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Bayonets - American

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U.S Model 1873 Trowel Bayonet Stamped 'AT. APR 16=72'. CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION.Sn 7571. - 7571
Developed to serve as both a combat bayonet and entrenching tool, the Trowel bayonet for the Remington Rolling Block rifle was patented in April of 1872. It had a unique way of attaching to the muzzle of the rifle in that the rear of the bayonet socket rotated to allow fixing. This is a good original example 10 1/2" long and 3 1/2 inches at it's widest. The double edged blade tapers to a sharp point and the reverse has medial ridge. The bayonet has the correct knurled grip section which rotates as it should. The grip is stamped with small Patent lettering 'AT. APR 16=72' (16th April 1872). The bayonet is undamaged. There is slight staining to the blade but no rust or pitting. The grip retains it's original finish. Price includes UK delivery. THIS ITEM IS FROM THE CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED AT THE ROYAL ARMOURIES, TOWER OF LONDON. Sn 7571.

WW1 1917 Dated US Remington Bayonet For P 14 Rifles & Scabbard With WW2 1940 Dated Webbing Frog. ED 2072. - ED 2072
A lovely condition U.S. Pattern 1913 Bayonet made by Remington in September 1917 for British .303" P.14 rifles. These Bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces with the Bitish markings cancelled out and U.S. re-stamped. The P.14 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & Home Guard extensively in WW2. It has a nice clean blade & grooved slab wood grips. The ricasso of the blade is stamped 'Remington' 1913 (pattern) and '9 17' ( Sept 1917). The reverse has the correct cancelled British markings and US re issue stamp. It is complete with a steel mounted leather scabbard and webbing frog. The rear of the frog is ink stamped with partially readable numbers and a clear 1940 date. Price includes UK delivery. ( P.14 Rifles are available separately on this site). ED 2072.

WW1 1917 Dated U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. ED 2063. - ED 2063
U.S. Pattern 1913 Bayonets were made by Remington for the British .303" P.14 rifle. These Bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces with the Bitish markings cancelled out and U.S. re-stamped. This is a nice original, WW1 U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet for P.14 rifles. It has a clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is stamped on the ricasso '1913' & with the Remington roundel together with '8 17' date (August 1917). The reverse has a cancelled British Inspection stamp and is stamped 'U.S'. It is complete with original black leather scabbard with steel mounts, brass belt clips & British 1937 Pattern Webbing Frog with retaining loop. All stitching, Leather and webbing is intact. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2063.

Scarce United States Long Blade M7 Bayonet & Scabbard for M16 Rifle - ED 931
An excellent condition, scarce U.S. M7 long bladed bayonet for the M16 Armalite rifle in its original scabbard. The M7 had a muzzle ring and has a one piece black plastic grip. The crossguard is marked, “US M7”. It has an excellent parkerised 23cm blade and is in its original M8A1 green plastic scabbard with integral frog and retaining strap. A very nice bayonet and the price includes UK delivery.

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**WW1 Remington P. 1917 bayonet, Scabbard & Frog - 5245 : 5
A lovely condition U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. It has a nice blade & grips and a nice U.S. green leather scabbard with brass belt clips. Fitted with a nice 1939 pattern Home Guard leather frog. The P.17 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 & HG extensively in WW2. Price includes UK delivery. ( 5245 : 5 )
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