force under the guise of a ‘flying club’. In 1936 the Luftwaffe introduced their own insignia including belt buckles. This is an excellent original first pattern Luftwaffe buckle die struck from aluminium with original leather belt (see page 159 of ‘German Belt Buckles 1845-1945’ by Nash). The front of the buckle has the early form stylised Eagle carrying a Swastika surrounded by Oak leaves wreath. The buckle is undamaged. The rear prongs and bar are present and function as they should. The original period dark brown leather belt is 1 ¾” wide and is 39” in length. The leather is intact and holed for size adjustment. The tab of the belt is impressed with numbers ‘II/162’ and other indistinct mark (illustrated). The alloy belt hook is present and undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:2

Pre WW2 Nazi German Era 1935-36 Commemorative Wall Plaque To 'Unserem Zugfuhrer' (Our Leader) 1/J.R.47" Platoon / Division . Sn 14423 - 14423
This is a pre WW2 German Nazi Era 1935-36 Commemorative wall plaque to 'Unserem Zugfuhrer' (Our Leader) at Schutzenzung, Platoon 1 / J.R. 47. The wooden plaque is stained dark black and has a circular metal German Soldiers Bust plaque secured to it. The soldier has a decaled German helmet and dress uniform. The bust measures 6 1/2" in diameter and is bordered with foliage decoration. Below this is a rectangular metal plate with "Unserem Zugfuhrer 1935 /36 Schutzenzug 1./J.R. 47". whichy translates to something similar to "Our Leader" and Schutzenzug" being a name of a place with "1/J.R.47" being a platoon or division. The plaque measures 11 1/2" x 8 3/4" and has rounded corners. It has a hanging loop on the rear for wall mounting. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14423

Nazi German Framed Cast Alloy Reichs Labour Corps (RLB) Presentation Wall Plaque. N 506 - N 506
An original Nazi German Reichs Labour Corps, Presentation Wall Plaque. The Plaque consists of an excellent 11 ¾” x 5 ½” rectangular alloy plate which is deep cast with Nazi National emblem, Eagle with Swastika and group of workers with tools above wording ‘Kameraden Der Arbeit’ (Comrades Of Work). The plate has a rectangular wooden frame. The plaque with frame measures 15” x 9” x 1”.The rear of the frame has a small brass hanging ring. The price includes UK delivery. N 506

WW2 Era Nazi German D.D.A.C (Der Deutsche Automobil-Club), Double Sided, Car Pennant. Sn 14705 - 14705
DDAC (Der Deutsche Automobil-Club ) was founded in 1933 by The Nazi party to take control over all the various national car associations that existed in Germany at that time. This is an original triangular Nazi D.D.A.C car pennant. The pennant measures 13 ½” x 8”. It has no damage and made of thick double sided white cloth with intricate stitching. Both sides feature the printed badge of the D.D.A.C with Eagle & Swastika upon a red black and white cross. The seamed edge of the pennant has its original cord inside which has been cut back at some point in its life . The pennant has staining consistent with age & use. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14705

Quality WW2 Era Nazi German NSKK Double Sided, Leather Trimmed Car Pennant With Cord & Sprung Clip. Sn 14706 - 14706
In May 1931 the Nazi NSKK (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) was formed. The primary mission assigned to the paramilitry NSKK was to meet all transportation requirements of the Nazi Party. This is an original superb construction triangular Nazi NSKK car pennant. The pennant measures 12” x 6 ½”. It has no damage and made of thick double sided blood red cloth with intricate stitched leather edging. Both sides feature a 3 ¼” diameter circular cloth patch with expertly stitched edges and badge of the NSKK with Eagle & Swastika (4” wing span). The seamed edge of the pennant has its original cord and a nickel plated sprung clip. The pennant is clean and all material and correct stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14706

NAZI GERMAN HUNTING / PRIZE SHOOTING INTEREST : A Pre WW2 German Stag Handled Hunting Dagger By Jacobs & Co Solingen With Rostfrei Blade (Early Stainless Steel) With Scabbard, Integral Belt Loop & 2 Framed Collections Of Assorted Hunting / Shooting Medals - N 504
This hunting dagger and collection of shooting / hunting medals were collected over many years by the same German shooter /hunter in the years before WW2. The dagger has polished stag horn scales secured by rivets and bickel plated pommel and cross guard. One scale is inset with German National Eagle and German text. The single edged steel blade is 5 ½” long and fitted with original leather hilt washer. The blade is undamaged but has light scuffs and staining consistent with age and use. One side of the blade is marked by the manufacturer ‘Jacobs & Co Solingen Solingen GR’ together with ‘Rostfrei’ (‘rust free’ an early form of stainless steel). The dagger is with its original steel scabbard with integral leather belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The dagger is accompanied by his metal shooting badges and medals, 13 in total together with a linked chain with 8 shooting medallions and 2 bi metal fobs. The medals, badges and medallions are in a variety of metals, some enamelled. All are undamaged, depicting shooting themes, some with German script and one medallion with Swastika. They are contained in 2 wooden display frames mounted on a blue felt background. The frames each measure 11 ½”x 9” x 1”. Both frames are glazed. The glass in one frame is cracked. The price includes UK delivery. N 504

Original, Cast Bronze, Nazi Era 1935-1936 Dated Kochs Adlern A H Maschinen Werke A.G, Bielefield, Jahreswende, Steel Combat Helmet Factory Worker’s Commemorative Wall Plaque. Sn 14322 - 14322
A superb 24cm diameter, cast bronze, German combat helmet factory worker’s wall plaque featuring an embossed portrait of a German soldier wearing a steel combat helmet. The embossed German script lettering around the portrait "Sichern uns freiheit und ehr" translates to “secure liberty for us and honour” and "Eiserne arbeit stahlerne wehr", roughly “Iron Work-Steel Helmets”. To the rear is the manufacturer’s detail, "Kochs Adlern 'A' H Maschinen Werke A.G, Bielefield, Jahreswende 1935-1936 (Cooks Eagle Machine Works, Bielefield, year ending 1935-1936). The plaque is 15mm thick and weighs 1.84 Kg. The rear has its original hanging ring for wall mounting. A unique Nazi piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14322

RARE, Original 1933 Nazi German Official NSDAP Approved ‘Reichstagung In Nurenberg 1933’ Hard Back Report Of The Reichs Party First Days After Adolf Hitler Was Appointed Reich Chancellor1933 With Many Contemporary Photographs. N 495 - N 495
This officially approved Nazi hard back document measures 9” x 11 ½” and has 263 pages. The cover of the book is emblazoned with the NSDAP emblem highlighted in gold. It was published in Berlin and is profusely illustrated. Our copy has had additional newspaper clippings and contemporary original photographs added in the period. A few of the large amount of the added and published photos are illustrated in images 2 and 3. The document contains images of Ernst Rohm and Karl Ernst which are often found to be torn out of Nazi books by patriotic party members after they were denounced as traitors. This copy is still in its original cardboard sleeve. & has contemporary inscription in ink ‘Der Reichparteitag In Nurenmerg 1933’ on one side and a more detailed inscription on the reverse. These books are an amazing record of the people & pomp of these Nazi rallies and are scarce in good complete condition such as ours. The price includes UK delivery. N 495

WW2 1937 Dated Nazi S.A. der NSDAP 'Exerziervorschrift' (Drill Regulations) Pocket Book. N 493 - N 493
An original WW2 1937 dated Nazi "S.A. der NSDAP 'Exerziervorschrift' (Drill Regulations) pocket book. The book has a hard linen cover and is dated on the front "Munchen 1937". On the inside cover it has a blue ink stamp "S.A. der N.S.D.A.P. Sturm 12/235 Potsdam Babelsberger Str 29 Pionterplatz 4 Brigade 26 3986". It consists of 104 pages. It has several fold out pages which have various illustrated drill formations on (see one of the photographs). It is illustrated throughout with sketches and drawings. It measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/4". It is in very good undamaged condition. It is printed in German. The price includes UK delivery. N 493

WW2 German Nazi Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) Leader Armband With RZM Label. N 490 - N 490
WW2 German Nazi Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) Leader armband. The RLB (National Air Raid Protection League) was an organisation in Nazi Germany in charge of air raid precautions in residential areas and among smaller businesses. The RLB was organized by Hermann Göring in 1933 as a voluntary association. Existing volunteer air raid precaution associations were forced to merge with RLB. In 1939 the RLB became a Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization), while in 1944 it became an affiliated organisation of the Nazi Party. RLB was dissolved by the Allied Powers after the end of WW2. The armband is made from purple wool and has an embroidered white multi lined star with 'RLB' in black in the centre and a small Swastika below in black. On the reverse it has an RZM label No 264678. It has a stitched seam on the reverse for wear. It measures 7 1/2" across folded. The price includes UK delivery. N 490

WW2 German, Nazi NS-RKB "National Sozialistische Reichs Krieger Bund" (War veterans) Armband. N 489 - N 489
WW2 Nazi NS-RKB "National Sozialistische Reichs Krieger Bund" (War veterans) armband. The armband is in excellent condition. It is made from black wool and has a red crest shaped badge sewn onto the front which has a black Swastika in the centre of a German Cross. Edged in white. This is a very example. The arm band is not stitched for wear. When laid flat it measures 15 3/4" long. The price includes UK delivery. N 489
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