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Air GUNs

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1930 Dated German Haenel Model II D.R.P. .177 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle. Sn 5975. - 5975
C.G. Haenel, Suhl, Germany produced their Model II D.R.P. ( Deutsches Reichs Patent) Air Rifles from 1925 to 1938. This is an excellent original example of the break action air rifle in .177 calibre. It is 43 inches long overall with a 19" rifled barrel. The barrel's rifling is crisp and clean. The Walnut wood work and metal is undamaged with nice patina throughout. The top of the air chamber is crisply stamped ' Haenel Mod.II D.R.P.' The top of the barrel is stamped with calibre detail 'cal. 4.5mm. 177'. The underside is stamped ' Made In Germany' and with faint numbers '9.3.0' which dates it to 9th March 1930 (see page 133 of Hiller's book a collector's guide to air rifles) which describes numbers found on the underside of barrels as being day, month and year of manufacture). Also present is a stamped letter 'E' & partially visible number '?17' The rifle has a blade fore sight & adjustable rear sight. The barrel's break action is operated by a barrel release catch located on the right side of the barrel block. The weapon loads and fires perfectly with a strong spring action. Price for this excellent piece of air Rifle history includes UK delivery. Sn 5975.

1967-1968, B.S.A. Airsporter .22 calibre, Under Lever, Air Rifle. AI 503 - AI 503
A good condition B.S.A, MK II Airsporter, .22 Calibre Air Rifle. It is serial number GF1881 which dates it to between 1967-1968. ( See Pages 49 of Hillers Book 'A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles'). The woodwork and metal work are in undamaged condition with just slight scuffing to the right side of the stock. The top of the air chamber is correctly marked with the ' B.S.A. Airsporter' gold coloured electroplated legend and has 2 grooves for telescopic sight. The top of the barrel is crisply stamped with 'B.S.A. Guns Ltd, England, .22 Cal' and with the B.S.A 'stacked rifles' logo. It is under lever cocking and has a flip up rear sight. The loading and firing action works perfectly. Price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to sale and supply of this weapon apply. AI 503.

Mint, 1960's German, Model 6 Original, .177 Calibre, Target, Air Pistol. Sn 7083. - 7083
Made by by Mayer & Grammelspacher, West Germany, the Model 6 Original, Target Air Pistol was introduced in the early 1960's and renowned for it's accuracy and recoiless firing action. This near mint example is in .177 calibre with a break action 7 inch barrel. It has tunnel foresight and adjustable rear sight. The contoured target grips with chequered palm and thumb sections are in great undamaged condition and the pistol retains 99%+ of it's original blueing. It is nicely stamped 'Original'( highlighted in gold) and 'Mod 6' on top of the cylinder. Also on the cylinder is 'Made in Germany', Deutche Bundespatente Auslandpatente'. On the barrel lever section, Serial Number '71658, and 'Cal 4.5/ .177' together with the German 'F within a pentagon'( German muzzle energy mark). The pistol functions perfectly as it should. Price for this increasingly rare item in near mint condition includes UK delivery. NB. As a post 1939 air pistol this item is subject to the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill regarding it's sale and delivery. Sn 7083.

Boxed, 1960-1970's, Model 9401, Plainsman .177 BB, CO2, 'Rapid Fire' Air Pistol By Healthways U.S.A. Sn 6905. - 6905
The Plainsman was made by Healthways, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. between 1960 and early 1970's. (Healthways was taken over by Marksman in 1983). Measuring 9 inches with a 3 1/2 inch barrel, it has the look size and weight of a modern full bore semi automatic pistol and quickly became one of the most popular air pistols in the U.S.A. This .177 BB calibre Plainsman 'rapid fire', CO2 Air Pistol is in great condition. It retains all of it's original baked enamel blue finish on it's metal work and it's wood effect plastic grips are in great undamaged condition. The Plainsman features a chamber magazine that holds 100 BB's, thumb safety catch, and interestingly has adjustable power. (adjusted by a screw in butt of the grip). Aso the Model 9401 Plainsman uses both 12.5 and 8-gram CO2 cartridges and boasts an exclusive valve design intended to preserve power. The right side of the frame is stamped with it's serial number ' 0794524'. The metal grip strap of the weapon is nicely marked with the 'Plainsman' logo, U.S. patent details and .177 calibre details, highlighted in original white paint. ( illustrated). The pistol functions perfectly and it is complete with its original Grey coloured box and inlaid plastic tray nicely decorated with 'Healthway's logos and brightly coloured 'target design'. The original owners manual, adjustment tool, spare CO 2 Chamber spacer and an original blue coloured paper cartridge containing Healthways, .177 Calibre, copper coated steel BB's are included in the box. The paper cartridge is nicely marked with the 'Healthways' Logo and address. Price for this highly collectable boxed item, includes UK delivery. NB. As a post 1939 air pistol this item is subject to the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill regarding sale and delivery. Sn 6905.

1976 Polish Predom .177 Air Pistol ( Sn 6155) - 6155
A quality example of a fully working Predom (Model 170) .177" calibre Air Pistol made by Predom Lucznik, Poland in 1976. This pistol is based on the Walther LP53 design. (See pg. 141 of the collectors guide to air pistols by Hillier's). It retains 98%+ of it's original blackened finish. Cast boldly in the Left side of the weapon's body is the manufacturer's legend and date of manufacture together with model number, calibre and serial number [ D2778] (illustrated). This is a great example of an increasingly scarce air pistol. N.B. As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions on delivery imposed by the Crime Reduction Bill apply. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 6155

Boxed Italian Igi Domino Model 207 Air Pistol - 5409 : 6
A lovely condition, boxed and fully working Italian Igi Domino Model 27 air pistol made in the 1980's. In .177" calibre and of die cast construction with wrap around plastic grip. In its polysterene fitted base with cardboard box lid. Subject to the Crime Reduction Bill rules. Price includes Uk delivery. (sn. 5409 : 6 )

Boxed Webley Junior Air Pistol - AI 449
A very nice condition boxed Webley Junior .177" post war air pistol. Numbered 1079 with black chequered grips. Nice finish, works perfectly and nicely marked. In its correct box in good condition with inner lid instructions. Price includes UK delivery.

1900's German Militia Air Rifle - AI 447
A lovely example of the German made "Militia" .177" air rifle made sometime between 1900 - 1910 ish. Stamped "Militia Registered" on the barrel and "Made in Germany". It has a side button barrel release with typical Germanic finish of nickel plated chamber, trigger and guard, 40" long with a nice clean wooden butt. Serial no. 1136. Front sight absent. The butt has two "retailers" marks. Firstly on a pinned brass disc, "Roberts, Gun Maker, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham". Also stamped on both sides of the butt, "F.W. Hutchings & Co. 2 Gothic Arcade, Snow Hill, Birmingham". Cocks and dry fires and price includes UK delivery.

Original Model 5 Air Pistol - 4638
An excellent condition, "Original" Model 5 Target Air Pistol in .22" made by Mayer & Grammelspacher, Germany in the 1970's. Moulded brown plastic stock for right hand use. original finish and fires perfectly. Price includes UK delivery and is subject to Crime Reduction Bill. (sn. 4538 )

Webley Junior Air Pistol - AI 426
A nice condition Webley Junior .177" air pistol with serial no. 706 and two tone plum finish. Adjustable rear sight. Nice original Webley grips, works perfectly and nicely marked with "Birmingham" address. Price includes UK delivery. Subject to Crime Reduction Bill. AI 426
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